Adam: “God, I’m so lonely by myself.  There’s nothing to do around here, and I’m tired of playing with the lions and the sheep.  What else can I do?”

God:  “I have an idea I’ve been working on.  I will create a companion for you, called a woman.  Although, I have to warn you, she’ll never make sense to you, brainwash you into liking something you don’t, and when she’s mad and says yes, she really means no.”

Adam: “Huh?  Wait … wha … wait a second, that doesn’t sound so great.  I don’t want a woman like that.  What kind of idea is that?  I’ll stick with the lion for now.”

God:  “Don’t worry, she’ll also think she’s smarter than you, wake you in the middle of the night to see what you’re thinking about, and disagree with every important decision you ever make.  She’ll spend hours grooming herself, buy more shoes than she’ll ever wear, and she’ll be much weaker than you.  So you can’t take her out on hunts with you or expect her to open a jar’s lid.”

Adam: “Hold on!  Hold on!  This is really bad, I don’t want this … what is she called?  A woman?  I don’t want that, it sounds terrible!  Come up with a better idea!”

God:  “But you haven’t even met her yet.  Don’t you want to see her first?  I think I did a pretty good job.  Here, here she is, what do you think?”

Adam: “No, no, I don’t want to meet … wow, she has big b … okay, I’ll take her!”