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Here are 2,747 mashups for you to enjoy. A mashup combines one song into another song which can change the meaning or mood of either songs into something entirely unique and fun. Use this collection of mashups at parties and events, or for your own personal pleasure. Learn more about mashups at Wikipedia.

As heard on Colin Murray’s The Black Hole show on the BBC’s Radio 1. Click the play button below to hear Colin’s exuberance at discovering this collection of mashups.

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Well, most can be found on mp3 blogs, or you can find DJ’s making them available at Get Your Bootleg On, and just using Google to search around for them.
Did you do all the mashups?
No, I just enjoy the mashups. At the end of each tune is a name in parenthesis (). That’s the person who did it.
2Pac & Snoop Dogg vs Franki Valli – Oh What a Night For a Gangsta Party (DJ BC) (101)
10cc vs Sleepy Jackson – Sleepy Love (Jet Set Alex) (094)
50 Cent vs Michael Jackson – In Da Starlight (Cropstar) (076)
187 Lockdown vs 20 Fingers – Short Gun Man (Goode) (081)
Aaliyah vs Edit – Ant You That Somebody (Agent Lovelette) (098)
Adina Howard vs Ugly Duckling – Samba Freak (Mickzmaster) (083)
Althea & Donna vs Queen – Kids Rock (Loo & Placido) (084)
Angie Stone vs Nightmares On Wax – Angie’s Summer Night (ft Bjork) (The Beathunters) (089)
Annie Lennox vs Johnny Harris – Fragments Of Annie (CCC) (098)
Annie Lennox vs Rolling Stones – Annie’s Stoned Rush (GHP) (097)
Aphex Twin vs Khia – Pussylicker (ft M83) (Dopplebanger) (089)
Aretha Franklin vs Beach Boys – Say a Little Sloop (CCC) (093)
Aretha Franklin vs Fantastichchen Vier – Rescue Troy (Bronski) (107)
Armand Van Helden vs Timbaland & Magoo – Cop This Bootleg (DJ Dubz) (092)
Ashanti vs Outkast – Can’t Pretend (DJ Schizzle) (106)
Atomic Kitten vs Kraftwerk – Ein Atomkitten In Einem Kraftwerk (Soundhog) (104)
Avenue D vs CHAOS Productions – Tom Fucks Sluts On Avenue D (DJ Jay-R) (096)
B-52’s vs Fatboy Slim – Rockafeller Rocket Shack (DJ Tripp) (093)
Bangles vs Dr Dre – Next Egyptian (DJ Tripp) (082)
Basement Jaxx vs America – Romeo Highway (Bangers & Mash) (100)
Basement Jaxx vs Selector – Dance On the Radio (Lexy) (084)
Beastie Boys vs Andrew WK – Andrew Fights For His Right To Party (Tim G) (105)
Beastie Boys vs Benny Goodman – SwSwing It Out (DJ Tripp) (095)
Beastie Boys vs Gina X – Gina’s Boys (DJ Porky) (087)
Beastie Boys vs Jocelyn Brown – Somebody Else’s Beastie (Essex Boy) (104)
Beastie Boys vs LA Style – James Brown Is Intergalactic (Mr Dope) (108)
Beastie Boys vs Orbital – Ch-Chime It Out (Mixomatosis) (092)
Beastie Boys vs The Beatles – Hold It Together Now (DJ BC) (106)
Beastie Boys vs The Meters – Body Funkin’ (Bangers & Mash) (089)
Beatles vs Beach Boys – Girl Only Knows (CCC) (093)
Beatles vs Beastie Boys – Mother Nature’s Rump (DJ BC) (100)
Beatles vs Beck – Tax Jam Pollution (CCC) (093)
Beatles vs Hanson – MMMy Bop Life (Voicedude) (104)
Beatles vs James Brown – James Brown Can Work It Out (DJ Prince) (098)
Beatles vs Madonna – Eleanor Ciccone (CCC) (093)
Beatles vs Paul McCartney – Say Lady Say (BRAT Mix) (082)
Beatles vs Shaggy – Let It Be Me (Bavor) (106)
Beatles vs The Monkees – Paperback Believer (GHP) (076)
Bee Gees vs Pink Floyd – Shut Up Let’s Hook Up (clean) (ft Jason Downs) (GHP) (095)
Beenie Man vs Panjabi MC – Punjabi Dancefloor (DJ C Boast) (103)
Ben E Kings vs The Police – Stand By Me (CCC) (093)
Berlin vs Christina Milian – The Metro Dip (DJ Earworm) (080)
Berlin vs Radiohead – The Metro Police (OOTLTEH) (096)
Beyonce vs 50 Cent – Crazy In Da Club (Cake For Breakfast) (088)
Beyonce vs Cypress Hill – Crazy Brain (DJ Jay-R) (091)
Beyonce vs Ernest Raglin – Work Out My Number (Bangers & Mash) (082)
Beyonce vs Jimi Hendrix – Work It Out With a Foxy Lady (GHP) (076)
Beyonce vs Maroon 5 – This Naughty Love (DJ Earworm) (081)
Beyonce vs N’Sync – Naughty Girlfriend (DJ JB) (086)
Bjork vs Linkin Park – Undo the End (Solcofn) (108)
Black Eyed Peas vs Beyonce – Black Eyed Beyonce (DJ Tiim) (080)
Black Eyed Peas vs Blondie – Black Eyed Blondie (TiMG) (077)
Black Eyed Peas vs EPMD – Mama’s Business (Batchelor Royale) (087)
Black Eyed Peas vs Ice Cube – Hey Mama You Know Black Eyed Cubes (DJ Tiim) (080)
Black Eyed Peas vs Kylie Minogue – Can’t Get You To Shut Up (Extended) (DJ Dubz) (095)
Black Eyed Peas vs Teddybears – Hey Boy Where Is the Love (DJ Cal) (101)
Black Eyed Peas vs Was Not Was – Walk the Dinosaur (DJ Dubz) (099)
Blue Pearl vs Charlatans – The Only One In the Rain (Cropstar) (106)
Blur vs Madison Avenue – Don’t Call Me Song 2 (McSleazy) (094)
Boo Radleys vs Melle Mel – Message From Lazarus (Richie Deluxe) (105)
Britney Spears vs Empirion – Toxic Narcotic (E-Jitz) (077)
Britney Spears vs Outkast – Paranoid Britney (ft Futureshock) (Lionel Vinyl) (087)
Britney Spears vs The Knack – My Britney (DJ Tripp) (098)
Britney Spears vs Vanity 6 – Nasty Slave (ft Khia) (DJ Earworm) (084)
BRMC vs Basement Jaxx – Whatever Happened To My Head (Soundhog) (106)
Bucketheads vs Black Eyed Peas – Pea Bomb (Cropstar) (076)
Busted vs Destiny’s Child – Independent School Women (Mark J) (104)
Buzzcocks vs Walkmen – Ever Walkmen In Love (Thriftshop XL) (085)
Calloway vs Janis Joplin – Janis Wants To Be Rich (CHAOS Productions) (105)
Cameo vs Missy Elliot – Word Up People (TD Productions) (095)
Ce Ce Peniston vs White Stripes – Seven Ce Ce Army (DJ Tripp) (081)
Cecile vs Belle & Sebastian – Blown Like We (Agent Lovelette) (106)
Charlatans vs Alicia Keys – Alicia’s Girlfriends a Charlatan (Long Shore Drift) (093)
Chicks On Speed vs Kings Of Leon – Wasted Chicks (McSleazy) (095)
Christina Aguilera vs New Orleans Jazz Band – Dirrty In Dixeland (Rikki Rok) (084)
Cirrus vs Chas & Dave – Snooker Break (Lumpy) (079)
CJ Bolland vs Beyonce – Ain’t Gonna Be Naughty (Lumpy) (081)
Clash vs Corona – Rhythm Of the Dub (Freed) (076)
Clash vs Easy-E – 40 Lovers (Pop Razors) (080)
Clash vs Madonna – The Power Of Rebelution Can’t Fail (Eve Massacre) (080)
Clash vs MC Lyte – Vain Mistake (EzLee) (080)
Clash vs Peaches – Fuck ‘Em Boyo (Miss Frenchie) (080)
Coldplay vs Gloria Gaynor – Clocks Will Survive (Manriki) (080)
Coldplay vs Who Da Funk – Shiny Disco Clocks (Cropstar) (076)
Coral vs Mark Morrison – Return Of The Coral (Loo & Placido) (093)
Cornershop vs Baha Men – Brimful Of Dogs (Mark J) (105)
Crystal Method vs Depeche Mode – Busy World In My Child’s Eyes (DJ Earworm) (088)
Cube G – Headphone Delight (102)
Cure vs Black Box – Everybody In Between (Party Ben) (086)
Cure vs Nelly – Nellycats (Loo & Placido) (105)
Cypress Hill vs Missy Elliott – Pass That Dutch (Insane In the Brain) (DJ Dubz) (099)
D12 vs Stone Temple Pilots – My Big Bang Band (Jimmi Jammes) (087)
D12 vs The Cars – Driving With a 40 oz (DJ BC) (092)
D12 vs U2 – Take My Band To the Clouds Above (ft LMC) (Batchelor Royale) (088)
Daft Punk vs Dead Or Alive – Spin Me Harder (DJ Tripp) (095)
Daft Punk vs Garbage – Paranoid Funk (McSleazy) (088)
Daft Punk vs Garbage – Paranoid Funk (McSleazy) (097)
Dandy Warhols vs Beastie Boys – Intergalactic Friends (Ultra 396) (106)
David Essex vs Doves – Essex Doves (Go Home Productions) (079)
Dazz Band vs Ashanti – Runaway v2 (ft Biggie) (Bangers & Mash) (107)
Def Leppard vs J-Kwon – Tip Some Sugar (DJ Rez) (080)
Depeche Mode vs Eurythmics – Policy Of Sweet Dreams (DJ Earworm) (099)
Depeche Mode vs Goldfrapp – Jesus Is My Personal Trainer (DJ Earworm) (101)
Depeche Mode vs Green Day – Can’t Get A Life (Thing Gold Chain) (106)
Destiny’s Child vs Stevie Wonder – Bootystition (mash-upscouk) (076)
Destiny’s Child vs The Cure – Clost To a Bug (Roppenzo) (085)
DJ Casper vs Old Fashion Cha Cha’s – Cha Cha World (Disco 555) (103)
DJ Jazzy Jeff vs Beyonce – Beyonce Summertime (DJ Tiim) (107)
DJ Prince – Mashing It Up (101)
DMX vs 2Pac – Catz For Love (Darkspring XL) (101)
Doobie Brothers vs Beyonce – Crazy Running Train (Mark J) (092)
Doobie Brothers vs Montell Jordan – This Is How We Doobie (DJ Jay-R) (091)
Doors vs Blondie – Rapture Riders (GHP) (076)
Dr Dre ft Snoop Dog vs Crowded House – Return Of the Weather Episode (GHP) (096)
Dr Dre vs Lumidee – The Next Episode (BushNo10) (080)
Duran Duran vs Avril Lavigne – Hungry Like the Sk8ter Wolf (CCC) (093)
Eamon vs Destiny’s Child – Fuck It and Say My Name (Laney2) (105)
Eamon vs Frankee – Fuck You, I Don’t Want You (A Bunch Of Fuckers) (077)
Electric Six vs Churchill – Slow Danger (Churchill) (106)
Elvis Costello vs The Police – Wrapped Detective (ft Peggy Lee, Ritchie, Marley) (GHP) (086)
Eminem vs Cassidy – The Real Shady Hotel (DJ Tiim) (080)
Eminem vs Dukes Of Dixieland – Down By the Riverside (Rikki Rok) (084)
Eminem vs Led Zeppelin – The Without Me Song (censored version) (Soundhog) (104)
Eminem vs Outkast – Supermen (DJ Dubz) (101)
Eminem vs The Freestylers – Superman II (Child Of the Breaks) (100)
Eminem vs Wild Cherry – Play That Funky Music Without Me (JPL) (078)
Eric B & Rakim vs Public Enemy – Funky Rappers (DanceMission) (092)
Eric B & Rakim vs Status Quo – Follow the Leader In the Army (DJ Prince) (101)
Eve & Alicia Keys vs Joan Jett – Rock ‘N’ Roll (GHP) (100)
Eve vs Jay-Z – Girls Got Problems (Mark J) (100)
Eve vs Sum 41 – Eve’s Phat Gangsta (GHP) (096)
Evolution Control Committee – Don’t Miss the Great Snatch (103)
Evolution Control Committee – Love Shag (DJ Pantshead) (103)
Evolution Control Committee – Rocked By Rape (ft Dan Rather (049)
Fatboy Slim vs Tone Loc – Magic Cold Medina (Dice Man) (099)
Fefe Dobson vs Macy Gray – I Try Everything (Mark J) (092)
Felix Da Housecat vs Garbage – Stoopid Rocket (Toocanx) (084)
Felix Da Housecat vs Madonna – Madame Madonna (DJ Jay-R) (082)
Fischerspooner vs Beck – Get Invisibly Paid (DJ Earworm) (085)
Fischerspooner vs Michael Sambello – Maniacs Emerge (DJ Tripp) (080)
Flaming Lips vs Beastie Boys – Pink Boy’s Lips (Nobody Likes a Snob) (080)
Frankee vs Eamon – I Don’t Want To Fuck You Right Back (Mr White Label) (081)
Frankie Goes To Hollywood vs Robbie Williams – Robbie Goes To Hollywood (Monkey Harris) (108)
Franz Ferdinand vs Beastie Boys – Franzie Boys (McSleazy) (105)
Freestylers vs Khia – Get a Neck (Lumpy) (079)
Frida vs White Stripes – Something’s Going On With the Nation’s Army (DJ Earworm) (092)
G-Unit vs Freeway – Freeway 101 (StvD) (108)
Garbage vs Benzino – Queer Party (Mark J) (089)
Garbage vs Daft Punk – Paranoid Funk (McSleazy) (094)
Gary Glitter vs Cheap Trick – Rock and Roll Train (ft Goldfrapp) (DJ Zebra) (089)
George Harrison vs Jackson 5 – I Want Pity (CCC) (105)
Girls Aloud vs Duran Duran – Girls On Film (Mastermix) (103)
Grange Hill vs Jay-Z – Just a Bit Of Fun (BeatMaster B) (084)
Green Day vs Nelly – Country Basket (Tim G) (106)
Green Velvet vs Eddy Grant – La La Avenue (McSleazy) (089)
Hives vs Madonna – I Hate Music (McSleazy) (094)
Human League vs Benny Benassi – Don’t You Want the Time (DJ Tripp) (083)
Human League vs Kylie Minogue – Slow (Don’t You Want Me) (edit) (DJ Dubz) (099)
Human League vs Kylie Minogue – Slow (Don’t You Want Me) (extended) (DJ Dubz) (100)
Human League vs Michael Jackson – I Want You Back Human (DJ Prince) (101)
Human Leauge vs Madonna – Power Of Human (DJ Cal) (083)
INXS vs Outkast – You Need Roses (DJ Tripp) (081)
Jackson 5 vs Oasis – I Want Your Wonderwall (Big Bad Baz) (105)
Jackson 5 vs Oasis – Stand By Your Alphabet (BigBadBaz) (085)
Jamelia vs Limp Bizkit – Rollin’ Superstar (Mark J) (092)
James Brown vs Beach Boys – I Feel Cuckoo (Mr Fab) (103)
Janet Jackson vs Prince – Nasty Kiss (DJ BC) (087)
Javine vs Panjabi MC – Real Bangra (Cropstar) (082)
Jay-Z vs Michael Jackson – Rock My Word (remix) (064)
Jay-Z vs Nas – Can’t Knock the Street Dream Hustle (Darkspring XL) (098)
Jay-Z vs The Ramones – Hov Goes Mental (Dopplebanger) (081)
Jennifer Lopez vs Chris Isaak – J To the Low (Jools MF) (083)
Jennifer Lopez vs Elvis – Elvis From the Block (Miss Frenchie) (095)
Jennifer Lopez vs The Verve – Verve From the Block (Now Mash) (101)
Jentina vs Dub Pistols – Shake Yer Badass (Gloomy Bear) (089)
Jesus and Mary Chain vs Mia – Jesus and Mia Chain (Dunproofin’) (084)
Jet vs The Beatles – Jet Lady (Go Home Productions) (079)
Jimi Hendrix vs Jay-Z – Voodoo Problems (TiMG) (108)
Jurassic 5 vs The Doors – Golden Peace Frog (DJ BC) (087)
Justin Timberlake vs Cosmos – Take Justing Krusin (ft Prassay) (Now Mash) (101)
Justin Timberlake vs Enrique – Justin’s Not In Love (ft Adina Howard) (Cropstar) (077)
Kanye West vs Andrea True Connection – More Falls Down (DJ Crook Air) (079)
Keane vs The Streets – Streetshaped (Mixomatosis) (108)
Kelis vs Beastie Boys – Ch-Check Out Lola’s Milkshake (ft Shapeshifters) (Long Shore Drift) (09
Kelis vs Duran Duran – Notorious Trick (GHP) (097)
Kelis vs K7 – Come On Kelis Baby (Mixomatosis) (089)
Kelis vs Marvin Gaye – Heal My Sexual Tricks (Brower) (089)
Kelis vs Sex Pistols – Sub-Milkshake (DJ Tripp) (080)
Kelis vs Various Oldies – Old Trick (Jimmi Jammes) (099)
Khia vs Laid Back – Get Laid With Khia (Party Ben) (099)
Kings Of Leon vs Girls Aloud – Aloud In Molly’s Chambers (Tim G) (105)
Knack vs Britney Spears – My Britney (DJ Tripp) (106)
Kraftwerk vs Everything But the Girl – Model Goes Missing (Matt Hite) (105)
Kylie Minogue vs Depeche Mode – Slow 2 Blow (DJ Tripp) (095)
Kylie Minogue vs Earth Wind & Fire – Love Boogie Wonderland At First Sight (RikkiRok) (087)
Kylie Minogue vs The Who – Who Fooled Kylie (GHP) (096)
Lil’ Kim vs Leonard Cohen – Everybody Magicaly Knows (DJ Tripp) (087)
Linkin Park vs Bhangra – Linkin Karda (Jay Dabhi) (098)
Lou Reed vs Run DMC – Take a Walk On the Nasty Side (JPL) (078)
Lucy Pearl vs E-Smoove – Happiness Tonight (DJ Brody) (098)
Lulu vs The Zombies – Psychesmellica (CCC) (093)
M83 vs Aphex Twin – Pussylicker (ft Khia) (by Dopplebanger) (084)
Madonna vs 20 Fingers – Short Dick Girl (CHAOS Productions) (079)
Madonna vs Mick Jagger – Sweet Secret (Soundwasta) (076)
Mark Morrison vs Santana – The Return Of Maria (DJ Ran C) (107)
Mark Ronson vs 50 Cent – In Da Club (DJ Dubz) (099)
Mark Ronson vs Busta Rhymes – Ooh Wee Light Your Ass On Fire (ft Pharrell) (DJ Dubz) (100)
Mark Ronson vs Busta Rhymes – Ooh Wee Woo Ha! (DJ Dubz) (099)
Mark Ronson vs Eminem – Lose Yourself (DJ Dubz) (099)
Mark Ronson vs Jennifer Lopez – Ooh Wee It’s Jenny From The Block (DJ Dubz) (099)
Mark Ronson vs Justin Timberlake – Rock Your Body (DJ Dubz) (099)
Mark Ronson vs Lumidee – Never Let You Go (DJ Dubz) (099)
Maroon 5 vs Nelly Furtado – Turn Out This Love (Mutant Miscreation) (100)
Memory Man vs Wham – Fake Sucker (Lionel Vinyl) (106)
Michael Jackson vs D12 – My Bad (DJ ML) (079)
Michael Jackson vs ELO – Bad Rock Mix 2003 (DJ Fab) (094)
Michael Jackson vs Gloria Estefan – Wanna Be Startin’ a Conga (JMaster) (085)
Michael Jackson vs Prince – Thriller (Taboo EP – White Label Remix) (104)
Michael Jackson vs Queen – Jacko Under Pressure (GHP) (093)
Michael Jackson vs Stevie Wonder – Isn’t She Lovely (CCC) (093)
Michael Jackson vs The Beatles – Daytrip To Never Never Land (GHP) (093)
Michael Jackson vs The Strokes – Smooth Strokes (072)
Michael Jackson vs Way Out West – Bad King (Dunproofin’) (091)
Midnight Star vs Britney Spears – Slave On the Dancefloor (DJ Jay-R) (091)
Miss Kittin vs Blur – Blurred Distortion (DJ Tripp) (097)
Miss Kittin vs Human League – The Night Of Kittin’s Messy Dream (ft Radiohead) (DJ Earworm) (09
Missy Elliott – I’m Really Hot (Blaster Remix) (096)
Missy Elliott vs Beastie Boys – Wake Up Alive (DJ Earworm) (083)
Missy Elliott vs Cameo – It Works the Word (JMaster) (088)
Missy Elliott vs Depeche Mode – Get Ur Mode On (Bass 211) (081)
Missy Elliott vs Eric Clapton – Licking Layla (DJ Shiddy) (096)
Missy Elliott vs Eric Clapton – Licking Layla (DJ Shiddy) (098)
Missy Elliott vs Prince – Work It Off (Dopplebanger) (077)
Missy Elliott vs Santa Esmeralda – Undomesticated Urban Princess (Mrs Chris) (085)
Missy Elliott vs Sean Paul – Make Those Twisted Space Invaderes Shake (Eve Massacre) (084)
Missy Elliott vs The Darkenss – Get Your Hands Off My Hot Boy (TiMG) (108)
Mock Turtles vs Eminem – Digout Me (McSleazy) (095)
Morcheeba vs Beyonce – Morcheeba’s Baby Boy (SCO Network) (099)
Mos Def vs Craig David – Leavin’ On a Jet Plane (SCO Network) (076)
Mr Oizo vs Tone-Loc – Flat Cold Medina (Soulwax) (074)
Natalie Imbruglia vs R Kelly – Wishing I Was A Snake (Cropstar) (077)
Nelly Furtado vs Grace Jones – Turn Out the Light Slave (GHP) (076)
Nelly Furtado vs Method Man – Turn & Release (Dunproofin’) (084)
Nelly Furtado vs Method Man – Turn & Release 2 (Dunproofin’) (093)
Neneh Cherry vs INXS – Got Your Cherry Tonight (McSleazy) (094)
Neneh Cherry vs Lisa Stansfield – Stansfield Stance (Lexy) (081)
NERD vs Beenie Man – She Wants a Dude (Dave Kelly) (087)
NERD vs INXS – Suicide Blonde Wants To Move (DJ Prince) (099)
NERD vs Shapeshifters – Lola Wants To Move (Digital Punkz) (089)
Newcleus vs The Vines – Ride On It (DJ Earworm) (085)
Nina Simone vs Depeche Mode – Be My Useless Husband (Empire State Human) (108)
Nine Inch Nails vs Ace Of Base – She Wants Animals (DJ Tripp) (088)
Nirvana vs Beach Boys – Smells Like Beach Boys (DJ Jay-R) (091)
Nirvana vs Dope Freaks – Rave Me (BigBadBaz) (077)
Nirvana vs House Of Pain – Shamrock Scent Snibe (ft Sunny Day Real Estate) (FaultSide) (091)
Nirvana vs Michael Jackson – Smells Like Billie Jean (McSleazy) (094)
No Doubt vs Talk Talk – It’s My Life (Saint Ken Remix) (107)
Oasis vs Macy Gray – Stop Trying (Left Handed Bastard) (084)
Oasis vs Macy Gray – Stop Trying (Left Handed Bastard) (098)
Oasis vs Marvin Gaye – Oasis Are Gaye (GHP) (076)
Osmonds vs Chic – Crazy Freak (DJ Trapper John, MD) (086)
Outkast vs INXS – You Need Roses (DJ Tripp) (095)
Outkast vs Kill Bill – Kung Fu Roses (The Digital Punkz) (085)
Outkast vs Prince – Hey, We Will Rock Ya (DJ Prince) (101)
Outkast vs The Streets – Ya Mug (IDC) (105)
Outkast vs Unknown – Kung Fu Roses (The Digital Punkz) (101)
Paul McCartney vs George Michael – Silly Gay Dogs Song (Bangers & Mash) (100)
Paul Simon vs Joe Jackson – 50 Ways To Go Out With Grandma (DJ Jay-R) (100)
Peaches vs Felix Da Housecat – Rocket Rock Show (Elektric Cowboy) (099)
Peaches vs Madonna – Operawood (McSleazy) (095)
Peaches vs Mark One – Don’t Skae Ur Dix Too Hard (Agent Lovelette) (103)
Peaches vs The Rapture – Fuck the Jealous Lovers (Unknown) (097)
Peggy Lee vs Beastie Boys – Checkin’ Out the Dock Of the Bay (Del Gazeebo) (087)
Peter Gabriel vs Brandy & Kanye West – A Message About the Love Of Digging In the Frontier (StvD
Pet Shop Boys & Superpitcher – Dry Heroin (Bumtschak) (092)
Pharrell Williams vs Saint Etienne – Frontin’ Can Break Your Heart (Mickzmaster) (080)
Phil Collins vs Philip Bailey – Easy Carpet Lover (10000 Spoons) (084)
Pink vs 2 Unlimited – There Goes the Magic Friend (Mark J) (106)
Pink vs L7 – Theme From Pink’s Pretend Party (ft Express) (Brand X) (085)
Pink vs Nirvana – Smells Like a Party (Bass 211) (081)
Pink vs Saxon – Hey Midas, Get This Party Started (DJ Prince) (101)
Pitbull vs Prince – Erotic Pitbull (DJ Tripp) (095)
Pixies vs Beastie Boys – Where Is My Mind (In a World Gone Mad) (Thriftshop XL) (085)
PJ Harvey & Thom Yorke vs Corey Hart – The Night Of Kittin’s Messy Dream (DJ Earworm) (086)
Placebo vs Kosheen – Hide the Bitter Placebo (DJ Sandstorm) (105)
Princess Superstar vs Von Bondies – C’mon Fuck Me (DJ Zebra) (083)
Prince vs Daft Punk – Harder Better Faster Controversy (White Label) (080)
Prince vs Plump DJs – When Doves Pray (ft Gary Numan) (Lionel Vinyl) (077)
Prince vs The Jacksons – Can You 1999 It (CCC) (086)
Procol Harum vs Beatles – Whiter Shade Of Life (CCC) (091)
Prodigy vs Beck – Smaxxlaws (Soulwax) (074)
Prodigy vs Outkast – Flip Flop (Rock and Roll) (DJ Murder) (098)
Public Enemy vs Beastie Boys – Bring the Muzik Back (DJ Lance Lockarm) (086)
Rapture vs Tiga – Hot Lovers (PartyBen) (080)
REM vs R Kelly – Shiny Happy People (DJ Jay-R) (091)
Republica vs Destiny’s Child – Ready To Get Bootilicous (DJ Ran C) (097)
Richard F vs Simple Minds – Kickin’ Sunshine (Gloomy Bear) (096)
Rick Springfield vs Prince – When Jessie Cries (Matt Hite) (087)
Robert DiNero vs Unknown – Travis Meets Joe and Bill (Darkspring XL) (104)
Rolling Stones vs John Lennon – Undercover Turkey (CCC) (083)
Roxanne Shante vs The Ventures – Momma Swat (McSleazy) (095)
Rush vs Annie Lennox – Annie Rush (Go Home Productions) (081)
Salt-N-Pepa vs Sophie Ellis-Bextor – P-P-Pushover (McSleazy) (094)
Scissor Sisters vs Outkast – Hey Take Ur Mama Out Ms Jackson (Brower) (092)
Sean Paul vs Chemical Brothers – In Sean We Trust (Lumpy) (077)
Shaggy vs Rage Against the Machine – Killing Boombastic (DJ Zebra) (081)
Shaggy vs The Beatles – Let It Be Me (Soundwasta) (076)
Sir Mix-A-Lot vs Busted – Busted Back (Chunky Funky Love Monkey) (095)
Sister Sledge vs Kelis – Greatest Trickster (Poj Masta) (107)
Sneaker Pimps vs Unkle – Sleaze (Dunproofin’) (080)
Steelers Wheel vs Vanity 6 – Stuck In the Middle With Vanity 6 (JPL) (078)
Stereo MC’s vs Madonna – Fixing Up For a Love Connection (ft Dizzee Rascal) (DJ Earworm) (101)
Stone Roses vs Marvin Gaye – La Fool D’Argent (CCC) (093)
Stone Roses vs Simon & Garfunkel – April Waterfall (CCC) (091)
Streets vs Azzido Da Bass – Blinded By the Night (Jet Set Alex) (108)
Strokes vs Christina Aguilera – Stroke of Genie (Freelance Hellraiser) (046)
Suzanne Vega vs Dire Straits – Tom’s Investigation (CCC) (093)
Tears For Fears vs Dirty Vegas – Dirty Shout Vegas (DanceMission) (077)
Tears For Fears vs Robyn – Shout (DJ Prince) (085)
Temptations vs Obie Trice – My Girl Got Some Teeth (Voicedude) (104)
Thomas Dolby vs Ralph Stanley – I Love You to Death (The Geez) (103)
TLC vs Beck – Come Get Some Loser (ft Lil’ Jon) (DJ Tripp) (097)
TLC vs Dilated Peoples – This Way Girls (Gloomy Bear) (080)
Tom Neville vs Azzido Da Bass – Fuck Night (Lumpy) (081)
Tomoyasi Hotei vs Beastie Boys – Kill Bill Down (DJ Agish) (081)
Tweet vs Oasis – Oops, Oh My Wonderwall (ft Dust Junkies) (SCO Network) (076)
UB40 vs Prince – Sign ‘O the Times In Mi Kitchen (DJ Prince) (089)
Underworld vs Madonna – Two Months Of Light (Manriki) (084)
Usher vs Bee Gees – Stayin’ Yeah (Batchelor Royale) (088)
Usher vs Crystal Method – Yeah Remix (DJ Trip SLC) (099)
Usher vs Mellencamp – Usher Does Jack & Diane (DJ Rez) (081)
Van Halen vs Sammy Davis, Jr – Dance the Night Away (The Hitmaker) (107)
Ventures vs Roxanne Shante – Momma Swat (McSleazy) (079)
Verve vs Aretha Franklin – Bittersweet Deeper Love (Long Shore Drift) (093)
White Stripes vs Eurythmics – Sweet Nation (Big Nurse) (082)
Who vs John Lennon – Undercover Turkey (CCC) (093)
Who vs Whitney Houston – Can’t Explain, Ok (ft Fatboys Slim) (Braces Tower) (076)
Wiseguys vs The Bugles – Radio La La (BigBadBaz) (078)
Yaz vs Oingo Boingo – Don’t Go Weird (DJ Tripp) (081)
Young MC vs Gypsymen – Bust the Music (Batchelor Royale) (087)
20 Fingers vs IDC – Scratch My Short Dick (Gameover) (130)
20 Fingers vs Paul Johnson – Get Down On My Short Dick (DJ Spark) (111)
50 Cent vs Bee Gees – Staying Alive In Da Club (DJ Trip) (127)
50 Cent vs Ian Brown – Many Men Have the Fear (Skkatter)
50 Cent vs Nine Inch Nails – Fifty Inch Nails (Satanik Mashups) (112)
5678’s vs Ice-T – Woo Colors – (DJ Jay-R) (143)
Aaliyah vs Madonna – Are U For Me (Tom Tom) (149)
Aaliyah vs Moby – Why Does My Heart Rock the Boat (Tom Tom) (149)
Adam Ant vs Robocop Kraus – Ma and the Fake Prince (Eve Massacre) (145)
Adam Freeland vs NERD – The She Rocker Rise (Bad Tattoo) (135)
Adina Howard vs Queens Of the Stone Age – Queen Of the Freaks (Mc33) (126)
Agent Lovelette – Shit Mix 01 (115)
Agent Lovelette – Une Professional Destruction (126)
Alanis Morisette vs Alain Goraguer – Oral Icon (Chenard Walcker) (128)
Alice In Chains vs Madison Avenue – I’m Feelin’ Dirty (Gameover) (130)
Alicia Keys vs Incubus – You Don’t Wish (Bangers & Mash) (130)
Alter Ego vs White Stripes – 7 Nation Rocker (IDC) (113)
Altern8 vs Kelis – Evapor8ed Milk (Lumpy) (115)
Animotion vs Aphrodite – Jungle Brother Obsession (ft The Animals) (Lexy) (132)
Annie Lennox vs Lenny Kravitz – R U Gonna Fly My Way (DJ Tripp) (134)
Arab Strap vs The Ronettes – Baby, 1 4o7e 1ou (McSleazy)
Aretha Franklin vs Thirteenth Floor Elevators – Slip Inside This Love (Steve Christ) (130)
Armand Van Helden vs Buddy Greko – Lady Is a Tramp (Scott Cairo) (147)
Ashanti vs Gloria Gaynor – I Will Rock Wit U (MC33) (146)
Ashanti vs Notorious BIG – Unfoolish (Chenard Walcker) (117)
Ashanti vs The Verve – Foolish Sonnet (Churchill) (145)
Babamania vs Prodigy – Class A Drugs (Churchill) (113)
Beach Boys vs Beta Band – Ding Dong Heroes (CCC) (110)
Beach Boys vs Busta Rhymes – Good Vibrations A1 (Unknown) (136)
Beach Boys vs Busta Rhymes – Good Vibrations B1 (Unknown) (136)
Beach Boys vs Busta Rhymes – Good Vibrations B2 (Unknown) (136)
Beastie Boys vs Black Eyed Peas – Let’s Get Triple Trouble Started (DJ Gauffie) (127)
Beastie Boys vs Eagles Of Death Metal – Boys Of Death Metal (Dunproofin’) (129)
Beastie Boys vs Herbie Hancock – Triple It (Manriki) (132)
Beastie Boys vs Herbie Hancock – Triple Rock (Mixomatosis) (131)
Beastie Boys vs Jay-Z – 99 Hits (BRAT Mix) (133)
Beastie Boys vs Penguin Cafe Orchestra – Telephone Alive (Empire State Human) (144)
Beastie Boys vs Portishead – So Watcha Cowboys Want (Phosphoros) (127)
Beastie Boys vs The Beatles – Hold It Together Now (DJ BC) (updated) (110)
Beastie Boys vs The Beatles – Pass the Word (Soundhog) (128)
Beastie Boys vs The Charlatans – Check It Out Weirdo (Thriftshop XL) (110)
Beastie Boys vs Unknown – Alive (David X)
Beastie Boys vs Unknown Radio Ad – Ch-Check It Out (Nobbus) (131)
Beatles vs Batman Theme – To the Taxmobile (Lenlow) (130)
Beatles vs Elliott Smith – You Were a Question Mark (Softbot) (130)
Beatles vs Marvin Gaye – You Won’t Give It Up (Voicedude) (132)
Beatles vs Ramones – I Wanna Be Your Sedated Man (Softbot) (127)
Beatles vs Slick Rick – Mother Nature’s Rick (ft Doug E Fresh) (DJ Reset) (136)
Beck vs Jay-Z & Pharrel – Frontin’ On Debra (DJ Reset) (iTunes 013)
Bee Gees – Ben Liebrand Megamix
Ben Liebrand – 70’s and 80’s Megamix
Ben Liebrand – Disco Dance Classics_ The Mix
Benny Benassi vs Sir Mix-A-Lot – Benny Got Back (DJ Tripp) (141)
Beyonce vs Blur – Naughty Dover Girl (DJ Tripp) (141)
Beyonce vs Prodigy – Breathe You Naughty Girl (KlaSh-E) (134)
Beyonce vs Quantic – Crazy Watusi (Lumpy) (113)
Billy Joel vs TLC – Longest Waterfall (Voicedude) (113)
Bjork vs Fischerspooner – All Emerge On the Brightside (ft The Killers) (Immuzikation) (131)
Black Eyed Peas vs Cameo – Shut Up, Word Up (Cheeky Boy) (133)
Black Eyed Peas vs City High – What Would You Love (Mark J) (113)
Black Eyed Peas vs K5 – Lift Mama Up (Kool Jeff) (136)
Blink 182 vs Green Day – All the Perfect Gentlemen (Khyzer Zuke) (133)
Blondie vs The Doors – Rapture Riders (GHP) (113)
Blueboys vs Destiny’s Child – Bug Me (Cropstar) (127)
Blur vs Jimmy Eat World – Miracle On Threadneedle Street (FaultSide) (146)
Blur vs Kasabian – Blursabian (Party Ben) (143)
Blur vs Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Blurry (Khyzer Zuke) (133)
Boards Of Canada vs Christina Milian – Christina Milian Has the Right To Children (Alex C) (110)
Boomtown Rats vs Sharaz – Breaks All Night (Riko) (138)
Britney Spears vs Big Youth – Dub Me Baby One More Time (Ultra396) (112)
Britney Spears vs Queens Of the Stone Age – Toxic Secret (TimG) (112)
Britney Spears vs Scumfrog – Me Against the Revolution (ft Madonna) (Now Mash) (111)
Bush vs Beyonce – Crazy In Love Machine (TimG) (113)
Busta Rhymes vs Berlin – Take My Woojet (Cropstar) (112)
Cameo vs Kelis – I Dunno If That Milkshake Is Worth 5 Dollars But It’s Pretty Fucking Good (Blue
Captain Sensibles vs GLOBES – Glad It’s the Beat (Electroretro) (131)
Carly Simon vs Everything But the Girl – You’re So Missing (DJ Reset) (136)
Carpenters vs Wham – Whambalaya (ft Prodigy) (Scott Cairo) (129)
Charlatans – Charlamash (McSleazy) (134)
Charlatans vs J-Kwon – Tipsy 51 (McSleazy) (143)
Charlatans vs Jay-Z – Stir Up Problems (McSleazy) (143)
Chemical Brothers vs Beastie Boys – Ch-Check the Siren (Werkraft Mix) (149)
Chemical Brothers vs Public Enemy – Base Brings the Noise (Funky Andy) (128)
Chi-Lites vs Skatalites – Have You Seen That Latin Skank (Immuzikation) (134)
Chicks On Speed vs Willis – Space Guitars (Empire State Human) (148)
Chris Isaak vs Craig David – Wicked Craig (Copycat) (134)
Chris Isaak vs La Funk Mob – Wicked Turntable Games (Optimo) (129)
Christina Aguilera vs AC Jobim – Dirty One Note Samba (Alex C) (146)
Christina Aguilera vs Billy Idol – Christina’s White Wedding (Miss Frenchie) (128)
Christina Aguilera vs Enya – I Don’t Wanna Hold Us Down (Amanda van Holden) (147)
Christina Aguilera vs Yellow Magic Orchestra – Dirrty Multiples (DJ Porky) (140)
Clash vs Muse – Hysteria In Vain (FaultSide) (147)
Cliff Richard vs DJ Panic – Summer Gabba (Scott Cairo) (149)
Coldplay vs Opus 3 – It’s a Fine Day (BushNo10) (141)
Coldplay vs Simple Mind – Don’t You Forget About Coldplay (TimG) (141)
Coldplay vs Unknown – Clocks (David X Radio Edit) (121)
Colonel Abrams vs Madonna – Trapped On a Holiday (Ben Liebrand) (121)
Cosmos vs Cathy Dennis – Cathy Cosmos (Dunproofin’) (121)
Crazy Town vs Jennifer Lopez – Butterfly Block (Mark J) (126)
Creedence Clearwater Revival vs UB40 – Red Red Moon Rising (Voicedude) (145)
Cure vs Ludacris – Lullaby Codes (The Cheeky Boys) (113)
Curtis Mayfiled vs RJD2 – Astounded Saliva (Solcofn) (144)
D12 vs AC_DC – ACD12 (CHAOS Productions) (113)
Darren Hayes vs Linkin Park – Breaking the Hero (McSleazy) (116)
David Holmes vs Madonna & The Beatles – My Mate Ray (Never Knows) (10000 Spoons) (137)
Death Cab For Cutie vs Bjork – Brazil Is Full Of Love (DJ Earworm) (129)
Deejay Punk Roc vs Tzant -These Are the Sounds Of the Bassbins Laughing (Cry On My Console) (141
Destiny’s Child vs Kelis – Trick Woman (DJ Spark) (111)
Destiny’s Child vs Ulrich Schnauss – Independent Kunddelmaus (Bumtschak) (146)
Diana King vs Paul Simon – Ain’t No Lovers (Bangers & Mash) (148)
Diana Ross vs Genesis – The World We Live In (Alcazar) (135)
Digable Planets vs The Who – Cool Front (Immuzikation) (125)
Dire Straits vs 50 Cent – Sultans Of All Time (Fujikato) (134)
DJ Assault vs Ultramagnetic MC’s – Ass, Titties and Speed (DJ Mutilation) (111)
DJ Sandstorm – Beastie Boys Mix (128)
DJ Tripp – Tripp Takes U (145)
DJ Weiser – Hip-Hop Minimix (082)
Dolly Parton vs Jungle Brothers – Coated Brain (Jerver 73) (126)
Dolly Parton vs Jungle Brothers – Dolly Mash v2 (Jerver73) (121)
Dolly Parton vs Royksopp – 9 to 5 & Eple (Mr Whitelabel) (121)
Dolly Parton vs Vengaboys – I Will Always Like To Party (Voicedude) (126)
Donovan vs Janis Joplin – Susan’s Hot Mercedes (ft Eels) (CCC) (147)
Doors vs Peaches – Break It Off (DJ Tripp) (141)
Dr Dre vs Herbaliser – Sensual Intention (The Sad Side) (140)
Dr Dre vs The Champs – Next Tequila (DJ Tripp) (141)
Eminem vs Daft Punk – Without Me (David X) (121)
Eminem vs Glen Miller – Let Me Be In the Mood (Stephen) (113)
Eminem vs Level 42 – Lessons In Business (The Cheeky Boys) (113)
Eminem vs Stereo MC’s – Just Lose My Mind (ft Eagles) (Party Ben) (142)
Eminem vs Usher – Yeah, Without Eminem (Copycat) (142)
Eminem vs White Stripes – 7 Superman Army (DJ Reset) (135)
Eric B & Rakim vs Spandau Ballet – Truly Too Close For Tears (DJ David X) (116)
Eric Clapton vs Missy Elliott – Licking Layla (DJ Shiddy) (147)
Eurythmics vs Mory Kante – Sweet Yeke Yeke Dreams (Ben Liebrand) (117)
Everything But the Girl vs Mylo – Everything But Mylo (Alex C) (128)
Experimental Pop Band vs Nirvana – Dirty Punk Lithium (Bad Tattoo) (134)
Fatboy Slim vs Basement Jaxx – Thing Surfing (Gingerly Steve) (144)
Fischerspooner vs Dire Straits – Emerge For Nothing (DJ Tripp) (133)
Flaming Lips vs Snoop Dogg – Yoshimi Battles Snoop (DJ BC) (112)
Flaming Lips vs The Streets – Have You Come To Realise (Kleptones) (109)
Flying Picketts vs Jesus Jones – Only Me (The FLK) (149)
Franz Ferdinand vs Beastie Boys – Franzie Boys (McSleazy) (125)
Franz Ferdinand vs Beastie Boys – We Auf the Achse (McSleazy) (138)
Freddy Fresh vs Eric B & Rakim – I Know You Suck Goats (Lumpy) (115)
Frente vs New Order – Bizarre Love Triable (Immuzikation) (138)
Freq Nasty vs C&C Music Factory – Do You Wanna Get Amped (Kwality) (115)
Future Sounds Of London vs Pet Shop Boys – Losing My Explosives (ft Liza Manelli) (Dublxero) (1
Gang Of Four vs Coco – Damaged Miracle (Dopplebanger) (111)
Gary Jules vs Michael Jackson – Bad World (Mike W Twitch) (120)
Gentleman vs Ini Kamoze – Runaway Hotstepper (Crookair) (113)
George Kranz vs The Gibson Brothers – Din Cuba Daa (DJ Mxr) (145)
George Michael vs Missy Elliott – Get Ur Faith On (Kurtish Rush) (110)
Gibson Brothers vs Whitney Houston – If U Should Go I Wanna Dance (Thriftshop XL) (110)
Giovanni & Sebastian vs Thomas Dolby – Albanian Girls (CCC) (148)
Girls Aloud vs Nancy Sinatra – These Boots Made 4 Walking (Sound Of the Underground) (125)
Glory Hole Gary – Last Nite a Beatbox Saved My Life (132)
Goldfrapp vs Depeche Mode – I Feel Twisted (Mixomatosis) (138)
Grandaddy vs Ludacris – Bjujuludadaddy (ft Buju Banton) (DJ Mutilation) (110)
Green Day vs Depeche Mode – I Feel an Idiot (GHP) (143)
Green Day vs Oasis & Travis – Boulevard Of Broken Songs (Party Ben) (144)
Green Day vs Peaches – America Dont Give A (Mixomatosis) (146)
Guns N’ Roses vs Norah Jones – Sweet Child O’ Ravi (Lenlow) (145)
Guns N’ Roses vs Outkast – Sweet Roses Of Mine (DJ Crook Air) (125)
Hanson vs Beastie Boys – Body MMMBoppin’ (Roy Batty) (143)
Hardfloor vs Dannii Minogue – Dannii In the Manger (Dunproofin’) (142)
Har Mar Superstar vs Lenny Kravitz – One Dirty Flight (Mixomatosis) (109)
Hevia vs UTFO – Bagpipes N’ Break Dancing (Mr Fab) (127)
Hives vs The Monkees – Two Timing Touch and Steppin’ Stone (Thriftshop XL) (144)
Hollies vs Creedence Clearwater Revival – Long Cool River (The Geez) (130)
Ian Brown vs Daft Punk – Fear Harder, Fear Faster (Drop Fifty One) (131)
Imagination vs Falco – Body Amadeus (DJ MXR) (131)
Incubus vs No Doubt – Hellamaniac (PartyBen) (133)
Insane Clown Posse vs Black Eyed Peas – Where Is the Toybox (Dublxero) (149)
Insane Clown Posse vs Future Sound Of London – We Have Axes (Dublxero) (148)
Insane Clown Posse vs Grange Hill Theme – Phat Sweaty Grange Hill Betty (Dublxero) (149)
Insane Clown Posse vs Rhythm Killaz – Mr Wack Ass Happy MF (Dublxero) (148)
INXS vs Musical Youth – Pass the Devil (Bangers & Mash) (110)
J-Kwon vs Beatles – Help! I’m Tipsy (SCO Network) (114)
Jackson 5 vs Francois de Roubaix – Back (Chenard Walcker) (127)
Jackson 5 vs K7 – Go Baby, I Want You Back (A-Team) (138)
Jackson 5 vs Therapy – Jackson Family Therapy (Pheugoo) (133)
Jam vs The Beatles – Start Taxing Me (Jadamix) (129)
Jay-Z vs Jack Beaver – 99 Work-A-Day Worlds (Alex C) (147)
Jay-Z vs Nancy Sinatra – Dirt Off Your Boots (Jimmi Jammes) (146)
Jay-Z vs Royksopp – Eple Off Your Shoulder (DJ Tripp) (141)
Jennifer Lopez vs Kyoto Jazz Massive – Waiting Between the Lights (Alex C) (131)
Jerver73 – Rock Contest (130)
Jet vs Girls Aloud – You Gonna Be My Love Machine (Lionel Vinyl) (138)
Jet vs The Muppets – Are You Gonna Be My Animal (Chaos Productions) (139)
Jimmy Shand vs 50 Cent – 50 Bluebells (E-Jitz) (129)
John Denver vs Fatboy Slim – Country Gangsta (DJ Tripp) (141)
Justin Timberlake vs Alter Ego – Vincent Can Love You (Bad Tattoo) (134)
Justin Timberlake vs Boogie Pimps – Somebody To Love You Like I Love You (Cheeky Boys) (126)
Justin Timberlake vs Newton – Like I Love Dubwich (Kool Jeff) (127)
Justin Timberlake vs Pierre Henry – Psyche Rock Your Body (10000 Spoons) (137)
Kaito vs Everything But the Girl – Missing Scene (Bumtschak) (145)
Kasabian vs MIA – LSF (Galang Re-Edit) (Lionel Vinyl) (111)
Kelis vs Big Pun – Warmin’ Up (DJ Schizzle) (113)
Kelis vs Blue Monday – Blue Milkshake (Poj Masta) (141)
Kelis vs Britney Spears – Toxic Milkshake (Bootleg Pearl) (140)
Kelis vs Chaka Khan – Trick Nobody (DJ Prince) (126)
Kelis vs Justin Timberlake – Trick Ya Body (Copycat) (137)
Kelis vs Mysterious Cities of Gold – Mysterious Golden Milkshake (DJ Andy Crane) (145)
Kelis vs Queen – I Want To Be Tricked (Manriki) (128)
Kelis vs Spektrum & Tiefschwarz – Kinda New Milkshake (KlaSh-E) (134)
Kelis vs Tricky Disco – Tricky Milkshake (10000 Spoons) (137)
Killers vs Klubbheads – Somebody Klubbed Me (DJ Trip) (144)
Killers vs Underworld – Brightside Slippy (TBC) (111)
Klazz Brothers & Cuba Percussion – Air (132)
Kylie Minogue vs Fila Brazillia – Slow Homes (Essex Boy) (138)
Kylie Minogue vs Prodigy – Slow My Bitch Up (MTV edit 2) (KlaSh-E) (134)
Kylie Minogue vs Tiefschwarz & Blackstrobe – Slow Ghosttrack (KlaSh-E) (134)
Laurie Anderson vs Bjork – Someone Else’s UnivEarth Sonnet (ft DJ Krush) (xSx) (132)
Led Zeppelin vs Johnny Jenkins – Led Splinters (Immuzikation) (125)
Led Zeppelin vs Led Zeppelin – Moby’s Montreux (Kid G) (145)
Lee Marvin vs Montell Jordan – Wandering Montell (Mutant Miscreation) (110)
Lenny Kravitz vs NERD – Storm Front (DJ Wig) (127)
Lil’ Flip vs Super Mario Bros – Super Mario Flips (DJ Jay-R) (142)
Lil’ Louis vs Madison Avenue – French Kiss Din Daa Daa (ft George Kranz) (Ben Liebrand MinMix)
Limp Bizkit vs Basement Jaxx – Where’s Your Head Rollin’ At (Manriki) (127)
Limp Bizkit vs Blues Brothers – Raw Bizkit (Pheugoo) (146)
Limp Bizkit vs The Slackers – No More Nookie (Pheugoo) (131)
Lionel Ritchie vs Peter Gabriel – All Games (Electroretro) (115)
Lipps, Inc vs Missy Elliott – Pass the Funky Dutch (Cheeky Boy) (138)
Lipps, Inc vs Ohio Express – Funky Chewy Bubble Gum (Voicedude) (129)
Louie Austen vs Robotman – Herbert Hopes For a Hypno Freak (Funky Andy) (128)
Lou Reed vs Suzanne Vega – Walk On The Wild Side Of Tom’s Diner (Ben Liebrand) (122)
Lunatic Calm vs Beyonce – Want My Body (DJ Schizzle) (111)
Madison Avenue vs Beastie Boys – Don’t Call Me Beastie (Fettdog) (144)
Madonna – Megamix (Ben Liebrand MiniMix) (122)
Madonna vs Freeez – IOU Groove (Thriftshop XL) (148)
Madonna vs Perpetuous Dreamer – The Sound Of Vogue (Ben Liebrand) (116)
Madonna vs The Darkness – Virgin Darkness (Miss Frenchie) (109)
Marilyn Manson vs Add N to (X) – Beautifully Added People (Jerver73) (114)
Maroon 5 vs God Lives Underwater – No More This Love (FaultSide) (146)
Maroon 5 vs J-Kwon – This Tipsy Love (Nak3dboy) (132)
MARRS vs Michael Jackson – Pump Up the Bad (Ben Liebrand) (122)
Marvin Gaye vs Freedom Now Brothers – Sexual Healing (Immuzikation) (125)
Marvin Gaye vs Matt Harding – Leave the Healing Up To You (Lenlow) (147)
Mase vs Ryan Paris – Welcome Dolce Vita (Fujikato) (136)
Massive Attack vs Ashanti – Prayer For the Foolish (StvD) (115)
Massive Attack vs Red Hot Chili Peppers – Teardrops Under the Bridge (Funky Andy) (131)
Massive Attack vs Tweet – Oh My Girl (StvD) (138)
Max Romeo vs The Prodigy – Chase Cut & Run Out Of Space (Funky Andy) (129)
Max Sedgley vs Beastie Boys – Beasty Boyzs Max (Rolo) (138)
Maynard Ferguson vs Aaliyah – Gonna Try Again Now (Party Ben) (134)
MIA vs A Tribe Called Quest – Genius Of MIA (Casioheart) (144)
Michael Jackson vs Beyonce – Jacko’s Crazy (new ver) (Thriftshop XL) (148)
Michael Jackson vs David Bowie – Dance With You (DJ BC) (130)
Michael Jackson vs Linda Clifford – Remember the Time (Chenard Walker) (146)
Michael Jackson vs Pink Floyd – Uncomfortabley Rocked (Unknown) (133)
Miss Kittin vs Earth, Wind & Fire – Bootie Wonderland (DJ Earworm) (112)
Missy Elliott vs NERD – Lap Dancing Bitch (MC33) (126)
Missy Elliott vs The Cure – One Minute Cat (Kurtis Rush) (110)
Monkey Harris – Raver’s Return (148)
Mousse T vs Timo Maas – Is It Cause I’m Down (Toocanx) (132)
Mr Oizo vs Bill Medley – Terry’s Pissed (Agent Lovelette) (115)
Ms Jade vs Human League – Don’t You Want My Big Head (Lockarm) (112)
Muppets vs Electic Six – Gay Muppet Bar (Phil N’ Dog) (145)
M vs MARRS – Pop Up the Muzik (Mike W Twitch) (120)
Nas ft Lauryn Hill vs Seeed – Pharao Ruled World (Crookair) (114)
NERD vs Beyonce – Naughty Rock Star (Acidpup) (136)
NERD vs The Incredible Bongo Band – She Wants To Bongo (Pheugoo) (148)
Nickelback vs Herbie Hancock – This How You Rockit (viBrant) (142)
Nina Simone vs Depeche Mode – Be My Useless Husband (Empire State Human) (144)
Nina Sky vs Usher – Yeah, Move Ya Body (Johnny Weiser) (126)
Nine Inch Nails vs Beastie Boys – Triple Sin (Agent Lovelette) (138)
Nine Inch Nails vs Leftfield – Planet Heresy (Dublxero) (149)
Nine Inch Nails vs Marvin Gaye – Up Close and Sexual (Mixomatosis) (109)
Nitty vs Salt-N-Pepa – Nasty Girl (Snoopy’s Remix) (140)
No Doubt vs Jam & Spoon – Hella Stella (Dunproofin’) (130)
No Doubt vs Tiga – Hella Good Bass (DJ Tripp) (141)
Notorious BIG vs Sean Paul – Big Paul (127)
NWA vs Green Day – NW Day (DJ Tripp) (142)
Oasis vs Franz Ferdinand – Michael’s Wonderwall (DJ Tripp) (142)
Obie Trice vs The Beatles – Ob-La-Teeth (DJ Tripp) (129)
Ol’ Dirty Bastard vs Jay-Z – 99 Raw Problems (DJ Wig) (127)
Ol’ Dirty Bastard vs Kelis – Trick Money (DJ Wig) (138)
Orbital vs Bon Jovi – Halcyon Live Reconstructed (ft Belinda Carlisle) (Mike W Twitch) (119)
Orbital vs Talking Heads – Once In a Life Chime (Mike W Twitch) (119)
Orb vs INXS – OrbXS (Mike W Twitch) (120)
Osymyso – 8-Beat-Inspection (126)
Outkast vs Berlin – Hey Metro (PartyBen) (133)
Outkast vs Fatboy Slim – Roses For Lindy (Pheugoo) (137)
Outkast vs Jamiroquai – Ms Space Cowboy (Pheugoo) (110)
Outkast vs Kylie Minogue – The Way Kylie Moves Slow (BushNo10) (110)
Outkast vs Kylie Minogue – The Way Kylie Moves Slow (BushNo10) (147)
Paul McCartney vs Ashanti – Don’t Carry On Running (StvD) (110)
Paul van Dyk vs 20 Fingers – A Short Dick For An Angel (Danny G) (147)
Peaches vs Outkast – Ghetto Peaches (ft Scissor Sisters) (Instamatic) (140)
Peaches vs Roy Orbison – Peaches N’ Orbs (TBC) (109)
Peaches vs The Doors – Break It Off (DJ Tripp) (115)
Peter Sellers & Sophia Loren vs Britney Spears – Goodness Gracious One More Time (Mutant Miscrea
Peter Sellers & Sophia Loren vs Pet Shop Boys – Bangers On My Mind (Version 2) (Mutant Miscreati
Pharrell Williams vs Julian Cope – Frontspots (Lionel Vinyl) (109)
Pink vs Beastie Boys – Get This Fight Started (Manriki) (141)
Pink vs ELO – Don’t Start Me Down (GHP) (112)
Placebo vs Madonna – English Life (Jerver73) (137)
Portishead vs Beatnuts – No Question (StvD) (138)
Prelude vs Marvin Gaye – After the Healing (Voicedude) (128)
Prince vs Sugababes – U Got the Breakes (Lionel Vinyl) (114)
Prodigy vs Bad Cabbage – Fuck My Bitch Up (Matt Hite) (142)
Prodigy vs Nine Inch Nails – Your Head Will Be Under My Wheels (Mixomatosis) (128)
Prodigy vs Nine Inch Nails – Your Head Will Be Under My Wheels (Mixomatosis) (135)
Prodigy vs Sean Paul – Gimme the Girls (Hanz) (138)
Propellerheads vs Michael Jackson – Billie Jean Is a Spy (DJ Tripp) (120)
Public Enemy vs Laibach – Godstarter (Nicfit) (110)
Public Enemy vs Sonic Boom Six – Bring the Boom (TiMG) (138)
Quantic vs Britney Spears – Hit My Apricot (Lumpy) (113)
Queen vs Annie Lennox – No More Pressure (Messy James) (110)
Queen vs Outkast – Hey Will Will Rock Ya (DJ Prince) (146)
Quincy Jones vs Roger Sanchez – Nothing To Prove In the City (Essex Boy) (140)
Ralph Stanley – Spare Me (Heaven or Hell Mix) (DJ Tripp) (143)
Rapture vs George Michael – House Of Jealous Monkeys (Thriftshop XL) (123)
REM vs Kaskade – I Feel New Orleans (Solcofn) (125)
REM vs Limp Bizkit – Rollin’ Back To Rockville (Don Amott) (144)
REM vs Oasis – The Morning Glory I Love (FaultSide) (145)
Rick James vs D12 – Superfreakout (JetSetAlex) (110)
Right Said Fred vs Midnight Oil – Right Said Bed (Mike W Twitch) (120)
R Kelly vs Electric Six – Danger Ignition (DJ Reset) (135)
Robbie Williams vs Nelly – Robbie’s Grammer (MC33) (126)
Robbie Williams vs Unknown – Hands Across Da Water (Scott Cairo) (146)
Rob D vs Eminem – Club Yourself (Copycat) (143)
Rolling Stones vs Mary J Blige & Ja Rule – Sympathy Daze (DJ Reset) (135)
Romantics vs Depeche Mode – Dreaming In Your Sleep (Brat) (120)
Romantics vs Depeche Mode – Dreaming In Your Sleep (Brat) (129)
Roots vs Katie Lenlow – A Little Thought (Lenlow) (144)
Roxy Music vs T Rex – Life’s a Gas (Bumtschak) (123)
Royal Gigolos vs Man Parrish – California Stripper (DJ MXR) (132)
Run DMC vs Prodigy – Beats To a Temper (Marty Batfreak) (146)
Rupaul vs ZZ Top – Sharp Dressed Supermodel (DJ Tripp) (148)
Santana vs Michael Jackson – Black Magic Thriller (Voicedude) (148)
Schooly-D vs Yes – Say Yes To Schooly (DJ Riko) (126)
Scissor Sisters vs Bee Gees – Take Ur Mama Out (To the Disco) (ft Andrea True Connection) (Agen
Scissor Sisters vs Velvet Underground – Oh Sweet Mamma (Jimmi Jammes) (145)
S Club 7 vs Rob Dougan – S Clubbed To Death (Pop Bastard) (147)
Scotty Alexander vs Nas – The Gambler (One Mic) (Johm) (139)
Serious B vs Felix Da Housecat – Sexy Shower Scene (ft Mint Royale) (Brower) (142)
Shakira vs Bee Gees – Whenever Wherever Staying Alive (Ben Liebrand) (116)
Simply Red vs Beyonce – Crazy In Stars (DJ Ran C) (130)
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles vs The Kinks – Go Go Go (ft Prince) (CCC) (132)
Spandau Ballet vs Tears For Fears – Truly Too Close For Tears (DJ David X) (124)
Spinners vs Interpol – Titled (Lenlow) (147)
Streets vs Massive Attack – Massive Attacked (Drop Fifty One) (133)
Strokes vs EIB – Stroking Cats (Dublxero) (149)
Strokes vs Travelling Wilburys & Kid N Play – Last Night (Lenlow) (144)
Sugababes vs The League Unlimited Orchestra – Sound Of the Overload (St3pan0va) (131)
Suzanne Vega vs Biz Markie – Vegas Baby (Lenlow) (144)
Suzanne Vega vs Daft Punk – Daft Tom’s Fast Food Diner (Ben Liebrand) (124)
Tag Team vs Deacon Blue – There It Is Kid (Cheeky Boys) (114)
Tears For Fears vs Rob D – Scared To Death (Mixomatosis) (142)
Technotronic vs Justin Timberlake – Like I Love To Pump (Ben Liebrand) (124)
Temptations vs Beatles – Walrus Confusion (CCC) (113)
Temptations vs Cassidy – My Girl Hotel (ft R Kelly) (DJ Reset) (136)
Thompson Twins vs War – Lie Rider (DJ Tripp) (142)
TLC vs The Cure – Cured (Old One Eye) (134)
TLC vs The Eels – Unpretty Guest List (SCO Network) (110)
Tom Tom Club vs Will Smith – Gettin’ Jiggy With Tina and Chris (Judge Dreadfull) (125)
Trans X vs Moldy Peaches – Sweet As Neurotic Eurotrash Indie Boys (Eve Massacre) (145)
Tweet vs Kings Of Convenience – I Don’t Know Where I Can Save Tweet From (Pheugoo) (138)
Two Culture Clash vs Young Marble Giants – Na Na Na Na (ft Beatles) (Chenard Walcker) (127)
U2 vs Way Out West – Vertigo (Party Ben) (148)
UB40 vs Herbie Hancock – Red Red Rock It (Mike W Twitch) (119)
Underworld vs Killers – Brightside Slippy (Instamatic) (133)
Usher vs Nylonbeat – 12 Apinaa Huutaa Yeah (Nerdy Jerk) (133)
Vanilla Ice vs Fun Lovin’ Criminals – Vanilla Ice Snacks (Pheugoo) (134)
Vanilla Ice vs Kylie Minogue – Can’t Get Ice Out Of My Head (viBrant) (142)
War vs Thompson Twins – War Lies (take 1) (DJ Tripp) (140)
William Orbit vs J Geils Band – Water From a Centerfold (Mike W Twitch) (120)
Will Smith vs Ben Charest – Triplets Of WilVill (Voicedude) (111)
Wings vs Prince – With a Little 1999 (DJ Reset) (136)
Wu-Tang Clan vs Buffalo Springfield – Cream Is What It’s Worth (Solcofn) (125)
X-Press 2 vs Jet – Wicked Lazy Gun 2 (ft David Byrne) (DJ Tripp) (147)
X-Press 2 vs Junior Jack – Lazy When You Thrill Me (EiTiBi Mix) (148)
X-Press 2 vs Moby – Dawn Fades II (ft David Byrne) (Pheugoo) (147)
Yaz vs Armand Van Helden – My My Don’t Go (Chuffster) (128)
Yaz vs Armand Van Helden – My My Don’t Go (Tiny Mix) (Chuffster) (126)
Yaz vs The 80’s – Don’t Go Plus Plus (Mike W Twitch) (120)
ZZ Top – Ben Liebrand MiniMix (125)
2Pac vs Bruce Hornsby – Changes 2004 (Cheeky Boys) (171)
10cc vs Beastie Boys – Good Morning Judge Beastie (It’s Alive) (Gordyboy) (168)
20 Fingers vs Detune & Benny Benassi – Lick the Robot (DJ Earworm) (176)
50 Cent vs Blackstreet – In Da Diggity (DJ Spenny) (180)
A and A vs Eminem – Just Lost At the Top (Carty) (183)
Abba vs MIA – Poisoned Candy In My Stereo (Eve Massacre) (152)
Ace Of Base vs Alanis Morissette – Untitled (MLFG) (167)
Afroman vs 187 Lockdown – Because I Got High (Joll) (177)
Agent Lovelette – Shit Mix 02 (156)
Alicia Keys vs Beach Boys – God Knows I’m Fallin’ (Dunproofin’) (183)
All Saints vs Insane Clown Posse – Pure Loons (02 Re-Do) (Dublxero) (176)
Amerie vs Jay-Z – U Don’t Know Why We Fall In Love (Ridah) (186)
Annie Lennox vs Four Tops & The Darkness – I Believe In a Loco Bird In Acapulco (DJ Call) (185)
Aphex Twin vs Forever Young – Daddy Will Rock You (Twinkleboi) (159)
Aphrodite vs Bonnie Tyler – Fight a Hero (DJ Lumpy) (152)
Aphrodite vs Kenny Loggins – Fightloose (DJ Lumpy) (152)
Artful Dodger vs Craig David – Moving Me In (ft Romina Johnson) (Cropstar) (174)
Ashanti vs The Orb – Little Fluffy Ashanti (Dunproofin’) (184)
Azzido Da Bass vs Lil’ Jon – Azzido Gets Low (Fidelski) (160)
Backstreet Boys vs J-Kwon – Backstreet Tipsy (Roppenzo) (178)
Bad Company vs Slick Rick – Feels Like Ladi Dadi (Fidelski) (160)
Bass-Tardz – Feel the Push Ups (Pheugoo & Deep Disco Force Remix) (181)
Bastone and Burnz – Horny All the Time ( ft Triple Lexx) (Mr Mayo Remix) (181)
Beastie Boys – DJ Sandstorm Beastie Boys Mix (158)
Beastie Boys vs Barry Manilow – Ch-Ch-Check Out the Copacabana (VJ Trip) (183)
Beastie Boys vs Beatles – Pass the Word (Goddam Guest) (170)
Beastie Boys vs Blondie – The Beastie Rocker (Fujikato) (171)
Beastie Boys vs Boards Of Canada – An Open Letter To Canada (Mixomatosis) (181)
Beastie Boys vs Caesars – Jerk It Shot (MC Koil) (172)
Beastie Boys vs Dead Boys – Sonic Letter 2 NYC (Mink Moderne’s 1999 Dance Mix) (186)
Beastie Boys vs Destiny’s Child – Intergalactic Breath (Altamira) (185)
Beastie Boys vs Kool & The Gang – Hold It Now Hit It (Charles V) (152)
Beastie Boys vs Le Tigre & Rapture – Busy French Saviour (DJ Tripp) (181)
Beastie Boys vs Le Tigre – Hold It Now Hit It (100 Yard Mash Mix) (Clayton Counts) (162)
Beastie Boys vs Pretenders – Brass Trouble (Team9) (164)
Beastie Boys vs Unkown – Intergalactic Pas (Shir Kahn) (179)
Beatles – Beatles Intros Mash-Up (The Geez) (156)
Beatles – Beatles Songs Mash-Up (The Geez) (156)
Beatles vs Christina Aguilera – Beautiful Eleanor (Jimmi Jammes) (161)
Beatles vs Nine Inch Nails – Come Closer (DJ Zebra) (159)
Beatles vs Pixies & Aretha Franklin – Safari Love (Loo & Placido) (170)
Beatles vs Seeed – Rigby Reggae (Loo & Placido) (170)
Beatles vs Sublime – Lady Madonna Is What I Got (Version 2) (Mr Fab) (178)
Beats International vs Air – Surf Be Good To Me (Eve Massacre) (162)
Beck vs Anti-Pop Consortium – What a Loser I Am (Mixomatosis) (183)
Belinda Carlisle vs New Order – Faith In Heaven (DJ Payroll) (162)
Beyonce vs Blancmange – Naughty Girl On the Ceiling (Boojiboy Jnr) (150)
Beyonce vs Bonobo – Beyonobo (DJ Lumpy) (151)
Beyonce vs Britney Spears & Fergie – B-Girl Battle (Lenlow) (182)
Beyonce vs Future Loop Foundation – Naughty Girls Come Shining Through (DJ Lumpy) (173)
Beyonce vs The Cure – Work It Close (DJ Tripp) (161)
Bill Withers vs Fantastic Plastic Machine – Just the Two Of Us (Jerver73) (163)
Bjork vs The Cure – A Hidden Forest (Gordyboy) (168)
Black Eyed Peas vs Kraftwerk – Vitamin Peas (Gordyboy) (168)
Black Eyed Peas vs Presidents Of the United States Of America – Millions Of Shut Ups (DJ Err) (1
Black Eyed Peas vs The Cure – Why Can’t I Be Retarded (Torero) (160)
Bloodhound Gang vs Spektrum – Kinda New Lapdance (Dublxero) (180)
Blu Cantrell vs Chromeo – Hit Em Up Girl (Agent Lovelette) (157)
Blur vs Madison Avenue – Don’t Call Me Song 2 (McSleazy) (152)
Blur vs Shaggy – It Wasn’t Blur (Loo & Placido) (170)
Boards Of Canada vs Alicia Keys – Music Has The Right To Know My Name (Agent Lovelette Remix) (1
Bob Marley – Bob Marley Megamix (DJ MXR) (156)
Bob Marley vs Green Day – Nice Time Of Your Life (Matt) (166)
Bombay Rockers vs Djuma Sound System – Les Rock The Djinns (Nemo) (178)
Boney M vs Obie Trice – Got Some Party (Fujikato) (161)
Britney Spears vs Beyonce – Hit Me Baby Boy (Roppenzo) (175)
Britney Spears vs Truth Hurts – Addicted To Boys (Tom Tom Remix) (150)
Britney Spears vs Unknown – Hillbilly Britney (Dropbass) (178)
Britney Spears vs Unknown – Man Turns Animal (Control-K) (163)
BT vs J-Kwon – Tipsy Soundwave (Aj) (176)
BT vs Madison Avenue – Ride Me Baby (Aj) (176)
Busta Rhymes vs Unknown – Wosit (Dunproofin’) (178)
Byrds vs Beatles – Nowhere To Turn (CCC) (153)
Cameo vs The Rasmus – Shadows Up (Torero) (167)
Chemical Brothers vs Christina Aguilera – Make Yourself Over (Jimmi Jammes) (158)
Chemical Brothers vs Daryl Pandy – Work Yur Body (Sick Puppy) (178)
Cher vs Babyface – There Goes Cher (Kool Jeff) (151)
Christina Aguilera vs Villeneuve – Genie in a Carousel (Dopplebanger) (154)
Control Machete vs Jimi Hendrix – Purple Machete (McSleazy) (152)
Creme de Menthe vs Scissor Sisters – Comfortably Plastique (DJ Earworm) (176)
Crystal Method vs Michael Jackson – Smooth Child (Aj) (176)
Crystal Waters vs Bjorn Eidsvaag & Lisa Lilsson – 100 % Pure Mellow Mash Love (DJ Prince) (159)
Cult vs Colonel Abrahams – Trapped In a Love Removal Machine (Eve Massacre) (183)
Cure vs Unknown – Dancehall Lovecats (Grubby) (183)
Cypress Hill vs Fatboy Slim & Eminem – Just Lose the Fatboy Brain (Nemo) (178)
Daft Punk vs Stetsasonic – Talkin’ Around the World (DJ Wig) (169)
Dandy Warhols vs Mousse T – Horny As a Dandy (Loo & Placido) (170)
Daniel Bedingfield vs Zero 7 – Give It Away On a Friday (DJ Cal) (186)
Danzig vs Missy Elliot – Wicked Missycat (Unknown) (168)
Dark Lotus vs Jan Hammer – Miami Darkness (Gimme That Vice Mix) (Dublxero) (150)
Darkness vs Mousse T – Dark N Horny (Now Mash) (153)
Dears vs Destiny’s Child – Say My Name Dear (CCC) (183)
Death From Above 1979 vs Eminem – Eminem On Speed (DJ Tiim) (159)
Deee-Lite vs Salt-N-Pepa – Half Arsed Beats Party Favour No 1 (Lionel Vinyl) (165)
Deep Dish vs Audio Bullys & Bryan Adams – Dance, Run, Lie, War (McSleazy) (186)
Deep Dish vs Crystal Method – Born 2 Flash (GIBE) (186)
Depeche Mode vs Marilyn Manson – Personal Jesus (DJ Tripp) (173)
Destiny’s Child vs Britney Spears – Toxic Boy (DJ Wig) (180)
Destiny’s Child vs Deep Purple – Smoke On My Breath (st3pan0va) (167)
Destiny’s Child vs Shapeshifters – Lola’s Bug-A-Boo (DJ Spark Radio Edit) (175)
Dexter vs Peaches – I Don’t Care If You Fuck the Pain Away (DJ Earworm) (177)
Digital Underground vs Freeform 5 – Humptyeeeeaaow (Lionely Vinyl) (179)
Dimitri From Paris vs Beastie Boys – Sweet Trouble (TDubya) (176)
Dizzee Rascal vs Jon Hopkins – Stand Up Jon (CompactRisk) (182)
DJ Chrisle – Kids In America (Unknown Vocalist) (173)
DJ Chrisle – Maniac (Unknown Vocalist) (174)
DJ Shadow vs Radiohead – Would You Buy a War From This Man (168)
DMX vs 2 Little Boys – No Headstrong Love For Me (Kool Jeff) (158)
Dolly Pardon vs Eurythmics – Stairway To Bootleg Heaven (DJ Earworm) (161)
Doop vs Earth, Wind and Fire – Boogie Wonderdoop (Woei) (164)
Doors vs Muppets – Macamuppet (Scott Cairo) (154)
Duran Duran vs Spandau Ballet – Truelyundone (Milt’s Mixes) (155)
Dusty Springfields vs Destiny’s Child – Dustiny’s Springchild (Tom Tom) (150)
Eamon vs Soft Cell – Fuck Love (DJ Wig) (162)
Elton John vs Spektrum – Spektrum John (Dunproofin’) (172)
EMF vs Beyonce – Unworkable (McSleazy) (152)
Eminem vs Aerosmith – Walk This Way Without Me (DL Mei-Lwun) (160)
Eminem vs A Whole Bunch – Untitled (DJ Tripp) (182)
Eminem vs Booker T & The MG’s – Bootleg Me (DJ Stu) (170)
Eminem vs Christina Milian – The Real Slim Christina (James 230885) (185)
Eminem vs Daft Punk – Funk Me (Esotic) (162)
Eminem vs David Bowie – Just Lose It Jean Genie (DJ Scenius) (172)
Eminem vs Destiny’s Child – Jumpin’ Yourself (Esotic) (162)
Eminem vs Jay-Z – What More Can I Say, Shady (Gun Powda) (163)
Eminem vs Level 42 – Lessons In Business (Cheeky Boy) (159)
Eminem vs Michael Jackson – My Bad (ft Justin Timberlake) (DJ Mei-Lwun) (161)
Eminem vs Ray Parker, Jr – Ghostbusters Are Back (DJ Wig) (169)
Eminem vs Spice Girls – Who Do You Think You Are the Real Slim Shady (Akimeder) (184)
Eminem vs Topmodelz – Without the Wings Of Love (DJ JOngenz) (153)
Eminem vs Unknown – Fade Away (Bangers & Mash) (176)
Eminem vs Vanilla Ice – Just Ice It (DJ Wig) (169)
Eminem vs Zero 7 – Just Blue It (DJ Wig) (169)
Eric B & Rakim vs Blink 182 – Adam’s Got Soul (Esotic) (163)
Eryka Badu – Love Of My Life (Kinetic Kid Remix) (183)
Eurythmics vs Ladytron & Chic – I’ve Got Seventeen Angels (DJ Earworm) (177)
Eurythmics vs Madonna – Another Sweet Dream Dies (Astrolabe) (178)
Everything But the Girl vs Spiller – Missing Groove (DJ Tripp as Dizko Knight) (174)
Extreme vs Hithouse – Get the Funk Out Of the Underground (Dublxero) (150)
Faint vs Grace Jones – Strange Disappearance (Agent Lovelette) (175)
Faithless vs Wildchild – Renegade Insomniac (TDubya) (175)
Falco vs R Kelly & Ginuwine – Amadeus Remix (Second Version) (DJ Spenny) (181)
Fast Lady vs Queen – We Will Hooray For Rock (Mixomatosis) (174)
Fatboy Slim vs Dizzee Rascal – Halfway Between the Fatboy and the Rascal (Mixomatosis) (154)
Fatboy Slim vs Sleezee Boyz ft Dr Dre – Robofornia (’00 Mix) (Dublxero) (150)
Fatboy Slim vs Unknown – Camisra Slash Nation Dot Com (Miss Frenchie) (182)
Fatman Scoop vs Kelis – Dukers (Jasper) (154)
Ferry Corsten vs Madonna – Rock Your Light (Stuperstar 2004) (170)
Film vs Ben E King & John Lennon – Can You Stand By Me (DJ Zebra) (180)
Fine Young Cannibals vs Tahiti 80 – She Drives My Heartbeat (Immuzikation) (185)
Fischerspooner vs Beck – Get Invisibly Paid (DJ Earworm) (175)
Frankie Goes To Hollywood vs Duran Duran – Relax, Wild Boys ’04 (Milt’s Mixes) (155)
Frankie Goes To Hollywood vs New Order & More – Blue Tribes (Bangers & Mash) (176)
Frank Zappa vs Colour Me Badd – I Wanna Sex U Up In the Garage (DJ Multilation) (177)
Freddie Mercury vs 2 Belgen – Living Lena (DJ MXR) (159)
Freestylers vs Bentley Rhythm Ace – Push Up Bra (DJ Lumpy) (174)
Freestylers vs Prince – Push the Controversy Up (Manriki) (185)
Freestylers vs The Streets – Safe As Fuck (Mixomatosis) (165)
Fun Lovin’ Criminal vs Orbital – All the Chime In the World (Dublxero) (150)
George Harrison vs 2Pac – Untitled (MLFG) (166)
George W Bush – Imagine (Full Version) (Wax Audio) (173)
Gillette vs The Cure – Short Dick Fascination (Esotic) (163)
Glen Campbell vs Disco Assassins – Rhinestone Cowboy (Scott Cairo) (160)
Glen Campbell vs Kelis – Twelve String Milkshake (Don Amott) (171)
Green Day vs Electric Six – Gay Idiot (Pheugoo) (156)
Groove Armada vs Ferry Corsten – I See You Rock Your Body (Lumpy) (163)
Groove Armada vs Shakin’ Stevens – Shakin’ It Up (Lexy) (173)
Gwen Stefani – What U Waiting For (Toksin’s Sterilized Remix) (173)
Gwen Stefani – What You Waiting For (DJ Ander Standing Original Mix) (173)
Gwen Stefani – What You Waiting For (DJ Ander Standing Radio Mix) (173)
Gwen Stefani vs Real Life – Waiting For You To Send Me An Angel (Agent Lovelette) (167)
Gwen Stefani vs Stonebridge – High Ho (Cheeky Boy) (168)
Gwen Stefani vs Sugar – (Tell Me) What You Waiting For (Version 2) (FaultSide) (183)
Hall & Oates vs Phoenix – If I’m Ever Around (Immuzikation) (183)
Harlem Gospel Singers vs Deep Dish – Happy Flash Dance Day (Torero) (182)
Harry Belafonte vs Radio 4 – Banana Radio (DJ Andy Crane) (152)
Hieroglyphics vs Bjork – Hiero Behavior (Spiny Norman) (160)
Housemartins vs J-Kwon – Tipsy Caravan (Roppenzo) (180)
Human League vs Chris Carter – Love Action On a Spanish Holiday (DJ Shiddy) (166)
Imagination vs Usher – Infusion (Bangers & Mash) (168)
Insane Clown Posse vs Alice Deejay – Didn’t Mean To Want U Back In My Life (Dublxero) (150)
Insane Clown Posse vs Fatboy Slim – Wagon Trippin’ (Dublxero) (150)
Insane Clown Posse vs Madonna – B8ches (Dublxero) (150)
Insane Clown Posse vs Wheatus – Dead Numb Dirtbag (Edit) (Dublxero) (150)
Isaac Hayes vs Rob Base & Bon Jovi – Keep the Faith, Drop the Bass (DJ Mutilation) (163)
J-Kwon vs Mixmasters – Tipsy Mix (Woei) (164)
Jamiroquai vs Eric B & Rakim – Emer Eric (DJ Wig) (171)
Jane’s Addiction vs Unknown – Been Caught Sampling (Control-K) (163)
Jay-Z vs Blink 182 – Dirt Off Adam’s Shoulder (DJ Err) (168)
Jay-Z vs Brandy – Dirt Off That Afrodisiac (Altamira) (159)
Jay-Z vs Linkin Park – Numb_Encore (166)
Jay-Z vs McFly – 99 Colours In Her Hair (Now Mash) (153)
Jay-Z vs Nancy Sinatra – These Boots Are Made For Walking (Jimmi Jammes) (167)
Jay-Z vs Unknown – Chopped Off Your Shoulder (CRFTP Club Remix) (Fidelski) (160)
Jay Cynik – 4 Hour Rockafellas (178)
Jay Cynik – Lounge Trash (178)
Jennifer Lopez vs Betty Boo – Glorious Waiting Nowhere Baby (Torero) (181)
Jentina vs Lady Sovereign – Bad Ass Sadass (Teken) (159)
Jet vs Prince with Sam & Dave – Are You Gonna Be My Motherfucker (DJ Zebra) (186)
Jill Scott vs Dusty Springfield – The Look Of Love Rains Down On Me (DJ Blue Glue) (172)
Jimi Hendrix vs Young Rome – Freaky Lady (DJ Mei-Lwun) (182)
Joan Jett vs Shaggy – I Luv Mr Boombastic (Lexy) (183)
John Mellencamp vs Lemon Jelly – Jack Lemon (DJ Lumpy) (151)
John Mellencamp vs Q-Tip – Cougar-Tip (DJ Mei-Lwun) (161)
John Mellencamp vs Q-Tip – John Cougar Mellon-Tip (DJ Mei-Lwun) (162)
Johnny Guitar Watson vs Blancmange – On the Ceiling (DJ MXR) (153)
Jo Lemaire vs Queen – Parfum Gaga (DJ Mxr) (171)
Josh Wink vs Coldplay – Higher State Of Timekeeping (Lumpy) (164)
Justin Timberlake vs Aphex Twin – Juxtin Twinberlake (Juxtaposeur) (176)
Justin Timberlake vs Cosmos & Prassay – Take Justin Krusin’ (NowMash) (168)
Kanye West vs 2Pac & Nas – Thugz Conscious (Ridah) (180)
Kanye West vs JoJo – Jesus Walks Out (StvD) (156)
Kanye West vs Queen – Jesus Rocks You (Snader) (157)
Kasabian vs Ratpack – 2 Bad Mice Love LSF (DJ Shiddy) (168)
Kelis vs Eminem – Just Lose the Milskshake (DJ C Boast) (170)
Khia vs Duran Duran – Girls On My Neck, My Back (MS Bootleg Mix) (155)
Khia vs Jackson 5 & Madonna – Don’t Tell Me To Lick My Neck, My Back (MS Bootleg Mix) (163)
Killing Joke vs Britney Spears & Garbage – Killing Stupid Britney (Pheugoo) (171)
King Tubby vs Macy Gray – Inna I and I Try (Gordyboy) (168)
Kopyright Liberation Front vs Betty Blue – Theme From What Time Is Love (Dublxero) (150)
Kraftwerk vs Cathy Dennis – Touch Too Much Exposed (Gordyboy) (171)
Kraftwerk vs Freeland – We Want Models (DJ Wig) (163)
Kriss Kross vs Rick Derringer – Jump Hoochie Koo (DJ Stu) (169)
Kylie Minogue vs Britney Spears – Slow Prerogative (Akimeder) (185)
Kylie Minogue vs Gary Numan – If You Don’t Love Kylie Down In the Park (Gordyboy) (168)
Led Zeppelin vs Leonard Cohen – Tangerine Kisses (Exrex) (152)
Leftfield vs John Mellencamp – Jack & Diane (Pressure Mix) (StvD) (163)
Lenny Kravitz vs Eagle – Believe In a Californian Hotel (Torero) (157)
Les Rhythmes Digitales vs Michael Jackson – Hey Hey Michael (DJ Payroll) (155)
Le Tigre vs Jamiroquai & Basement Jaxx – Superfly Nanny (DJ Tripp) (179)
Le Tigre vs Missy Elliott – Decepta-Freak-On (A Plus D) (169)
Le Tigre vs Vanilla Ice – Get Off the Ice (Itchi23) (159)
Levi Strauss – Shake Wiggle Wiggle (Morc) (152)
Liberty X vs The Offspring – Just a Little Self Esteem (Pheugoo) (157)
Lil’ Flip vs Heart & Primal Scream – Crazy Sunshine (Agent Lovelette) (185)
Lil’ Kim vs Sugarhill Gang – Jump Delight (Esotic) (162)
Limp Bizkit vs Rage Against the Machine – N 2 Gether Renagades (Solcofn) (185)
Linkin Park vs Britney Spears – Faint Britney (Now Mash) (153)
Lloyd Banks vs Luke Vibert & Radio 4 – Acid Fire (Agent Lovelette) (165)
Lucy Pearl vs Sean Paul – Get Busy With My Man (G-Unit Rap) (DJ Spenny) (170)
Lucy Pearl vs Suzanne Vega – Don’t Mess with Tom’s Diner (DJ Crook Air) (159)
Ludacris vs Mick Jagger – Sweet Thing Stand Up (DJ Trip SLC) (158)
Macy Gray vs David T Walker – The Breakup Song (Bangers & Mash) (176)
Mansun vs J-Kwon – Getting Away Tipsy (Cheeky Boy) (153)
Marilyn Manson vs Chicks On Speed – Teenage Pussy (Mixomatosis) (184)
Marilyn Manson vs Nitzer Ebb – Join In Le Fight (ft Vitalic) (DJ Tripp) (165)
Mark Morrison vs Dr Hook – Return Of the Sexy Eyes (DJ Prince) (150)
Marvin Gaye vs Psuedo Echo – Sexual Town (Esotic) (162)
Massive Attack vs Grandmaster Flash – Unfinished Message (final) (DJ Wig) (163)
Max Herre vs The Cure – 1ste Liebe Close To Me (ft Joy Denalane) (DJ Crook Air) (155)
MC Hammer vs Missy Elliott – Don’t Touch It (It’s Really Really Hot) (Cheeky Boy) (171)
MC Sugarfree vs Black Eyed Peas – The Seal Of the State Of Pimpoline (Roy Batty) (171)
Melanie – The Newest Key You’ll Ever Buy (Charles V) (152)
MIA vs Super Mario Bros – Superlangalang (Johnny180) (155)
Michael Jackson vs Aphex Twin – Bad Licker (Esotic) (162)
Michael Jackson vs Arnold Jarvis & Benji Candelario – Learn To Scream (ft Janet Jackson) (Brody
Michael Jackson vs Benny Benassi – Bad Satisfaction (Snader) (158)
Michael Jackson vs DJ Slip – Revenge Of Michael Jackson (Kool Jeff) (159)
Michael Jackson vs Genesis – I Can’t Remember the Sign (Edited) (Pheugoo) (152)
Michael Jackson vs Justin Timberlake – Michael and Justin’s Erotic Moments (Roy Batty) (185)
Michael Jackson vs Next – Remember the Time (JMO Mix) (161)
Michael Jackson vs Prodigy – Thrillered (DJ Tripp) (165)
Michael Jackson vs Warren G – Regulated Thriller (DJ SPenny) (181)
Missy Elliott vs Annie Lennox – Sweet Shotz (DJ Wig) (163)
Missy Elliott vs Bob Dylan – War (What a Rad Mix) (Eve Massacre) (161)
Missy Elliott vs Lou Bega – Freak No 5 (Now Mash) (153)
Missy Elliott vs R Kelly – Get Your Thoing On (Cheeky Boys) (171)
Missy Elliott vs The Cure – I’m Really Hot Hot Hot (A+D) (155)
Missy Elliott vs The Doors – Light My Dutch (Scott Cairo) (185)
Missy Elliott vs Weezer – Rain Undone (Riko) (165)
Missy Elliott vs XTC – Get Ur Freak In Motion (Boojiboy Jnr) (150)
Monkees vs Lionrock – Electric Daydream Believer’s Hairdo (Ginger Steve) (164)
Mr Oizo vs Dick Van Dyke – Flat Tyre Bang Bang (Dublxero) (150)
Mylo vs Vanilla Ice – Ice My Arms (Sloe Jams) (185)
Nas vs Blur & M3 – Is This a Bootleg (Dunproofin’) (179)
Nas vs Happy Mondays – I Made You Loose (StvD) (156)
Nas vs Ice Cube – You Can Bridge the Gap (Overlayer) (169)
Nelly Furtado vs Thomas Bangalter – Powerless Love (NowMash) (153)
Nelly vs Lynyrd Skynyrd – Sweet Home Counrty Grammar (DJ Mei-Lwun) (157)
New Order vs Charlie Daniels Band – Devil Went To The Beach (DJ Tripp) (179)
New Order vs Eminem – Just Bizzarre (DJ ML) (185)
Nine Inch Nails vs Marilyn Manson – Trent Tribute (Game Over) (155)
Nine Inch Nails vs Missy Elliott – Terrible Freak (DJ Mei-Lwun) (157)
Nirvana vs Destiny’s Child – Lithium’s Child (Pheugoo) (179)
Nirvana vs Leftfield – Drain Your Teenage Snakeblood (Grafyet) (159)
Nirvana vs Michael Jackson – Billie Spirit (McSleazy) (152)
Nitzer Ebb vs Heather Nova & Moby – Unoriginal (DJ Tripp) (175)
Obie Trice vs Radioactive Man – ‘Ave My Fucking Teeth (Cry On My Console) (173)
Ol’ Dirty Bastard vs Kon Kan – Ol’ Dirty Kon Kan (DJ Boo Dog) (177)
Ol’ Dirty Bastard vs Kon Kan – Ol’ Dirty Kon Kan (Intros & Outros) (DJ Boo Dog) (176)
Orbital vs Amon Tobin – Sad But Verbal (James Plus Plus) (180)
Orbital vs Ron Grainger – Doctor Fit (E-Jitz) (165)
Outkast vs Cypress Hill – Bombs Of the West Over Baghdad (Overlayer) (169)
Outkast vs John Lennon – The Dirtness (ft White Stripes) (Charlie Blimey) (155)
Outkast vs RJD2 – Dracula’s Wedding (ft Kelis) (Immuzikation) (155)
Outkast vs Streets – Hey Mug (IDC) (186)
Outkast vs Torch & Tony L – Wir Wan Mal Stars Ms Jackson (DJ Crook Air) (159)
Panjabi MC vs Tears For Fears – Shout At the Boys (DJ Tripp) (181)
Paul Simon vs Method Man & Capleton – Wings Of the Evening (DJ BC) (186)
Paul Young vs Jay-Z – Young Love (DJ Mei-Lwun) (161)
Peaches vs Cameo – Fuck Word Up (Jerver73) (183)
Peaches vs Supergrass – Rockshow III (Gordyboy) (168)
Perfect Circle vs Prodigy – I Don’t Wanna Know Girls (VJ Trip) (182)
Peter Gabriel vs Everclear – I Will Buy U a Book Of Love (Voicedude) (180)
Petey Pablo vs Doobie Brothers – Freek-Train-Comin’ (Agent Lovelette) (164)
Pharside vs Dub Diablo – Heartbreaker (ft Pat Benetar) (DJ Mei-Lwun) (161)
Pink Floyd vs Franz Ferdinand & The Doors – Take Another Brick Out (Immuzikation) (186)
Placebo vs Kate Bush & Ce’Cile – Nanananananaaa Wanna Be the Man With the Child In Her Eyes (Eve
Plump DJ’s vs The Flying Lizards – Squeaks and Bleeps and Money (DJ Lumpy) (174)
Portishead vs Unkle – Tell Me (Rolo) (153)
Prodigy vs Innocent Sorcerers – Charly’s Anthem (Soundhog) (156)
Prodigy vs Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Get Over Girls (Mixomatosis) (169)
Prodigy vs Unknown – Whambalaya (Scott Cairo) (162)
Psychadelic Furs vs Ice Cube – Pretty In Pink (OOTLTEHL) (151)
Public Enemy vs Apollo 100 – The Joy Of Noise (Mr Fab) (179)
Public Enemy vs Super Marios Bros – Super Terminator Sunshine (Bangers & Mash) (183)
Quad City DJ’s vs DJ Tripp – C’mon N’ Ride Anything (Kool Jeff) (171)
Queen vs Althea & Donna – Kids Rock (Loo & Placido) (170)
Queen vs J-Kwon – We Will Rock You Tipsy (Altamira) (157)
Rachel Stevens vs Prodigy – Some Girls Spit Fire (Mountains Of Boutros) (161)
Rage Against the Machine vs Queen – Killing In the Name (Fidelski’s CRFTP Remix) (160)
Ram Jam vs C&C Music Factory – Gonna Make Betty Sweat (Torero) (170)
Rammstein vs Beastie Boys – Body Movin’ (Firestarter) (165)
Rapture vs LA Style – House Of Dead Lovers (DJ Tripp) (173)
Rasmus – Rasmus Remixed (Gameover) (166)
Red Hot Chili Peppers vs The Streets – Mugged Under a Bridge Downtown (Bangers & Mash) (170)
Reed Waddle vs Spanky Wilson – Shine Of Your Love (Immuzikation) (173)
Revolutionaries vs Beats International – 79 Rock Be Good To Me (Gordyboy) (174)
Ride vs Beatles & Rolling Stones – Leave Anna Behind (CCC) (171)
Roger Miller vs The Grid – Whistle Swamp (DJ Andy Crane) (151)
Run DMC vs ZZ Top – Like a Hoedown (Richie) (184)
Rupert the Bear vs Break For Love – Rupert the Bear’s Break For Love (Deep Disco Force) (151)
Saxon vs Limp Bizkit – MLFG (Electric Disk) (163)
Scissor Sisters vs Andre 3000 – Millionaire Laura (DJ Wig) (169)
Scissor Sisters vs Beastie Boys – Laura and the Boys Have a Party (Agent Lovelette) (175)
Scissor Sisters vs Eminem – My Mama (Toocanx) (158)
Scissor Sisters vs Nickelback – Take Your Mama Fighting (Tone-Blender) (180)
Scissor Sisters vs Pink – Take Yo Mama To the Party (DJ Tripp) (185)
Scissor Sisters vs Total Science – Take Your Altered State (Lumpy) (156)
Shaggy vs Odyssey – Shaggy New Yorker (Gordyboy) (169)
Shannon vs Depeche Mode & Dolly Pardon – Let Jolene Enjoy the Music In Silence (DJ Earworm) (151
Sigue Sigue Sputnik vs George Bush – Bush Missile F1-11 (Gordyboy) (168)
Simian vs Justice – 4 My Friends (ft Missy Elliott) (Dix Edit) (159)
Sleepy Jackson vs U2 – Good Dancers (Agent Lovelette) (169)
Smiths vs Blackstreet – Blacksmiths (StvD) (172)
Smiths vs Snoop Dogg ft Pharell – Hot Like Sunday (StvD) (173)
Snoop Dogg vs Cure – Drop It Like It’s Hot Hot Hot (Immuzikation) (181)
Snoop Dogg vs Pepe Deluxe – Hot Muff (Dopplebanger) (169)
Snoop Dogg vs Sade – Snoopin’ Is Taboo (Bangers & Mash) (166)
Snoop Dogg vs The Doors – Riders On the Storm (Fredwreck Remix) (NFS2 OST) (177)
Sophie Ellis Baxter vs The Rapture – Get Over (GYBO Not GYRO Mix) (Dunproofin’) (157)
SOS Band vs Nirvana – Come As You Are (And Take Your Time) (Voicedude) (180)
Soulwax vs Natalie Cole – NY Cadillac (Lionel Vinyl) (176)
Stardust vs Usher – Star Yes (WJ Wig) (176)
Steve Earle vs Khia – Copperhead Crack (Don Amott K of C) (186)
Steve Winwood vs Eric Prydz – Call On Valerie (Mixomatosis) (176)
Stone Roses vs Samantha Mumba – I Gotta Be Adored (McSleazy) (152)
Stone Roses vs Tears For Fears & Missy Elliott – Shout, Fool (McSleazy) (152)
Streets vs Eminem – Don’t Just Lose It Yourself (Overlayer) (169)
Streets vs Mystikal – Fit Like Oochie (DJ Mei-Lwun) (157)
Streets vs Unknown – Blinded By the (Street) Lights (Gameover) (167)
Sub Sub vs Pink – Ain’t No Love (McSleazy) (152)
Sugababes vs Daft Punk – Hole In The Head (Bush No 10) (154)
Sugarhill Gang vs Beastie Boys – 1, 2, 3, The Wonder Shot (DJ A-Team) (158)
Suzanne Vega vs Stereo MC’s – Who’s Diner (Dublxero) (150)
Tears For Fears vs Lulu – Shout Just Round (Torero) (158)
Tears For Fears vs Rob D – Scared To Death (Edit) (Mixomatosis) (177)
Terror Squad vs Destiny’s Child – Lean Back (Altamira Intro Edit) (158)
Terror Squad vs Khia – Can’t Nobody Pop This (DJ Spenny) (180)
Timbaland vs Britney Spears – Ima Drop 4 U (Br0dy) (160)
TLC vs Super NES – Mario Scrubs (Esotic) (162)
Tom Petty vs Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock – It Takes Tom (DJ Bigg H) (177)
Toto vs Melle Mel – Big Africa (DJ SWA Remix) (162)
Trio vs Basement Jaxx – No No No (Dublxero) (151)
Tweet vs Black Crowes – Woops There Goes My Remedy (Ultra 396) (150)
Unkown vs Unknown – Be-Bop-A-Lu-La Mix (159)
Usher vs Black Eyed Peas – Yeah, Let’s Get Retarded (SBW) (165)
Usher vs Queen – Usher Bites the Dust (DJ Mei-Lwun) (161)
Vanilla Ice vs Chic – Good Times Baby (Cheeky Boy) (168)
Van Morrison vs Rick James – Moon Freak (Voicedude) (158)
Verve vs Coldplay – Sweet Yellow High (ft Blur) (DJ Tripp) (165)
Waldorf vs Chromeo – You’re My Gansta (Immuzikation) (163)
Ween vs Ganja Kru – Weened Off the Weed (Silokk) (152)
White Stripes vs Notorious BIG – Hypnotize the Army (Dopplebanger) (154)
Who vs Unknown – Sparks Detox (Pilchard) (166)
Who vs Unknown – This Toon Ain’t Big Enough Fer The Baith O Us (E-Jitz) (164)
Will Young vs Jimi Hendrix – Voodoo Will Track (ft Portishead) (Scott Cairo) (155)
Wot Wot Wot – !!! Mix (164)
X-Press 2 vs Jet – Wicked Lazy Gun (ft David Byrne) (DJ Tripp) (151)
Yellowman vs Renegade – No Renegade Move (Ninja Smith) (184)
Young MC vs Liberty X & Lumidee – Just a Little Know How (McSleazy) (151)
Zodiac Mindwarp vs Beastie Boys – Prime Trouble (DJ Wig) (181)
20 Fingers vs Grace Jones – Strange Lick (Jimmi James) (216)
50 Cent vs Iggy Pop – Lust For Da Club Life (DJ Tripp) (216)
50 Cent vs Pointer Sisters – Neutron Disco (DJ Mei-Lwun) (222)
50 Cent vs Ramones – Sedated Disco (DJ Tripp) (231)
50 Cent vs Sidewinder – Parallax 50 (SCO) (224)
AC_DC vs Salt-N-Pepa – Push Me All Night Long (VJ Trip) (226)
Adam Freeland vs Electric Six & Soft Sell – We Want Your Gay Dwarf (DJ Tripp) (217)
Adina Howard vs Unknown – We Don’t Give a Damn About Our Freak (Girls On Top) (195)
Aerosmith vs TATU – Tatu Dream (Dildog) (199)
Alanis Morissette vs Prodigy – Baby Oughta Know (Ropenzo) (196)
Alter Ego vs Black Eyed Peas – Retarded Rocker (Harry Head Banger) (191)
Alter Ego vs Madison Avenue – Don’t Call Me Rocker (Dunproofin’) (190)
Alter Ego vs The Egg – Rocker (Metal Disco Remix) (Electrik Cowboy) (209)
Alter Ego vs Was Not Was – Dinosaur Rocker (Happy Larry) (214)
Annie Lennox vs Wannadies – Yeah On Broken Glass (Mark J Mix) (190)
Annie vs Reel 2 Real – I Like Sexy Love (DJ Cactus) (232)
Aphex Twin vs Portishead – Seventolin Months (DJ Cactus) (232)
Aphex Twin vs Tweet – Oops My Balsalm (DJ Cactus) (232)
Ashanti vs Destiny’s Child – Only Your Breath (GX Reborn) (219)
Ashanti vs Notorious BIG – Clapping Like a Fool (Blo Up) (198)
Assembly vs Modest Mouse – Never Float On (DJ Tripp) (217)
Bananarama vs The Shamen – Naughty Venus (Mark J) (188)
Basement Jaxx vs Beastie Boys – Check Your Red Rump (McSleazy) (195)
Basement Jaxx vs Beastie Boys – Hold Your Rendezvous Now (McSleazy) (195)
Basement Jaxx vs Beastie Boys – Intergalactic Camberskank (McSleazy) (195)
Baz Luhrman vs J-Kwon – Everybody’s Free To Get Tipsy (MZR) (226)
Beach Boys vs Chi-Lites – Have You Seen Forever (Mr Fab) (212)
Beach Boys vs Spacemen 3 – Wouldn’t It Be Ecstacy (DJ Lance Lockarm) (195)
Beastie Boys vs Bloodhound Gang & Run DMC – Sure Fire Way (DJ Tripp) (217)
Beastie Boys vs Lo-Fidelity Allstars – Triple Blisters On My Troubled Brain (Chefkoch) (225)
Beastie Boys vs The Kinks – Pass the Louie Louie (Child Of the Breaks) (222)
Beatles – Mash-Up Medley (Hank Handy) (204)
Beatles vs Beta Band – Strawberry Beta People (CCC) (207)
Beatles vs Scissor Sisters – No One Takes Your Freedom (DJ Earworm) (198)
Beatles vs The Monkees – Paperback Believer (GHP) (234)
Beatnuts vs Q-Tip – Stop Watch (JulesMF Remix Of Carrasco) (232)
Beats International vs Brandy – Brandy International (Bionic Commando) (204)
Beck vs The Beatles – Twist Laws (DJ Tripp) (217)
Bee Gees vs Destiny’s Child – Buggin’ Alive (Mark J) (190)
Bel Biv DeVoe vs Destiny’s Child – Lose My Poison (Bush No 10) (212)
Belinda Carlisle vs Black Rock – Blue Water Is a Place On Earth (Kool Jeff) (215)
Benni Bennasi vs Mr Vegas – Able To Love Culo (DJT Remix) (211)
Benny Benassi vs Sir Mix-A-Lot – Benny Got Back (DJ Tripp) (217)
Berlin vs English Beat – Mirror On the Metro (DJ Tripp) (227)
Beyonce vs Boytronic – Bryllyantly Yn Love (v2) (Mixomatosis) (206)
Beyonce vs Siouxsie & The Banshees – Boo In Love (DJ Tripp) (219)
Beyonce vs The Cure – Work It Close (DJ Tripp) (217)
Bjork vs Deep Throat – Saxy Bjork (Essex Boy) (196)
Black Sabath vs DMX – The Don’t Know Iron Man (Child Of the Breaks) (203)
Black Sheep vs Prisoners Of Technology – The Choice Is Intergalactic (DJ Cactus) (232)
Bloc Party vs Soft Cell – Banquet Soul (DJ Tripp) (228)
Blu Cantrell vs Cypress Hill – How I Could Just Breathe a Man (DJ Cactus) (232)
Blur vs Amadou & Mariam – Amadou and the Boys (DJ Zebra) (226)
Blur vs Eminem vs – Girl Girl Girls & Boys (Cheeky Boys) (190)
Boney M vs Auld Lang Syne – New Lang Syne (Radio Edit) (Pilchard) (207)
Book Of Love vs Shapeshifters – Boys Theme (DJ Tripp) (230)
Britney Spears vs Britney Spears – A Slave 4 My Perogative (Tom’s Brain) (194)
Britney Spears vs Felix Da Housecat – Please My Slave Freaq (DJ Tripp) (226)
Bugz In the Attic vs Tag Team – Booty Whoomp (DJ Wig) (195)
Bush vs U2 – With Or Without Glycerine (DJ Tripp) (217)
Busta Rhymes vs Blue Oyster Cult – Don’t Fear The Busta (Botherboot) (229)
Busta Rhymes vs Steptoe & Son – Wooha (Rag and Bone Mix) (JRB) (196)
Busta Rhymes vs Vitalic – What’s Le Gonna Rock (Twinkleboi) (230)
Buzzcocks vs Destiny’s Child – Independent Sixteen (Protesta) (213)
Charlatans UK vs Adina Howard – A Freak Needs To Be Told (Lenlow) (195)
Charlie Daniels Band vs New Order – Devil Went To the Beach (DJ Tripp) (211)
Chemical Brothers vs Prodigy – Galvastarter (Aggro 1) (221)
Chemical Brothers vs Prodigy – Push the Temper (Mixomatosis) (197)
Chemical Brothers vs The Beatles – The Sun Never Knows (Pheugoo) (220)
Chic vs Beastie Boys & Franz Ferdinand – Chic Franzie Boys (Party Ben) (190)
Christina Aguilera vs Dire Straits – What a Sultan Wants (Mutant Miscreation) (204)
Christina Aguilera vs Stone Roses – Nothing For Axel’s Dirrty Gold (GIBE) (187)
Christina Aguilera vs Ulrich Schnauss – Slow-Diving Genie (Bionic Commando) (223)
Christina Aguilera vs White Zombie – More Dirrty Than Human (Andrew) (220)
Chromeo vs X-Press 2 ft David Byrne – Lazy Girl (DJ Wig) (225)
Ciara vs Coconut Monkeyrocket – Stepping On Explosives (DJ Tripp) (230)
Ciara vs Stooges – Dirty Goodies (ft Petey Pablo) (Chefkoch) (225)
Ciara vs Whomadewho – 1-2-Beat (Agent Lovelette) (194)
Coldplay vs Blur & The Verve – Sweet Yellow High (DJ Tripp) (217)
Colonel Abrams vs Young MC – Trapped Know How (Happy Larry) (214)
Courtney Love vs Madison Avenue – Who the Hell Is Mono (Mark J) (193)
Cyndi Lauper vs Tag Team – Sweet Whoompee (Bangers & Mash) (195)
D12 vs Cyndi Lauper – My Band Just Wants To Have Fun (DJ Tripp) (217)
D12 vs Nas – Fight Me Now (Child Of the Breaks) (192)
Daft Punk vs Smalltown Boy – Boy Meets World (DJ Tripp) (202)
Daft Punk vs Vanilla Ice – Funk Funk Baby (DJ Tripp) (217)
Danzel vs Iggy Pop – Pumping Passenger (Torero) (220)
David Bowie vs Justin Timberlake – Golden Love Year (DJcom) (211)
David Bowie vs Justin Timberlake – This Is Not Justin (Happy Larry) (214)
David Bowie vs Snoop Dogg & Dr Dre – Starman’s Next Episode (Digital Punkz) (207)
David Guetta vs Stonebridge – Just a Little More High (Faz) (212)
Dead Or Alive vs Ozzy Osbourne – You Spin Me Right Round Like a Crazy Train (Aber N Stein) (230)
Deep Dish vs Britney Spears ft Madonna – Flash Against the Music (Left Handed Bastard) (187)
Deep Dish vs Bryan Adams – Dashdance (Lionel Vinyl) (188)
Depeche Mode vs Delerium ft Sarah McLachan – Enjoy Silence (DJ Tripp) (217)
Depeche Mode vs Grandmaster Flash – Enjoy the Lines (Tony Way) (223)
Depeche Mode vs Ini Kamoze – Funky Strange Come (DJ Tripp) (217)
Depeche Mode vs Robert Miles – Strangelove In Dreamland (Dildog) (199)
Depeche Mode vs The Faint – Perrsonally Paranoid (Immuzikation) (194)
Destiny’s Child vs 10cc – Dreadlock Child (Soulwax) (205)
Destiny’s Child vs Ace Of Base – Lose My Breath This Summer (DJ C Boast) (196)
Destiny’s Child vs Alter Ego – Lose My Rocker (Maccers) (188)
Destiny’s Child vs Booka Shade – Lose Cha Breath (Torero) (188)
Destiny’s Child vs Deep Purple – Smoke On My Breath (Stepanova) (197)
Destiny’s Child vs O’Jays – Lose By Breath (Backstabbers House Mix) (Dropbass) (231)
Destiny’s Child vs Peter Gabriel – Steamylicious (Pheugoo) (202)
Destiny’s Child vs The O’Jays – Lose My Backstabber (Drop Bass) (214)
Destiny’s Child vs Tori Amos – Lose My Widow (Happy Larry) (214)
Destiny’s Child vs Unknown – Special Child (Braces Tower) (196)
Diana Ross vs 2 Black 2 Strong – Fuck the Flag (DJ Prince) (228)
Dizzee Rascal vs Alter Ego – Phat Rocker 2 (ver 5) (Rolo) (194)
Dizzee Rascal vs Freestylers – Get a Life Dizzee (Dunproofin’) (207)
Dizzee Rascal vs Prodigy – Stand Up Fool (DJ Tripp) (192)
Dizzee Rascal vs Prodigy – Stand Up Fool (DJ Tripp) (228)
Dizzee Rascal vs Spiderbait – Stand Up Betty (Divide & Kreate) (205)
DJ 11 – Foreplay (Mini Mash Mix) (230)
DJ MXR – Culture Club Megamix (225)
DJ MXR – Howard Jones Minimix (224)
DJ Riko – Whistler’s Delight (Shorter Version) (194)
DJ Shadow vs Keane – We Might As Well Be Strangers (226)
DJ Tiesto vs Pras, Mya & Ol’ Dirty Bastard – Sweet Ghetto Superstar (Prosac) (215)
DMX vs Black Eyed Peas – Where Is the X (DJcom) (198)
DMX vs Skylark – That’s More Like DMX (Kool Jeff) (227)
DMX vs Snoop Dogg & Nas – When Cats Ruled the World (DJcom) (198)
Dobie Gray vs Freeway – Drift Freeway (DJ BC) (228)
Doobie Brothers vs Dukes Of Hazzard – Dukes Of Hazzard (DJ Flex Remix) (220)
Dr Dre vs Mr Oizo – Forgot About Flatbeat (DJ Snatch) (187)
Dr Dre vs New Order – Forgot About Monday (DJ Mei-Lwun) (190)
Dr Dre vs Royksopp – Next Eplesode (TIAL) (210)
Eazy-E vs Ludacris – Easy College Girls Stand Up (DJ 11) (229)
Eddie Cochran vs Snoop Dogg – Everybody Drop It Like It’s Hot (Eddie) (231)
Edwyn Collins vs Unknown – Wordy Girl (Chaos Productions) (206)
Elastica vs Missy Elliott – I’m Really Connected (Mixomatosis) (190)
Electric Six vs Frank Zappa – Valley Girl In a Gay Bar (DJ Tripp) (218)
Electric Six vs Notorious BIG – Gay Bar (BIG Coming Out Mix) (Akimeder) (187)
Eminem vs Irene Cara – I Will Survive Without Eminem (Pimpdaddy Supreme) (214)
Eminem vs Madonna – My Working Vacation (DJ Mei-Lwun) (196)
Eminem vs Many – Guess Who’s Back (DeNeo) (197)
Eminem vs Many – Guess Who’s Back (Radio Edit) (DeNeo) (228)
Eminem vs Marilyn Manson – Tainted Encore (DJ Tripp) (226)
Eminem vs Mr Oizo – The Real Slim Flat Shady Beat (DJ Cactus) (231)
Eminem vs Pantera – Untitled (Frog the Dawg) (187)
Eminem vs Prodigy – The Baby I Am (DJ Cactus) (231)
Eminem vs Sub Sub – Subsubinem (Cheeky Boys) (190)
Eon vs Eminem – Spicencore (DJ Tripp) (208)
Erasure vs Portishead – Breathe Roads (DJ Tripp) (225)
Eric B & Rakim vs Groove Armada & Annie – Follow the Sexy Superstylin’ (DJ Cactus) (232)
Eurythmics vs Avenue D – Don’t Mess With Orgasmatron (Earworm) (225)
Faithless vs Groove Armada – Love Lives Inside My Mind (Prosac) (227)
Fast Lady vs Four Tet – She Moves Quimmen (Mixomatosis) (188)
Fatboy Slim vs The Stooges – Slash 69 (DJ Zebra) (210)
Fats Domino vs Jay B – I Still Love the Beat (DJ Cactus) (231)
FC Kahuna vs TTC – Micro Catalogue (Comar) (217)
Foo Fighters vs Whitney Houston – It’s Not Right Hero (Divide & Kreate) (221)
Foreigner vs Depeche Mode – Urgent (VJ Trip) (211)
Franz Ferdinand vs Missy Elliott – Work It Out 986 (Compact Risk) (227)
Fugees vs Nirvana – Unknown (Soulwax) (207)
Fun Lovin’ Criminals vs Stardust & Kylie Minogie – Slow Criminals (Rolo) (204)
Game vs Snoop Dogg – We Drop It Hot (Immuzikation) (227)
George Michael vs Crystal Method – Gettin’ High With Ron & His Monkey (Roy Batty) (204)
George Michael vs Lyrics Born – I Want That There (Agent Lovelette) (188)
George Michael vs Scissor Sisters – No One Takes Your Freedom (Earworm) (197)
Gomm vs White Stripes – Rejoice the Button (DJ Zebra) (187)
Goran Berogavich vs Adam Freeland – Ye Yant Yor Yole (Dublxero) (211)
Green Day vs Destiny’s Child – Say My Day (Jimmi Jammes) (222)
Green Day vs The Incredible Moses Leroy – When I Come Around the Fuzzy (Immuzikation) (187)
Groove Armada vs Snoop Dogg – Shake It Like It’s Hot (DJ Tripp) (226)
Guns N’ Roses vs Alison Krause & Kanye West – Paradise In the River (Dead Teddy) (197)
Gwen Stefani vs 10cc – I Don’t Like Rich Girls (Torero) (226)
Gwen Stefani vs Britney Spears – Hollaback Slave (Immuzikation) (211)
Gwen Stefani vs Junior Jack – Gwen’s Hype (Dropbass) (208)
Gwen Stefani vs Katana – What You Waiting For (Jille’s Wicked Tribal Shock Mix) (215)
Gwen Stefani vs Nothing To Fear – Nothing To Wait For (Torero) (190)
Gwen Stefani vs Phatt Dog – Is This What Cha Waiting For (Torero) (190)
Gwen Stefani vs Snoop Dogg & ZZ Top – Hot Rich Girl’s Dropped In a Grange (TBP) (228)
Gwen Stefani vs Step Three – A Rich Girl’s Dream (TBP) (228)
Gwen Stefani vs The Pixies – What You La La Love (DJ Godzilla) (223)
Hall & Oates vs Telepopmuzik – I Can’t Breathe, No Can Do (Petey Pauls) (207)
Hanoi Rocks vs Prince – Party Like It’s Up and Around the Dancefloor (Eve Massacre) (226)
Happy Mondays vs Tiga – Kinky In Here (Cheeky Boys) (233)
Hives vs Sisqo – The Thongs Rock, Y ou Whoomp (DJ C Boast) (232)
Information Society vs Benny Bennasi – Pure Love Energy (DJTripp) (218)
INXS vs Hardfloor – INXSperienced (JD Brothers) (190)
J-Kwon vs Beyonce – Tipsy Girl (Happy Girl) (214)
J-Kwon vs Nine Inch Nails – Tipsy Init (DJ Tripp) (219)
Jackson 5 vs Henry Mancini – Blame It On the Streets Of San Francisco (DJ Payroll) (215)
Jackson 5 vs Many Others – Move Girl (DJ Shoe) (194)
Jackson 5 vs Skin, Flesh & Bones – I Want You Back (Protesta) (213)
James Newton Howard vs Clint Mansell – The Unbreakable Voyage (Dark Technology Project) (198)
Janet Jackson vs A Perfect Circle – Sheep Control (Blore73) (196)
Janet Jackson vs Dannii Minogue – Control the Needle On It (DJ br0dy’s Bootleg Remix) (196)
Janet Jackson vs Freq Nasty – Nasty Amp (DJ Tripp) (218)
Janet Jackson vs Pharoahe Monch – Nasty Jimi (Judge Dreadfull) (188)
Ja Rule vs Destiny’s Child – Wonderful Soldier (GX) (219)
Jay-Z vs Fatback Band – Fat Dirt Band (DJ Tiim) (210)
Jay-Z vs Linkin Park & Cake – Numb Phonecore (DJ Tripp) (218)
Jay-Z vs The Verve – Dirt Off Your Bittersweet Shoulder (DJBGC) (223)
Jet vs The Faders – Can’t Stop Being My Girl (Slackjawed Local) (215)
Jet vs Whitney Houston – I Just Wanna Get What You Need (Divide & Kreate) (207)
Jill Scott vs Dr Dre & 2Pac – Golden Love (DJ Tripp) (206)
Joan Jett vs Sex Pistols & Kaye Styles – I Love The Mic (Manriki) (195)
John Hiatt vs Joe Walsh & Don Henley – The Heart Of the Matter Mix (The Geez) (221)
John Irwin – 80’s Mixed Up (229)
John Irwin – Party Mix 2004 (229)
John Irwin – Pop Mix Sept 2002 (229)
John Irwin – Smashed Mix (228)
John Irwin – Smooth & Slick Mix (230)
Johnny Cash vs Craig Armstrong – The Saddest Boot (Drop Fifty One) (230)
Johnny Cash vs Ladytron – The Man Comes Around In Blue Jeans (Cheeky Boys) (229)
Joni Mitchell vs Double Trouble & Rebel MC – Is He a Yankee (Hank Handy) (227)
Joss Stone vs Scissor Sisters – Super Duper Laura (Ver 2) (Mixomatosis) (195)
Junior Boys vs Everything But the Girl – Missing Birthday (Aggro 1) (230)
Jurassic 5 vs Kurtis Blow – Go Go Is Me (Big Fat Frog) (212)
Justin Timberlake vs CJ Bolland – Like I Love You (Best Of the Animals Mix) (Dunproofin’) (227)
Justin Timberlake vs Destiny’s Child – Cry Me a Survivor (Semato) (196)
Kaminsky Experience vs Eric B & Rakim – Soul Exploration (Slackjawed Local) (215)
Kanye West vs Jagged Edge – Let’s Work Out a Marriage (DJcom) (213)
Kanye West vs Junior Senior – The New Workout Plan Groove Mix (DJ Twixta) (224)
Kasabian vs Craig David – 7 Beats (DJ Wig) (219)
Kelis vs Beck – Devil’s Milkshake (DJ Trpp) (218)
Kelis vs Coconut Monkeyrocket – The Fad Trick (DJ Tripp) (229)
Kelis vs Le Tigre – My My Millionaire (Jerver73) (211)
Kelis vs Luther Vandross – Too Much Tricking (DJ Wig) (221)
Kelis vs Tyler James – Why Do I Trick Me (DJcom) (213)
Kevin Spacey vs Blaster – I Rule (Blaster) (211)
Khia vs INXS – Pop Your Pussy Tonight Like It’s Hot (DJcom) (202)
Khia vs Patrick Alavi – Glory Lick (Happy Larry) (214)
Kid Creole & The Coconuts vs The Clipse – Unknown (Grandma Aba) (206)
Killers vs Everything But the Girl – Tracy Was a Friend (DJ Tripp) (192)
Killers vs Stonebridge – Put ‘Em Up Mr (Maccers) (213)
KLF vs Kaye Styles – Watchin’ Me Justified & Ancient (Br0dy) (196)
Korn vs Jay-Z – Please Take Away My Sunshine (Frog the Dawg) (197)
Kylie Minogue vs David Bowie – Let’s Dance Slowly (Pheugoo) (195)
Kyuss vs Kylie Minogue – Kyluss Minogue (Soulwax) (205)
Laibach vs Echo & The Bunnymen – Moonlight Verdict (Nicfit212) (209)
Lauryn Hill vs 2 Black 2 Strong – Burn That Thing (DJ Prince) (228)
Leftfield vs Dizzee Rascal & Alter Ego – Phat Rocker 2 (Rolo) (194)
Lenny Kravitz vs Kelis – My Milkshake Way (Divide & Kreate) (205)
Lil’ Kim vs Diplo & Kraftwerk – Tech-No-Pop Rhythm (Agent Lovelette) (214)
Lil’ Kim vs They Might Be Giants – How Many Licks To Constantinople (DJ Tripp) (218)
Lipps, Inc vs LRD – Funk Your Body (Poj Masta) (190)
Liquid vs Gorillaz – Harmony Comes Today (DJ Cactus Merge) (232)
Lisa vs Limp Bizkit – Swtich Together Now (Mark J) (210)
LL Cool J vs Aretha Franklin – Sprung Steady (Lockdown) (222)
Ludacris vs Duran Duran – Hos On Film (BooDog) (225)
Ludacris vs EMF – Stand Unbelievable (DJ Tripp) (219)
Lumidee vs Snoop Dogg – Never Leave Beautiful (Semato1) (222)
Luther Vandros vs Kelis – Too Much Tricking (DJ Wig) (209)
Macy Gray vs David T Walker – The Breakup Song (Edit) (Bangers & Mash) (219)
Madison Avenue vs Doop – Don’t Call Me Doop (DJ Tripp) (205)
Madonna vs Freestylers – Push Up the Music ( Dirty Old Man) (225)
Madonna vs Girls Of Glass – Frozen (Twinkleboi Roxx Mix) (229)
Madonna vs Radiohead – I Might Be Frozen (Divide & Kreate) (205)
Madonna vs Soft Cell – Madonna On E (Dropbass) (231)
Manfred Mann vs Orbital – Do Wa Betty Plumpy (Pilchard) (220)
Marilyn Manson vs Kanye West – Antichrist Jesus Walks (Blore73) (187)
Marilyn Manson vs Prodigy – Better Of 2 Girls (DJ Tripp) (188)
Marilyn Manson vs Prodigy – Better Of 2 Girls (DJ Tripp) (228)
Marvin Gaye vs The Beatles – You Won’t See You’re All I Need (DJ Nite) (228)
Mashtronic vs NERD – Robodance (Soundhog) (203)
Matt Bianco vs Outkast – Get Out Of Ms Jackson’s Lazy Bed (10000 Spoons) (191)
Micahel Jackson vs Le Tigre – Don’t Stop Till Ya TKO (DJ Tripp) (218)
Michael Jackson vs Atomic Hooligan – Atomic Jackson (Dunproofin’) (209)
Michael Jackson vs Bushwacka – Billie Jean 2002 (White Label) (227)
Michael Jackson vs Erasure – Who Needs Smooth Criminals Like That (DJ Cactus) (232)
Michael Jackson vs Everything But the Girl – I Miss Billy Jean (TIAL) (210)
Michael Jackson vs Kings Of Convienience – I Don’t Know What Bad I Can Save You From (DJ Cactus)
Michael Jackson vs Lightnin’ Jackson – Bad Sport (Mr Shhh) (232)
Michael Jackson vs Trick Daddy – Let’s Go Jacko (DJ 11) (225)
Mick Jagger vs Ludacris – Sweet Thing Stand Up (VJ Trip) (214)
Midnight Oil vs Montell Jordan – This Is How We Burn Beds (DJ Wig) (226)
Mike Oldfield vs Busta Rhymes – Rhymes with Oldfield (Richie) (197)
Missy Elliott vs Black Strobe – Missy’s Italian Firefly (Twinkleboi) (216)
Missy Elliott vs Chemical Borthers – Missy Gonna Work It Out (DJ Tripp) (219)
Missy Elliott vs Depeche Mode – Get Ur Mode On (DJ Tripp) (218)
Missy Elliott vs Four 80 East – Missy Meets Four 80 East (DJ Twixta) (226)
Missy Elliott vs Holly Valance – One Minute Kiss (Bionic Commando) (204)
Missy Elliott vs Prodigy & Sean Paul – Gimme the Poison Man (DJ Wig) (215)
Missy Elliott vs The Cure – Jumpin’ Someone Else’s Freak (DJ Tripp) (218)
Missy Elliott vs Willie Bobo – Pass the Fried Neckbones and Homefries (Twixta) (230)
Moby vs Jet – Are You Gonna Be My Honey (DJ Tripp) (218)
Moby vs Res – Whispering King (DJ Tripp) (218)
Moby vs Scissor Sisters – Laura Honey (DJ Tripp) (218)
Modest Mouse vs 50 Cent – Disco Mouse (DJ BC) (231)
Montell Jordan vs Guns N’ Roses – This Is How We Do It In the Jungle (DJ Tripp) (218)
Nas vs Unknown – Grand-Mix (Frog the Dawg) (220)
Nelly vs Natural Born Chillers – Rock the Funky Grammar (DJ Tripp) (218)
Nena vs Missy Elliott – Get Yer 99 Reds (DJ Tiim) (194)
NERD vs The Beatles – Skelter Star (Soundhog) (191)
New Order vs Gwen Stefani – Waiting For Blue Monday (Andrew) (207)
Nine Inch Nails vs Karaoke – Torn Innit (Dublxero) (204)
Nirvana vs Madonna – Virgin Rape (DJ Tripp) (205)
Nirvana vs Stakker Humanoid & Flying Pickets – Smells Like Humanoid Spirit (DJ Godzilla) (210)
No Doubt vs Destiny’s Child – Hella Good Breath (Thriftshop XL) (197)
No Doubt vs Thrill Kill Cult – Hell On Wheelz (Dinbot) (196)
Notorious BIG vs Unknown – 3x Mix (Frog the Dawg) (220)
Obie Trice vs Art Of Noise – Close To the Teeth (Slackjawed Local) (219)
Obie Trice vs Change – Change Of Teeth (Essex Boy) (215)
Ol’ Dirty Bastard vs The Cure – Shimmy Shimmy Lullaby (Child Of the Breaks) (227)
Opus III vs Felix Da Housecat – A Silver Day Madame (DJ Tripp) (218)
Orbital vs Culture Club – Nothing Stupid (Thriftshop XL) (220)
Orchestral Manoeuvres In the Dark – OMD Megamix (DJ MXR) (222)
Osymyso vs Marvin Gaye & Add N To (X) – It’s Fun Sexual Healing (Aggro 1) (220)
Outkast vs Earth, Wind & Fire – Earth, Wind & Roses (Drop Fifty One) (212)
Outkast vs Folkes Brothers – Carolina Darling, Caroline Bitch (Divide & Kreate) (227)
Outkast vs Justin Timberlake – Bomb Me a River (DJ BGC) (223)
Outkast vs Prodigy – Hey Ride (Dj Tripp) (228)
Outkast vs Queen – Hey We Will Rock Ya (DeNeo Edit Of DJ Prince) (198)
Outkast vs Spandox – Roses To the Club (Twinkleboi) (230)
Oxide & Neutrino vs Gwen Stefani – What You Waiting To Kill (Nukleuz7) (193)
Ozzy Osbourne vs Bee Gees & Neneh Cherry – Staying In Buffalo (Manriki) (210)
Pantera vs George Michael – I Want Your Cowboy Sex (VJ Trip) (194)
Patrick Hernandez vs Usher – Born To Yeah (Manriki) (219)
Patti Labelle vs Republic Of Loose – Marmelade Fuck (DJ Zebra) (195)
Paula Abdul vs Pharrell – Straight Frontin’ (DJ Wig) (194)
Paul van Dyk vs M5 & No Doubt – Forbidden Sanctuary Life (DJ John) (229)
Peaches vs LCD Soundsystem – Peaches Is Rocking At My House (Mixomatosis) (222)
Pharrell vs Ennio Morricone – Frontin’ Cheyenne (Pheugoo) (193)
Pink vs Nirvana – Smells Like a Party (DJ Tripp) (218)
Preacher Rod Parsley vs Unknown Porn Star – Pleasure and Parsley (Monkfish) (210)
Prince vs Rob Base – It Takes Two To Kiss (DJ John) (216)
Prodigy vs Aretha Franklin – Climbin’ Deeper (Club Mix) (Pop Razors) (190)
Prodigy vs Beyonce – Your Baby Boy Love (Khyzer Zuke) (223)
Prodigy vs Michael Jackson – The Prodigy’s Thriller (Rolo) (218)
Prodigy vs Moby & Public Enemy – Make Love Fuck Poison (DJ Tripp) (216)
Public Enemy vs Fatback Band – I Found Lovin’ Not War (Essex Boy) (211)
Pulp vs Stellastarr – Like My Gabi (Immuzikation) (199)
Queen vs Culture Club – We Will Manshake (Manpower) (224)
Queen vs Snap – The Power To Break Free (Pop Razors) (212)
Ready For the World vs Client – Radio Sheila (DJ Tripp) (207)
Redhead Kingpin vs Basement Jaxx – Do the Swank Thing (Ginger Steve) (190)
Republic Of Loose vs Patti Labelle – Fuck You Up In Marmalade (DJ Zebra) (226)
Robert Miles vs Shabba Ranks – Children (DJ John) (230)
Robert Palmer – The Geez’s Robert Palmer Mix (208)
Roots Manuva vs Chemical Brothers – Chico’s Witness (Ginger Steve) (216)
Run DMC vs Killswitch Engage – Run’s House Of Metal (Cabal) (227)
Sade vs Steve Bug – Couldn’t Love a Loverboy 2004 (Bumtschak Bootleg Mix) (187)
Salt-N-Pepa vs 2 Live Crew & Avenue D – Salt-N-Pepa Are No Horny Sluts (Pheugoo) (197)
Salt-N-Pepa vs AC_DC – Push Me All Night Long 2 (VJ Tripp) (226)
Sarah McLachlan vs Enigma – Building An Enigma (Dark Technology Project) (199)
Scissor Sisters vs Madonna – Comfortable Holiday (DJ Tripp) (219)
Scissor Sisters vs The Beatles – No One Takes Your Freedom (Earworm) (228)
Scissor Sister vs Moby – Laura, Honey, Sometimes (Jerver 73) (232)
Scott McKenzie vs LMC & U2 – Take Me To San Francisco (DJ Payroll) (213)
Shaggy vs Panjabi MC – It Wasn’t Te Bach Ke (DJ Cactus Merge) (231)
Shaggy vs The Specials – It Wasn’t Me Bitch (DJ Tripp) (217)
Shannon vs The Rasmus – Let the Shadows Play (Torero) (208)
Sheila E vs Kelis – Glamorous Trick (DJ Tripp) (219)
Sir Mix-A-Lot vs Wings – Baby Got Silly Love Songs (Cheeky Boy) (225)
Sisters Of Mercy vs Beastie Boys & Gwen Stefani – Brothers Of Mercy (Lockdown) (209)
Snap vs Destiny’s Child – I’ve Got the Soldier (DJ Wig) (209)
Snoop Dogg vs Beastie Boys – Drop It Like Paul Revere (LockDown) (195)
Snoop Dogg vs Ciara – My Gin and Juice (Immuzikation) (202)
Snoop Dogg vs Dr Dre – Next Delight (Silas) (194)
Snoop Dogg vs Gert Biggun – Drop Biggun (Stoned Fish) (193)
Snoop Dogg vs Janet Jackson – Drop It Janet’s Hot (Softlord DJ) (191)
Snoop Dogg vs Jimi Hendrix – Drop It Like It’s Hendrix (DJ Mei-Lwun) (197)
Sonz Of a Loop De Loop Era vs Vanilla Ice – Sonz Of a Vanilla Ice Era (Lex) (202)
Spider Murphy Gang vs Kelis & Andre 3000 – Skandal Um Millionaire (Jerver73) (213)
Starsailor vs Daft Punk – Four Around The Floor (2005 Remix) (Happy Larry) (214)
Steve Hurley vs Tone Loc – Jack Your Medina (10000 Spoons) (228)
Streets vs Bjork – Street Poetry (Mixomatosis) (202)
Strokes vs DJ Nu-Mark – This Is the Shit (Immuzikation) (217)
Sunshine Anderson vs Robin S – Seen It All Before (DJ Tripp) (205)
Survivor vs Ini Kamoze – Here Comes the Eye Of the Tiger (DJ Payroll) (215)
Survivor vs Sir Mix-A-Lot – Eye Like Big Tiger Butts (Jaapblaatschaap) (192)
System 7 vs Man 2 Man – High Plains Stripper (Phil N’ Dog) (223)
System 7 vs Man 2 Man – High Plains Stripper (Rezzed Mix) (Phil N’ Dog) (223)
Temptations vs Aerosmith – My Girl Walks This Way (Voicedude) (187)
Tesla vs DMX – No Love Cumin’ Atcha (Phunkula) (223)
Thalia vs White Stripes – Real and Biscuit (Jimmi Jammes) (214)
Thastrom vs Prodigy – Karesion (DJ Cactus) (232)
They Might Be Giants vs Adam Freeland – Soul Siftin’ (Bob Barker) (195)
Tiga vs Tommy Vee – Hot In Aadizookaanag (Funky Andy) (187)
Tom Jones vs Kaye Styles – Give Me the Unusual (DJ Tiim) (194)
Tom Neville vs The Ones – Flawless Fuck (DJ Wig) (196)
Tom Neville vs Wildchild – No Swearin’ (DJ Wig) (192)
Tori Amos vs Beastie Boys – Beasties Caught a Sneeze (Aggressive1) (207)
Tosca vs Sister Nancy, Portishead & Jimi Tenor – Fuckdubthemesaxbam (DJ Cactus) (232)
Twista vs Michael Jackson – Overnight Criminal (DJcom) (198)
Twista vs Trick Daddy – Tricky Twista (DJcom) (209)
Underworld vs Blur – Cowgirls & Boys (DJ Tripp) (219)
Usher vs Destiny’s Child – Bug-A-Boo-Burn (DJcom) (209)
Usher vs Shapeshifters – Usher’s Theme (Bounce 71) (216)
Utah Saints vs U2 – New Year’s Vagueness (DJ Tripp) (188)
Was Not Was vs Black Box – Walk Your Crazy Strikin’ Dancin’ Body (TBP) (211)
Weezer vs Tone Loc – Wild Hashpipe (Emil) (187)
Weezer vs Tone Loc – Wild Hashpipe (emiL) (220)
White Stripes vs Gang Of Four – My Ditched a Corn (Jerver73) (222)
Xentrix vs Kelis – Milkshake Busters (Manriki Re-Mash) (204)
Yaz vs Britney Spears – Go Toxic (DJ Tripp) (218)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs vs International Pony – Date Of the Nite (Immuzikation) (191)
Zutons vs Beastie Boys – Pressure’s Whatcha Want (Thriftshop XL) (197)
ZZ Top vs Pink – Sharp Dressed Party (Divide & Kreate) (210)
50 Cent vs Ashanit & MC 900 Ft Jesus – Ashanti Sleeps With Many Men (Lockdown) (243)
50 Cent vs Breakwater – Disco Beast (Agent Lovelette) (248)
50 Cent vs Carly Simon – Birthday In Da Club (DJ BC) (247)
50 Cent vs Lady and the Tramp – Siamese Candy (CHAOS Productions) (269)
50 Cent vs Ramones – Sedated Disco (DJ Tripp) (240)
50 Cent vs The Trammps – Disco Inferno (Aber N Stein) (244)
Aaliyah vs Idris Muhammad – Rock Yourself (Bangers & Mash) (264)
Aaliyah vs Roni Size & Cypress Hill – Somebody Of the Wild West (Dunproofin’) (274)
AC_DC vs Les Rythmes Digitales – Thunderstruck Your Body (DJ John) (235)
Adam Ant vs Calexico – Me and the Fake Prince (Eve Massacre) (233)
Allman Brothers Band vs Naughty By Nature & Jackson 5 – ABC+OPP (Lenlow) (237)
Altamira – The Hotstepper Editmix (265)
Ambidextrous vs Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Amby (Unknown) (256)
Anaya Day vs Vanity 6 – Nasssty Girl (Quattro Mix) (Bangers & Mash) (249)
Annie Lennox vs Rush – Annie Rush (1st Version) (GHP) (249)
Aphex Twin vs Shaggy – It Wasn’t Alberto Balsam (Drop Fifty One) (265)
Beastie Boys vs All Saints – Pure Body Movin’ (DJ C Boast) (244)
Beastie Boys vs Beatles – Beastles Zebramix (DJ Zebra vs DJ BC) (235)
Beastie Boys vs Big Barney – Pass The Whole Thing (Chefkoch) (247)
Beastie Boys vs Daft Punk – Intergalactic Funk (Prosac) (260)
Beastie Boys vs Dave Clarke – Blue Right Now (Prosac) (263)
Beastie Boys vs De-Phazz – Triple Depression (Essexboy) (248)
Beastie Boys vs De-Phazz – Triple Depression (Updated Ver) (Essexboy) (253)
Beastie Boys vs Fatboy Slim – Body Movin’ (The Overweight Mix) (Johmbolaya) (253)
Beastie Boys vs Fatboy Slim – Build a Song (Prosac) (261)
Beastie Boys vs Jam & Spoon – Bianche Le NYC (Prosac) (263)
Beastie Boys vs Linkin Park – Body Movin Forgot To Be Good To Me (Aggro1) (255)
Beastie Boys vs Nirvana & More – Beastie Boys vs Everyone (Sam Flanagan) (264)
Beastie Boys vs Slipknot – The Sure Shot Exists (Aggro1) (236)
Beat-Nick – Rock Mix (269)
Beatles vs Christina Aguilera – Bootiful Prudence (Autopilot) (272)
Beatles vs Red Hot Chili Peppers – Let It Be Under the Bridge (Alex H) (244)
Beatles vs The Cure – Lovetax (Team9) (239)
Beats International vs The Who – Good Generation (Bangers & Mash) (271)
Beck vs AC_DC & Michael Jackson – Screaming Pro In Hell (Team 9) (239)
Beck vs Beastie Boys – Pro Whatcha Want (Aggro1) (261)
Beck vs Missy Elliott – Farewell Freak Ride (Aggro1) (240)
Beck vs Tears For Fears – Shout Hell Yes (v3) (Aggro1) (240)
Belinda Carlisle vs Kelis – Heaven Is a Milkshake (Last Note) (235)
Belinda Carlisle vs Teddybears – Belinda the Punkrocker (Divide & Kreate) (233)
Bentley Rhythm Ace vs Ini Kamoze – Not Steppa (Alex H) (270)
Beyonce vs Cirrus – Naughy Girl’s Boomerang (DJ Twixta) (243)
Beyonce vs Unknown – Devil Girl (Agent Lovelette) (235)
Billy Joel vs Jay-Z – Big Shot Pimpin’ (Brat) (237)
Biz Markie vs Audio Bullys – Jigga’s Going Loco (Aero Zeppelin) (244)
Bjork vs Bomb the Bass – Bomb the Bjork (Roy Batty) (261)
Bjork vs Chk Chk Chk & Smokey Robinson – Bjorks Hidden Smokey Galang (Expanded) (Aggro1) (271)
Bjork vs Ozric Tentacles – Hidden Tentacles (Gingersteve) (262)
Black Sabbath vs Lisa B – Lisa Is Paranoid (Divide & Kreate) (244)
Blu Cantrell vs The Verve – Hit ‘Em Up Symphony (Child Of the Breaks) (250)
Bob Dylan vs Air – Mike’s Blowin’ In the Wind (Team 9) (239)
Bob Dylan vs Eddie Hazel – Blind Wille’s McMaggot Brain (Jamie) (242)
Bolero vs Ursula 1000 – Clapstero (Pilchard) (254)
Boy Meets Girl vs Big Bad Baz – Waiting For a Star (Digital Punkz) (247)
Britney Spears vs Christina Milian – All Day Slave (Akimeder) (267)
Britney Spears vs Prodigy & Enya – Do Somethin’ With Gary G (WIP) (DeNeo) (248)
Britney Spears vs The O’Jays – Backstab Me One More Time (GHP) (235)
BRMC vs Mousse T – We’re All Horny (Team 9) (239)
Bubba Sparxxx vs Groove Armada & Blue States – Ugly Mountain (Rolo) (237)
Bud the Weiser – Cheesemix (245)
Bud the Weiser – Cheesymash (245)
Cake vs Flying Lizards – What I Want Lizard Cake (Autopilot) (262)
Cameo vs RD Burnman – Word Up Bollywood (DJ Prince) (268)
Cheeky Boy – 15 Minutes Of Cheek (250)
Cheeky Boy – 15 Minutes Of Cheek, Pt 2 (255)
Chemical Brothers vs Ace Of Base – Cruel Shake Summer Break (Solcofn) (235)
Chemical Brothers vs Jeans Team & Adina Howard – Keine Beats Danke (Lionel Vinyl) (253)
Chemical Brothers vs Survivor – Galvanize the Tiger (Mixomatosis) (260)
Chicks On Speed vs New Order – Bluro Tras Girl (Little Pixel) (264)
Chieftans vs NWA – Compton’s ‘N’ Tha Dingle (Mr Fab) (250)
Chris Cagle vs Vanilla Ice – Caglenilla (That Is Correct) (237)
Christina Milian vs Ratatat – The Seventeen Dip (Agent Lovelette) (238)
Chromeo vs Ini Kamoze – Hotstepper Mix (Drop Fifty One) (250)
Ciara vs Stooges – Dirty Goodies (Version 2) (Chefkoch) (242)
Coolio vs Outkast – Electric Bus Ride (Frog the Dawg) (262)
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young vs Tony Rebel – Teach (DJ BC) (246)
Crowded House vs Information Society – Something On My Mind (Brat Mix) (265)
Culture Beat vs Christina Aguilera – Dirty Mr Vain (DJ Wig) (234)
Cure vs Ashanti – Only a Lullaby (Team 9) (270)
Cure vs The Killers – Cure Killers (Tim G) (251)
Cypress Hill vs Ravelles – Elephants On Parade (Alex H) (253)
Daft Punk vs LCD Soundsystem – Daft Punk is Playing at My House (Ryan Durkin) (246)
Dandy Warhols vs Eurythmics – Feel Like Touching a Horny 17 Year Old (Big Bad Baz) (257)
Dannii Minogue vs Dead Or Alive – Begin To Spin Me Around (Extended) (Unknown) (253)
Dannii Minogue vs Dead Or Alive – Begin To Spin Me Around (Unknown) (255)
Dashboard Confessional vs Brand New Heavies – Quiet Screaming (Legion Of Doom) (234)
Dave Matthews Band vs Nelly Furtado – Powerless American Baby (Aggro1) (254)
David Bowie vs Snoop Dog & Dr Dre – Starman’s Next Episode (Digital Punkz) (240)
David Essex vs Firesuite – Essex Doves (GHP) (234)
DD Fitzki – Untitled WIP Mix (Ver 1) (256)
Death From Above 1979 vs Beastie Boys – Movin’ It Out (Aggro1) (255)
Death In Vegas vs Tears For Fears – Shout In Vegas (Team9) (239)
Dee-Lite vs Petra Hayden – I Love Disco and I Hear It’s Making a Comeback (DJ Paul V) (261)
De La Soul vs Eminem – Without Me Myself and I (Samtje) (262)
De La Soul vs Kasabian – Processed Ring (DJ Zebra) (251)
Depeche Mode vs The Bravery – Honest Loss (DJ Tripp) (267)
Destiny’s Child vs Chemical Brothers – Breathalize (Agent Lovelette) (245)
Destiny’s Child vs Christophe – Les Soldier Bleus (Sebwax) (252)
Destiny’s Child vs Dr Dre – Forgot About Loosing My Breath (DJ Hobin) (238)
Dire Straits vs Azzido Da Bass – Doom For Nothing (Ver2) (Lectrolux) (255)
Dire Straits vs The Grid – Swamp For Nothing (DJ MXR) (250)
Dire Straits vs Unknown – Money For Nothing (Queep) (265)
Dizzee Rascal vs King Prawn – Stand Up Bitter (Tim G) (252)
Dizzee Rascal vs Lethal B – 1,2 Step Fix Up and Stand Up Forward Riddim (DJ C Boast) (263)
DJ MXR – Pet Shop Boys Megamix (245)
DJ MXR – Queen Megamix (249)
DJ Paul V – Let Rosemary Rock Him (260)
DJ Shadow vs Jay-Z – Public Service Medley (DJ Anton) (234)
DJ Tiim – 10 Minutes Of Fun (268)
DJ Tiim – 17 Minute Smooth Simple Mash (272)
DJ Zebra – Beck Zebramix (258)
DJ Zebra – Chemical Brothers Zebramix (258)
DJ Zebra – Garbage Zebramix (258)
DJ Zebra – Green Day Zebramix (260)
DJ Zebra – Queens Of the Stone Age Zebramix (258)
DJ Zebra – U2 Zebramix (260)
Dolly Parton vs Unknown – Stairway To Bootleg Heaven (DJ Earworm) (235)
Doors vs Carganoid – There’s the Doorzzzz (Pop Razors) (255)
Drop Fifty One – 10 Minute DJ Shadow Mix (269)
Dropfiftyone – Sunday Mix (263)
Dr Phibes vs Chemical Brothers – Don’t Hold Back the Story (Manriki) (238)
Duran Duran vs Beastie Boys – Nowtorious (Mixomatosis) (244)
Duran Duran vs Destiny’s Child – Undone Soldier (Team 9) (259)
Duran Duran vs Prince – Pray For Pop (Roy Batty) (244)
Duran Duran vs Whitney Houston – All Whitney Wants Is (Team 9) (260)
Dusty Springfield vs Esquivel – Pea Cha Cha Cha Track (Pilchard) (264)
Dusty Springfield vs Robbie Williams & Britney – The Look Of Love (Pilchard) (270)
Eat Static vs Mark Morrison – Abduction & Return (Dunproofin’) (236)
Edwin Starr vs Breakwater & Daft Punk – Robot Wars (Release the Beast) (Pheugoo) (266)
Elastica vs Mya ft Missy Elliott – Love Is Never Here (McSleazy Bootleg) (252)
Electrica Salsa vs Lessons In Love & Los Ninos del Parque – Los Ninos Love Salsa (DJ MXR) (261)
Elvis Costello vs Alicia Keys – No Name Army (Team9) (240)
Elvis Costello vs The Police – Wrapped Detective (Full Version) (GHP) (249)
Eminem vs Dave Matthews Band – American Business (Smittay) (256)
Eminem vs Ja Rule – New York Soldiers (DJ Flash) (237)
Eminem vs Ja Rule – New York Soldiers (Extended Ver) (DJ Flash) (236)
Eminem vs Jesse Cook- The Spanish Slim Shady (DJ Chomps) (250)
Eminem vs The Clash – Just Lose the Casbah (Aero Zeppelin) (244)
Eric B & Rakim vs Lotus – Suitcase Full of Soul (Spinjunkies) (247)
Eric Clapton vs Duran Duran – Cocaine Lines (Mr Wig vs Atom) (262)
Europe vs The Killers – Somebodies Countdown (Lionel Vinyl) (254)
Eurythmics vs Shannon – Let the Sweet Dreams Play (12” Extended Remix) (Arcade 2600) (265)
Eurythmics vs Shannon – Let the Sweet Dreams Play (Radio Edit) (Arcade 2600) (265)
Eurythmics vs Technotronic – Get Your Bootie On the Floor Tonite (Johnny Bootleg) (259)
Faithless vs Vanilla Ice – Ice Destruction (Prosac) (261)
Fatboy Slim vs Sloy – Gangsta Pop (DJ Zebra) (252)
Fatboy Slim vs The Vines & Michael Jackson – The Kalifornia Ride Is a Thriller Situation (DJ Joh
Fischerspooner vs Felix Da Housecat & Harry Nilsson) – Just Let Go In LA (DJ Earworm) (249)
Fischerspooner vs Harry Nilsson – Just Let Go In LA (Earworm) (243)
Fischerspooner vs Scissor Sisters – No One Takes Your Freedom (DJ Earworm) (262)
Fischerspooner vs Scissor Sisters – We Need a Filthy War (DJ Earworm) (272)
Foo Fighters vs Tears For Fears – Let’s Shout At Actors (Big Bad Baz) (254)
Franz Ferdinand vs Pink Floyd – Pink Ferdinand (Alex H) (264)
Game vs Paul van Dyk – Rodney O’s 808 Drum Track (DJ John) (252)
Game vs The Monstars Theme – We Do Hit ‘Em High (JD Bootlegs) (269)
George Benson vs Unknown – Gimme the Jazz (Bangers & Mash) (249)
George Michael vs Talib Kweli – Faith In Love (DJ BC) (269)
Gerald A vs Katie Enlow – P-Funk Is Playing At My House (DJ Riko) (251)
Glen Campbell vs Krafty Kuts – Rhinestone Cowboy (Pilchard) (265)
Go Home Productions – Sunlighter (274)
Gold Chain vs Sonic Youth & Nena – Rock the Beacon Sister Cowboy (Eve Massacre) (272)
Gorillaz vs Killers – Somebody Told Me Feel Good (Aggro1) (263)
Gorillaz vs Roots Manuva – Gorilla Manuvaz (Audio Shrapnel) (233)
Graham Coxon vs Belinda Carlisle – Belinda’s Freakin’ Out (Team9) (239)
Grandmaster Flash vs Black Eyed Peas – Don’t Push Me I’m Retarded (DJcom) (235)
Grandmaster Flash vs Black Eyed Peas – Don’t Push Me I’m Retarded (DJcom) (237)
Grandmaster Flash vs Mr Scruff – Scruffy Message (Ginger Steve) (250)
Grand Popo Football Club vs TTC – TTC Are Not Nice Guys (Comar) (240)
Green Day vs Les Rhythm Digitales – Jackin’ Whatsername (DJ Shiddy) (242)
Green Day vs Opus III – It’s a Fine Holiday (Divide & Kreate) (265)
Gwen Stefani vs 10cc – I Don’t Like Rich Girls (TBP) (236)
Gwen Stefani vs Cameo – Hollaback Up (Zax Radio Edit) (256)
Gwen Stefani vs Khia – Holla Back Robot (Fidelski) (272)
Gwen Stefani vs Many – Hollaaa (Sidney Looper) (273)
Gwen Stefani vs Queen – Hola Back Queen (Fidelski) (272)
Gwen Stefani vs Tiga – White Linen Girl (Twinkleboi Rich Mix) (248)
Gwen Stefani vs Toni Basil – Holla Back Mickey (Fidelski) (272)
Gwen Stefani vs Will Smith – The Switch Is Bananas (Shawn Tempesta) (274)
Hashim vs Stevie Wonder & Mya – City Livin’ (Dr Fuzz) (264)
Heart vs Elton John & Tears For Fears – Heart Mashy Thing (Aggro1) (255)
Hevia vs Roxanne Shante – Bagpipes ‘N’ Breakdancing (Mr Fab) (250)
Hives vs Christina Aguilera – Two Timing Genie (v2) (Mixomatosis) (251)
INXS vs Sean Paul – Get Busy Tonight (DJ Wig) (272)
Iron & Wine vs Alicia Keys – You Don’t Know Woman King (Aggro1) (263)
Jackson 5 vs Robbie Williams – Never Can Say Millennium (Jimmi Jammes) (256)
Jackson 5 vs Wu-Tang Clan – I Want Ur Fat Beat Back (Drunken Donut) (272)
James Brown vs Abba – Dancing Queen Machine (Gingersteve) (267)
Janet Jackson vs Kool & The Gang & Chic – Don’t Stop (Bangers & Mash) (244)
Janet Jackson vs Rolling Stones – Satisfy Nasty Girls (Child Of the Breaks) (263)
Janis Joplin vs Beck – Mercedes Beck (Lenlow) (259)
Jay-Z vs AC_DC – Thund99r Struck (Child Of the Breaks) (260)
Jay-Z vs Four Tops – Jigga’s Going Loco (Aero Zeppelin) (244)
Jay-Z vs Phish – 99 Momas (DJ Riscbased) (251)
Jay-Z vs Sweet – Encore Blitz (DJ Tripp) (241)
Jay-Z vs The Who – Jigga Who (Spinjunkies Maximum Rock-N-Roll Remix) (241)
Jay-Z vs Unknown – Encore the Bomb (Promo Version) (DJ Spenny) (238)
Jay-Z vs Ween – Homo Service Announcement (WXM) (264)
Jay-Z vs Ween – Voodoo Clothes (WXM) (264)
Jem vs Monsta Boy – They (Franz Marzipan’s UK Garage Mix) (269)
Jet vs The Faders – Can’t Stop Being My Girl (v2) (Slackjawed Local) (233)
Jimi Hendrix vs Jimi Hendrix – Here He Comes To the Red House (Jimmi Jammes) (259)
Joan Jett vs Queen – We Will Rock and Roll You (DJ Matt Hite Bootleg Mix) (248)
Jungle Brothers vs Plump DJ’s – I’ll Break House (DJ Wig) (264)
Jungle Brothes vs Ray Charles – Jungle Brothers Say What (DJ BC) (241)
Justin Timberlake vs Usher – Yeah Signs (Tony Kenyon) (274)
Kaiser Chiefs vs Lil’ Jon – Lil’ Kaiser Riot (Random J) (265)
Kaminsky Experience vs Eric B & Rakim – Soul Exploration (v2) (Slackjawed Local) (233)
Kasabian vs Chemical Brothers – Chemical Feet (DJ Tripp) (254)
Kasabian vs Primal Scream – Loaded SF (Oli) (272)
Kasabian vs Whitney Houston – Emotional Treason (Team9) (240)
Kasabia vs Primal Scream – Loaded SF (Oli) (265)
Katie Enlow vs The Roots & The Beatles – A Little Thought (Lenlow) (248)
Keane vs Paul McCartney & Will Smith – Let Keane In (FaultSide) (247)
Kelis vs Iron & Wine – Massive Winter Trick (Downlowtooslow) (260)
Killers vs Corey Hart – Somebody Told Me (Team 9) (240)
Killers vs Ferry Corsten – Somebody Told Me To Rock (Cropstar) (261)
Kool Shen & 4 My People vs Priscilla – Untitled (Sebwax) (248)
Kraftwerk vs Shannon – Music Popping After Dark (Team 9) (239)
L’Trimm vs Gary Numan & The Beatles – My Other Car Is a Beatle (CHAOS Productions) (268)
Lady Sov vs Hyper & Dylan Rhymes – Rnd (Dunproofin’) (267)
Led Zeppelin vs Martha Reeves & Mos Def – Hot Breaker (DJ BC) (257)
Lemon Jelly vs Destiny’s Child – Jelly Breath (Team9) (239)
Lemon Jelly vs Ice-T – Shouty Nightmare (DJ Riko) (269)
Lemon Jelly vs Janet Jackson – In the Bath For Me Lately (Aggro1) (256)
Lil’ Jon vs Groove Collective – Get Low People (DJ Twixta) (265)
Limp Bizkit vs Black Sabbath – Rollin’ Paranoid (Dropbass) (246)
Limp Bizkit vs Ground Force – Gardening With Angst (Remastered) (Dr Fuzz) (250)
Lorna vs Hithouse – Papi Chulo To the Rhythm Of the Beat (DJ Cactus) (236)
Louis XIV vs Lil’ Wayne – Finding Out the DJ Is Blind (DJ Mei-Lwun) (240)
Louis XIV vs The Knack – Finding Out Sharona Is Blind (Party Ben) (238)
Lou Reed vs Foxy Brown – Wild Side Mix (Frog the Dawg) (262)
Luthor Vandross vs Usher – Yeah To Much (DJ Hobin) (233)
M83 vs Miss Kittin – Requiem For a Flame (Dopplebanger) (253)
Madonna vs Britney Spears – Toxic Music (Drop 51) (269)
Madonna vs Jamiroquai – Beautiful Underground (v2) (Dr Fuzz) (243)
Madonna vs Unknown – Lift Me Up Hollywood (DJ Tripp) (262)
Manic Street Preachers vs Nina Sky – Richard Nixon Loves Your Body (Team 9) (240)
Manronix vs Jay-Z – Listen To the Problems (Drop 51) (251)
Marilyn Manson vs Goldfrapp – This Is the New Shit (274)
Mark Ronson vs The Rapture – House Of Jealous Ronsons (DJ Godzilla) (248)
Maroon 5 vs Atari Teenage Riot – This Love Mask Disaster (Aggro1) (262)
Maroon 5 vs A Tribe Called Quest – This Tour (Brat Mix) (235)
Maroon 5 vs Coolio & Stevie Wonder – Gangsta’s Pastime Love (DJ Tripp) (267)
Maroon 5 vs Kelis – Get Along With This Love (Semato1) (256)
Maroon 5 vs Mr Oizo & Blur – This Flat Love Song (Torero) (233)
Martha Reeves & The Vandellas vs Ming+FS – Suicides, Fish Eyes and Heatwaves (Aggro1) (261)
Martha Reeves vs Wings & Pink Floyd – One Of These Heatwaves (CCC) (256)
Marvin Gaye vs Amazing Grace – Let’s Get Amazing (Aggro1) (255)
Marvin Gaye vs Black Grape – Shake Your Grapes (CCC) (251)
Marvin Gaye vs Crowded House – Let’s Get It Over (Voicedude) (250)
Marvin Gaye vs Radiohead – Sexual High (GHP) (235)
Marvin Gaye vs Salmonella Dub – Let’s Push It On (Bangers & Mash) (262)
Marvin Gaye vs Tyrone Bunson – I Heard It Through the Smurf (DJcom) (248)
Mary J Blige vs Mis-Teeq – One Night Affair (Jaymar) (252)
Matthew Good vs Four Tops – Weapon In the Shadows Of Love (FaultSide) (274)
Metallica vs Beatles – For No Horsemen (Take 3) (MP3J) (244)
MIA vs Bjork – Bachelorette Fire (Aggro1) (236)
MIA vs Gloria Gaynor – Who Is Going To Find the Pot Party (DJ BC) (261)
MIA vs Little Computer People – Bucky Done Gone Electro (King Of Pants) (274)
MIA vs Vengaboys – Bucky Done Boom Boom (King Of Pants) (274)
MIA vs Xerox – Galangrox (Detboyear) (268)
Michael Gray vs Khia – I Can’t Wait For My Weekend Pussy To Begin (Twinkleboi) (271)
Michael Jackson vs Billy J Kramer – Little Children (Remix) (John Irwin) (248)
Michael Jackson vs Billy J Kramer – Michael’s Little Children (Excelents) (248)
Michael Jackson vs Joe Loss – Stripper Jackson (DJ No No) (266)
Michael Jackson vs Korn – Yall Want a Bad Single (Aggro1) (270)
Michael Jackson vs Ministry – Just One Jackson (Roy Batty) (238)
Michael Jackson vs Pink Floyd – Just One Jackson (v2) (Roy Batty) (243)
Michael Jackson vs Pink Floyd – Rock You Numb (Cheeky Boy) (248)
Michael Jackson vs Snoop Dogg & J-Kwon – They Don’t Really Drop It Like It’s Tipsy (DJ C Boast)
Michael Jackson vs The Banderas & Tameka Star – You Rock My Life In Circles (Funkmaster Lance) (
Michael Jackson vs The Charlatans – Billie Weirdo (McSleazy Remix) (249)
Ministry vs Nas – Made You Dead (Lockdown) (237)
Missy Elliott vs Backini – Dutch Pyramid (Undomesticated Urban Princess) (237)
Missy Elliott vs Bomb the Bass – One Minute Megablast (Camila the Horse) (236)
Missy Elliott vs My Bloody Valentine – Missy Knows When To Wake Up (Slackjawed Local) (233)
Missy Elliott vs Orchestral Manoeuvres In the Dark – Can’t Stand the Crush (Slackjawed Local) (2
Missy Elliott vs Soul II Soul – How Ever Do You Work It (Soobrosa) (269)
Missy Elliott vs Sub Focus – Get Yer Freak Ray On (DJ TiiM Redux) (261)
Moby vs Londonbeat – Thinkin’ ‘Bout Lifting You (DJ Tripp) (250)
Moguai vs Toots & The Maytals – U Know My Number (v2) (Slackjawed Local) (234)
Mylo vs Kasabian & Beastie Boys – Drop the Club Life (Cheeky Boys) (268)
Mylo vs Limp Bizkit – Need To Getcha Groove On Tonite (DJ Tiim) (238)
Mystikal vs James Bond – A Watch Track (Pilchard) (262)
Nancy Sinatra vs Krafty Kuts – Chattanooga Tube Eggs Remix (Pilchard) (262)
Nancy Sinatra vs Lee Hazlewood – Lonesome Me (Pilchard) (266)
Nelly vs Dubmood & Stalker – Number One Chip (MashKarl) (253)
Nelly vs Jojo & Others – Love Dilemma (Semato1) (274)
NERD vs Timo Maas – Lap Dance Welcome (Dunproofin’) (256)
Nikka Costa vs Lenny Kravitz – Till I Get an American Woman (Pheugoo) (272)
Nikka Costa vs Prince – Feather ‘O’ Times (Pheugoo) (244)
Nina Sky vs Richard Marx & More – Move 2 Hazard (Agent Lovelette) (267)
Nine Inch Nails vs Art Of Noise – Closer (To The Editor) (Audiodile) (273)
Nirvana vs Sean Paul – Smells Like Your Money (Semato1) (270)
Nitro Deluxe vs Kylie Minogue – Brutally Slow (10000 Spoons) (235)
Notorious BIG vs Rip Jazz – A Touch Nasty (Disco Lemonade) (242)
Obie Trice vs Art Of Noise – Close To the Teeth (v2) (Slackjawed Local) (233)
Obie Trice vs Split Enz – Mistaken Teeth (Bangers & Mash) (264)
Ol’ Dirty Bastard vs Donald Byrd – Baby I Got Ya Money (Child Of the Breaks) (247)
Outkast vs Bloc Party – Bombs Over a Baghdad Banquet (One Dead Soul) (235)
Outkast vs Grateful Dead – West Jackson Fadeaway (Spinjunkies) (242)
Outkast vs Kelis – Bomb the Millionaire (DJcom) (238)
Paul Simon vs Ciara – This Is One 2 Work Your Bodyguard (v2) (Cry On My Console) (233)
Perez Prado vs Janis Joplin – Cherry Pink Mercedes (DJ Prince) (245)
Petey Pablo vs The JB’s – Vibrate the Do (Child Of the Breaks) (243)
Pet Shop Boys vs Corey Hart – West End Sunglasses (Mach 2 Remix) (255)
Phish vs Jay-Z – 99 Problems (Spinjunkies Underminding Remix) (242)
Pink vs Skeewif – There You Go Dave (Essex Boy) (249)
Placebo vs Missy Elliott – Pure Freaky (Downloadtooslow) (251)
Plump DJ’s vs US3 – Pushin’ Cantaloop (Goatcaca) (267)
Pogues vs Run DMC & The Dubliners – It’s Whiskey (Mr Fab) (251)
Prince vs Hanoi Rocks – Party Like It’s Up And Around the Dancefloor (Eve Massacre) (233)
Prodigy vs Alicia Keys and Neneh Cherry – My Buffalo’s Got a Baby’s Name (Aggro1) (267)
Prodigy vs Destiny’s Child – Lose My Spitfire (Eamezey) (245)
Prodigy vs Hives – Hate To Smack My Bitch Up 2005 (DJ Tripp Re-Mash Of Party Ben) (239)
Prodigy vs Justin Timberlake – Like I Love Fires (Downloadtooslow) (251)
Prodigy vs Koma & Bones – Wind It Back (HalfArsedBeats) (240)
Prodigy vs Wham & Others – Whambalaya (Pilchard) (267)
Q-Tip vs Jamiroquai – Breathe, Stop And Go Deeper Underground (DJ C Boast) (248)
Queasy Rider – More Booty (263)
Queen vs Kia – All We Need Is Radio Khia (PPM) (251)
Queen vs Tiga – I Want To Break In Here (DJcom) (250)
Radiohead vs The Streets & Moby – Blinded By the Gloaming (Mixomatosis) (270)
Rick James vs Prince – Superfreak 1999 (DJ C Boast) (269)
RL Burnside vs Michael Jackson – Let My Baby Scream (Aggro1) (255)
Robert Palmer vs Dizzee Rascal – Fix Up, Look Addicted (Slackjawed Local) (274)
Rolling Stones vs Biz Markie – Can’t You Hear Biz Knocking (DJ BC) (261)
Rolling Stones vs Gwen Stefani – I’m Waiting For Satisfaction (Mixomatosis) (252)
Roots Manuva vs Miles Davis – Witness (Drop Fifty One) (235)
Rubin Steiner vs Roots Manuca – Colderation (Comar) (268)
Run DMC vs White Stripes – It’s Like the Hardest Bootleg To Button (One Dead Soul) (235)
Sade vs Beastie Boys – Paradise Planetary (Wath68) (244)
Sarah McLachlan vs Boxcar Racer – Boxcar Silence (Munkychops) (238)
Scissor Sisters vs Alter Ego – Filthy Gorgeous Rocker (DJ Payroll) (233)
Scissor Sisters vs Elton John – Weekend Alright Take Your Mama Out (TBP) (238)
Seal vs The Beatles – Get Eleanor (Alex H) (253)
Shannon vs The Rolling Stones – Shannon Stone (GHP) (234)
Sharam Jay vs Beastie Boys – Open Letter To Nobody (Lionel Vinyl) (257)
Smashing Pumpkins vs Afrika Bambaata – Smashing Planets (Dj Mei-Lwun) (243)
Smokey Robinson vs Maroon 5 – Don’t Look For Those 5 Seconds Of Emotional Love (Corporation) (26
Snoop Dogg vs Ray Parker, Jr – Drop It Like It’s Been Slimed (All Apologies) (237)
Soulwax vs Michael Jackson – SmooTalking (Manriki) (267)
Spoon vs Joe & Mark Morrison – Spoon Mark Joe (Aggro1) (271)
Steely Dan vs Jungle Brothers – Wat U Waitin’ 4 Peg (DJ Prince) (252)
Steve Miller Band vs Daft Punk – Abradafunk (Lowman) (244)
Stevie Wonder vs Bob Marley – Uptight Jamming (Corporation) (252)
Stevie Wonder vs The Clash – Casbah Wonder (Dunproofin’) (246)
Stevie Wonder vs The Clash – Casbah Wonder (Dunproofin’) (263)
Stevie Wonder vs The Killers & Rolling Stones – Uptight Killer (GHP) (268)
Stonebridge vs Coldplay – High Time (Team9) (239)
Strokes vs Chemical Brothers – The Modern Surface (Lockdown) (257)
Studio B vs Stetsasonic – I See Jazz Mag Girls (DJ Tiim) (267)
Subliminal vs Clipse – When’s the Last Time You Spoke Hebrew (DJ Chomps) (251)
Suede vs Ashanti – Beautiful & Foolish (Dunproofin’) (243)
Supertramp vs Jackson 5 & Beach Boys – CBA (Team 9) (253)
Survivor vs Chemical Brothers – Galvanize the Eye Of the Tiger (DJ Prince) (262)
Suzanne Vega vs Lou Reed – Take a Walk Into Tom’s Diner (Breakall) (261)
Temptations vs Michael Jackson – Papa Was a Billie Freak (DJ Paysano) (268)
Temptations vs Rolling Stones – Papa Was a Rolling Stone Named Jack (Voicedude) (262)
Terror Squad vs Club Nouveau – Lean Back On Me (DJ BC) (236)
Third Eye Blind vs Jay-Z – Lucifer’s Young Souls (ThirdeyeZ) (244)
Tiefschwarz vs Def Tex – Ghostfreaks (Slackjawed Local) (243)
Tiga vs Cypress Hill – Louder Than a Bong (Agent Lovelette) (266)
Tiga vs Happy Mondays – Kinky In Here Remix (Cheeky Boy) (241)
Tim Deluxe vs Ennio Morricone & More – Chunky Junky (Pilchard) (273)
Tina Turner vs Evanescence – Everybodys Heartache (DJ Cal) (252)
TLC vs Hanson – Unpretty Bop (Flump) (257)
TLC vs Kelis – Scrub Your Milkshake (Pilchard) (251)
Tom Jones & Stereophonics vs Tyler James – My All Seeing Mama Told Me Not To Be Foolish (Offcour
Trans X vs Moldy Peaches – Sweet As Neurotic Euro Trash Indie Boys (Eve Massacre) (233)
Tzant vs B-52’s – Sounds Of the Love Shack (10000 Spoons) (257)
U2 vs Unknown – 144 Vertibanjo (Jadmix) (252)
U96 vs Snoop Dogg & Tweet – Oops Drop Das Boot (DJ C Boast) (253)
Usher vs Beyonce – Yeah Naughty Girl (Aber N’ Stein) (249)
Vangelis vs Fatboy Slim – Fire Of Kalifornia (DJ John) (251)
Vanilla Ice vs Drive-By Truckers – Never Gonna Ice Baby (Aggro1) (236)
Vitalic vs The Supremes – I Love the Chaos Around Me (Eve Massacre) (246)
Vitalic vs The Supremes – I Love the Chaos Around Me (Eve Massacre) (256)
Von Bondies vs Sarah McLachlan – Broken Silence (Divide & Kreate) (248)
Wang Chung vs 3T – Dance Appeal (DJ MXR) (240)
Warren G vs Human League – Endo Human (Phunkula) (268)
Wayne Newton vs DJ Shadow – Come Saturday Morning (Darkness At the Edge Of Crut Mix) (Johmbolaya
Ween vs MC Chris – Friendster Lady (DJ BC) (245)
Weezer vs Joan Jett & Queen – We Will Rock Beverly Hills (DJ Tripp) (257)
White Stripes vs Kraftwerk – Blue & White Antenna (Team9) (274)
Whitney Houston vs Led Zeppelin – Babe I’m Gonna Break Your Heart (The Sad Side) (257)
Whomadewho vs Britney Spears – Beat Me Baby One More Time (Manriki) (270)
Will Mason vs DJ Junk – Willy Mason’s Breaks Of Death (Drop Fifty One) (269)
Will Smith vs Benny Benassi – Get Satisfied (Jaymar) (252)
Will Smith vs The Cure & Adam Ant – Adam Cures Will (CHAOS Productions) (269)
Wings vs Bassline Boys – Warbeat Tonight (DJ MXR) (262)
Xzibit vs The Streets – Pimp My Streets (Bakers Choice) (267)
Yaz vs Howlin’ Wolf – Yazoo’s Got the Blooz (Mr Fab) (267)
Yaz vs Veruca Salt – Don’t Seether (Divide & Kreate) (236)
Young MC vs Blue Lagoon & John Mellencamp – Break Jack’s Stride (TBP) (236)
50 Cent vs Black Eyed Peas – Where Is the Candy Shop (JDB) (302)
50 Cent vs Dr Dre ft Snoop Dogg – The Next Pimp (Semato1) (284)
50 Cent vs Futureheads – 50 Cent Head (Dunproofin’) (298)
50 Cent vs Gang Of Four – Lil’ Bit Damaged (Agent Lovelette) (310)
50 Cent vs Santana – Just a Little Latino Called Santana (JDB) (287)
Aaliyah vs Chris Isaak & Notorious BIG – Rock the Wicked Game (Cheeky Boy) (288)
Aaliyah vs Tweet – More Than Oops Oh My (BushNo10) (308)
Abba vs Echo & The Bunnymen – Abba and The Bunnymen (GHP) (285)
Ace Of Base vs Bananarama & Limp Bizkit – Cruel Summer Recall (Aggro1) (292)
AC_DC vs Assassin – Back In the Classik (DJ Reno) (310)
AC_DC vs J-Kwon – Highway To Tipsy (Shortened Club Verion) (Dsico) (298)
AC_DC vs Stonebrige – Freak Me All Night Long (Team9) (287)
Adamski vs Killers & Basement Jaxx – Killer Killers (Party Ben) (309)
Adamski vs Vanilla Ice – Killa Vanilla (Alex H) (280)
Adina Howard vs Beatles – Help a Freak Like Me (Remastered) (Corporation) (291)
Air vs Pink Floyd – Run Run Like Hell (Crookdimwit) (303)
Alex H – Rhino Looking In (292)
Alpha 1999 – Prince Mix (310)
Amerie vs Adam Ant – Two Things (Agent Lovelette) (289)
Amerie vs Beyonce – One Crazy Thing Called Love (Tom) (284)
Amerie vs Gorillaz – Dirty Harry Mix (Dvda Productions) (278)
Amerie vs Killers – Somebody Told Me One Romantic Thing (Aggor1) (299)
Amerie vs Kross Cross – Jump One Thing (Dvda Productions) (294)
Andrew Sisters vs MC Kinky – Dextatree (Pilchard) (283)
Annie Lennox vs Urban Hype – Little Birds In Trumpton (Khyzer Zuke) (302)
April March vs Grandmaster Flash – April Message (Remastered) (Pilchard) (299)
Armand Van Helden vs Eminem – Hear My Superman (BushNo10) (308)
Audio Bullys vs Amerie & Missy Elliott – 1 Thing I Shot Down (DJ Spenny) (294)
B-52’s vs Isaak Hayes – Regios Shack (DJ Paysano) (279)
Basement Jaxx vs Pendulum & Freestylers – Where’s Your Seatbelt (Blo_Up) (298)
Bay City Rollers vs Wildchild – I Only Want Renegade Masta’s shiny Disco Balls (Nick Foster) (29
Beasie Boys vs Green Velvet – Galactic Come Back (Cygh) (305)
Beastie Boys vs Basement Jaxx – Sabotage Your Head (Divide & Kreate) (302)
Beastie Boys vs Beach Boys – Fight John B (Grafyte) (289)
Beastie Boys vs Bee Gees – Beastgees (DJ BC) (283)
Beastie Boys vs Jennifer Lopez – Triple Trouble From the Block (Semato1) (283)
Beastie Boys vs Limp Bizkit – So Watcha Channel (Aggro1) (291)
Beastie Boys vs Lynyrd Skynyrd – Sweet Root Down (Don Amott KoC) (293)
Beastie Boys vs Paul McCartney – Let Paul Revere In (Voicedude) (284)
Beastie Boys vs Team Sleep – So Whatcha’ Paris (Aggro1) (292)
Beatles vs Depeche Mode – Silent Eleanor (V2) (DJ Nite) (297)
Beatles vs Four Tops – Can’t Help I’m Sixty-Four (Voicedude) (293)
Beatles vs Four Tops – Can’t Help I’m Sixty-Four (Voicedude) (301)
Beatles vs Ludacris & Black Eyed Peas – The Black Beatles (Loo & Placido) (307)
Beatles vs Oingo Boingo & Maurice Chevalier – Lotsa Little Girls (Voicedude) (296)
Beatles vs Terror Squad – Lean Back Beatles (Fidelski) (276)
Beats Internation vs Dr Alban – Be Good To Me (No Coke Riddim Mashup) (Danny Man) (278)
Berlin vs Misteeq – Take My Scandalous Breath Away (BushNo10) (308)
Beyonce & Q-Tip vs Dela – Summertime Frontin’ For the Nasty (DJ Crookair) (301)
Beyonce vs Amerie – Crazy Thing (Dr Fuzz) (296)
Big Bad Baz – One Of Those Songs (276)
Billy Idol vs Temptations – Dancing With a Rolling Stone (Eve Massacre) (296)
Black Eyed Peas vs Traveling Wilburys – Phunk Handle (Aero Zeppelin) (292)
Black Keys vs Basement Jaxx & Britney Spears – 10am Toxic Basement (4 Pin Din) (294)
Bloc Party vs Nine Inch Nails – Bloc Of Nails (TimG) (291)
Bloc Pary vs Nine Inch Nails – Bloc Of Nails (Tim G) (301)
Blue Lagoon vs Faithless – Lagoon Destruction (Prosac) (302)
Blur vs Beats International – Blur Be Good To Me (Nick Foster) (293)
Bob Marley vs Run DMC – Run Redemption (Pilchard) (295)
Bob Marley vs Stevie Wonder – Jammin’ Jammin’ (Bangers & Mash) (279)
Bob Marley vs Stevie Wonder – Jammin’ Jammin’ (v2) (Bangers & Mash) (279)
Bob Marley vs The Who & The Trammps – Reggae Inferno (Loo & Placido) (286)
Bon Jovi vs Eminem & Bob Seger – Blaze Of Guilty Turns (DJ Erb) (297)
Bravery vs MIA – An Honest MIA (A+D) (278)
Britney Spears vs Deep Dish – Britney’s Floating 4 U (Essexboy) (308)
Britney Spears vs Destiny’s Child – Say My Toxic Name (Cheeky Boys) (276)
Britney Spears vs Ol’ Dirty Bastard – Got Your Money Boys (BushNo10) (307)
Bud the Weiser – Mixin’ Alive (294)
Bud the Weiser – Mix That Jerk (295)
Busta Rhymes vs 50 Cent – Ass, Ya Candylight Is On Fire (JDL) (292)
Caesars vs Duran Duran – Jerk Girls Out (DJ Nite) (279)
Caesars vs Eric Prydz – Call Me a Jerk (Jerver73) (291)
Calexico vs Nancy Sinatra – Bang Bang Muleta (Loo & Placido) (285)
Cardigans vs Robocop Kraus – In Fact You’re Just a Lovefool (Eve Massacre) (299)
Cars vs Justin Timberlake – Good Times Like I Love You (Aggro1) (307)
Cars vs Nelly Furtado – Moving In Lights (Aggro1) (307)
Cars vs Queen – It’s a Load Of Magic (DJ Gumby) (276)
CCC – Lust Train (303)
Ce Ce Peniston vs Lionrock – Finally, Rude Boys (Drop Fiftyone) (305)
Cheeky Boy – 15 Minutes Of Cheek (285)
Chemical Brothers vs Barney & Bart Simpson – Galvanize (JDB Vocal Mix) (286)
Cher vs Big Cash Prizes – Gypsie Glich (Rolo) (286)
Chris Law – Ghetto Musick Mix (290)
Chris Law – Sign O the Times Mix (310)
Christina Milian vs Marques Houston – I Like It Low (Flirtyboy) (289)
Ciara vs Afrika Bambaataa – 1, 2 Metal (DJ C Boast) (280)
Ciara vs Amerie – 1-2 Touch (JDB) (304)
Ciara vs Fatboy Slim – Right Here, Right Step (DJ Hefty Jefty) (300)
Clash vs Gwen Stefani – Radio Hollaback (Party Ben) (309)
Clash vs Killers – Somebody Rock Me (Party Ben) (309)
Coolio vs Will Smith – Cool Switch (v14) (Jeff Olney) (285)
Coral vs Sugar Ray & Hardknox – Morning (Lenlow) (294)
Crazy Ant – Yabba Ding Ding (Carty) (301)
Crazytown vs C&C Music Factory – Butterfunk (Fatboy Tim) (308)
Crazy Town vs Steve Miller Band & J-Kwon – Tipsy Butterfly (Party Ben) (309)
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young vs Moby ft Public Enemy – Make Love In Ohio, Fuck War (Aggro1) (27
Cure vs 50 Cent – Fascination Disco (Hypnotyza) (283)
Cure vs Warren G – Regulated Lullaby (Alex C) (283)
Daft Punk vs Coldcut & Hexstatic – Timberlogic (Mixomatosis) (295)
Daft Punk vs Queen – Another One Bites Da Funk (Party Ben) (309)
Daft Punk vs Radio 4 – Underground After All (DJ Zebra) (284)
Daft Punk vs Styx – A Stronger Symptom (DJ Melchizedek) (300)
David Bowie vs Eagles Of Death Metal – I Only Want Seven (Aggro1) (301)
Dead Milkmen vs Hot K-Os – You’ll Dance To Anything Hot Superstar (Immuzikation) (280)
Death From Above 1979 vs Alter Ego – Blood On My Rocker (Jerver73) (298)
Def Leppard vs Adam Freeland – We Want Your Sugar (Cheeky Boys) (275)
De La Soul vs Cheers & War – Oooh Cheers (Lenlow) (295)
De Palmas vs Ini Kamoze – Sur La Route Du Hotstepper (Sebwax) (280)
Depeche Mode vs Cameo – Strangeword Up (Andrew Ektom) (299)
Depeche Mode vs Cameo – Strange Word Up (Emulator2) (303)
Depeche Mode vs Destiny’s Child – I Just Can’t Get Enough Of Depeches Child (DJ C Boast) (280)
Depeche Mode vs Gwen Stefani & MIA – Dream On Bucky Rich Girl (Aggro1) (288)
Destiny’s Child vs Damian Marley – Jam Rock Soldier (Danny Man) (293)
Destiny’s Child vs Elbow – Independent Women (Elbow Remix) (Dr K) (290)
Dinosaur, Jr vs 2Pac – Feel the Changing Pain (Khyzer Zuke) (298)
Disconet – Year Medley 1983 (288)
Disconet – Year Medley 1984 (288)
Dizzee Rascal vs 2 Bad Mice – I Love You (Blo_Up) (298)
Dizzee Rascal vs Crazy Frog – Crazy Stand Up Frog (DJ C Boast) (296)
Dizzee Rascal vs New Order – Blue Rascal (Blo_Up) (298)
DJ BC – Crazy 80’s (305)
DJ Jaakko – Everybody Needs a Rock N’ Roll Megamix To Dance (297)
DJ Kool vs The Who – Can’t Explain My Throat (Mat the Whale) (298)
DJ MXR – Cure Megamix (292)
DJ MXR – Prince Dance Megamix (277)
DJ MXR – Prince Edit Mix (280)
DJ MXR – Return To the Classics Megamix (290)
DJ MXR – The Classic Megamix (285)
DJ MXR – The Electro Mix, the Mega Choc (Remixed By David Mai) (305)
DJ Sandstorm – 10 Missing Minutes Mix (277)
DJ Scenius – Japanglish Mix (286)
DJ Zebra – Nine Inch Nails Zebramix (310)
DJ Zebra – Oui FM 050505 Mix (280)
DMX vs Destiny’s Child – Lose My Breath (DJ Jim Slim) (303)
Dolly Parton vs Dr Dre ft Snoop Dogg – Joleen’s New Dogg (Don Amott KoC) (293)
Double Dee & Steinski – The Payback Mix (1983) (289)
Dr Dre vs Tony Senghore – Forgot About Peace (James H) (303)
Eddie Grant vs Felix Da Housecat – Eddie, Success, Fame, Grant (Voicedude) (278)
Ed Home – Some Bootlegs In the Mix (308)
Ed Home – Some Bootlegs In the Mix Mix (297)
Elvis vs Unknown – King Creole Of the Jungle (Jungle Man) (279)
Eminem vs Bob Marley – Could You Fight Love (Braces Tower) (279)
Eminem vs Evanescence – Bring Me Back To the Real Slim Shady (Izzy) (282)
Eminem vs Harold Faltermeyer – Without Axel (KissFM Mix) (BushNo10) (308)
Eminem vs Rammstein – Unknown (Mikenzo) (300)
Eminem vs Tongue N’ Cheek – Forget Me Not Superman (Cheeky Boys) (277)
Enigma vs U2 – A Lifetime Without You (Voicedude) (283)
Ennio Morricone vs Bhangra Beats – The Good, the Bad & the Bhangra (Nick Foster) (292)
Enya vs Prodigy & Britney – Enya Smacks My Brit Up (DeNeo vs Gary G) (275)
Eurythmics vs White Stripes – Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Seven Nation Army (Alber N’ Stein) (302)
Evil Nine vs Shannon – Evil Shannon (Solcofn) (298)
Fankie Valli vs 2Pac ft Snoop Dogg – Oh What A Night For A Gangsta Party (DJ BC) (278)
Fatboy Slim vs Blackstreet – Weapon Of Diggity (Timhot30) (293)
Fatboy Slim vs Tom Neville & Harry Choo Choo – What the Fuck Just Happened (JDB) (306)
Fatboy Slim vs U2 & The Beatles – Vertigo Tripper (DJ Reno) (310)
Feist vs Shannon – Let the Evening Play (Aggro1) (291)
Fischerspooner vs Chromeo – Emerge Me (And My Man) (Jerver 73) (276)
Fischerspooner vs Nine Inch Nails – No Pain No Gain (Solcofn) (294)
Fischerspooner vs Pink Floyd – Never Win the Wall (Groovepod Panikk) (303)
Fischerspooner vs The Cure – Just a Forest (DJ Defekt) (308)
Franz Ferdinand vs The Jets – Darts Of You (Solcofn) (290)
Freestylers vs Benny Benassi – Satisfaction Now (Lenlow) (295)
Fugees vs Apollo 440 – Bulletproof Fu Gee (Prosac) (305)
G-Unit vs Unknown – Stunt 1979 (Matt Stidle) (280)
Game vs Mr Bongo – This Is How We Soul Limbo (Akimeder) (275)
Genesis vs Joe Budden – I Can’t Dance (El Barto) (283)
George Michael vs Destiny’s Child – Lose My Faith (Sebwax) (302)
Girls Aloud vs Nancy Sinatra – Sound Of These Boots (DJ Hickory Dickory Dock) (275)
Glen Miller vs Unknown – Chattanooga Choo Choo (Pilchard) (303)
Gorillaz vs Basement Jaxx – Good Gosh (Cheekyboy) (304)
Gorillaz vs Cake – Neer Feel Good (Party Ben) (309)
Gorillaz vs Gwen Stefani – Gorillaz and Bananas (Arty Fufkin) (302)
Gorillaz vs The Kinks – Feel Good Afternoon (Oli Clifford) (285)
Green Day vs Usher – Bad Time Of Your Life (Cheeky Boy) (283)
Grooveblaster vs Unkown – How To Speak Hip (286)
Gucci Crew vs Black Eyed Peas – Don’t Phunk With Sally (Immuzikation) (287)
Guns N’ Roses vs Beatles – Sgt Pepper’s Paradise (Jimmi Jammes) (300)
Gwen Fefani vs Front 242 – Hollaback Headhunter (A+D) (286)
Gwen Stefani vs Amerie – Bareback Amerie (Game Over) (289)
Gwen Stefani vs Beyonce – Rich Girl (Tom) (276)
Gwen Stefani vs Bodyrockers – I Like That Hollaback Girl (Thierry2004) (297)
Gwen Stefani vs Britney Spears – Hollaback Girl (Extended) (Tom) (277)
Gwen Stefani vs Britney Spears – Hollaback Girl (Tom) (276)
Gwen Stefani vs Cameo – Hollaback Girl (Zax Word Up Radio Edit) (283)
Gwen Stefani vs Ciara – Hollaback Step (Flirtyboy) (290)
Gwen Stefani vs Discomix – Hollaback Girl Discomix (Carrasco) (280)
Gwen Stefani vs Foetus – Holla Fix (Aggro1) (304)
Gwen Stefani vs Heart – Hollaback Barracuda (Aggro1) (285)
Gwen Stefani vs MuteMeth – Reset Girl (Aggro1) (298)
Gwen Stefani vs Rakkas Crew – Bionic Girl (DJ Skeletor) (296)
Gwen Stefani vs Rednex – Cotton Eyed Fooked Girl (Flirtyboy) (289)
Gwen Stefani vs Tiga – White Linen Girl (Twinkleboi Rich Mix) (284)
Gwen Stefani vs Weezer & Nine Inch Nails – Wait For the Nine Inch Hash Pipe (Rolo) (294)
Hardfloor vs Voodoo Trombone Quartet – Voodoo Swimwear (Dunproofin’) (309)
Harry Belafonte vs The Monkees, Beatles & Run DMC – Day-O Tripper (Mr Fab) (278)
Ian Dury vs Eric B & Rakim – I Got Sex and Drugs and Rock and Soul (Pilchard) (275)
Imagination vs Busta Rymes – Illusion Where Zamali Could See (Zamali) (287)
India Arie vs Beastie Boys – India Holmes (Bangers & Mash) (291)
Interpol vs Dizzee Rascal – Live Stand Up (McSleazy) (292)
Jackson 5 vs Amerie – ABC Thing (Toxic Renegades) (276)
Jackson 5 vs Ashanti – Only ABC (DJ C Boast) (306)
Jackson 5 vs Unkown – Blame It On the Streets Of San Francisco (Mk4) (DJ Payroll) (277)
James Bond vs Mystikal – Watch (Pilchard) (306)
Jamiroquai vs Oasis – Go Let It Like It Should (DJ Zebra) (296)
Janet Jackson vs Sharam Jey – Nasty Rhythm (Dunproofin’) (278)
Jay-Z vs Autumn – Synthesized Dirt (DJ Melchizedek) (291)
Jay-Z vs Lumidee & J-Kwon – Problems When You Leave Tipsy (DJ Entropy) (286)
Jay-Z vs ZZ Top & MIA – MIA’s 99 Sunglasses (2 Many DJ’s) (306)
Jim Croce vs Beyonce – Work It Out Operator (Corporation) (287)
Jimi Hendrix vs Banjo – Purple Banjo (Alex H) (280)
Jimi Hendrix vs Bjork – Army Of Foxy (Aggro1) (295)
Jimi Hendrix vs Christina Milian – Dip it Joe (Pheugoo) (287)
Joanna Newsom vs Missy Elliott – An Acquired Taste (Cypher) (304)
Joe Jackson vs EPMD – Chill Steppin’ (DJ BC) (303)
John Coltrane vs Jurassic 5 – The Coltrane Influence (DJ BC) (304)
John Lennon vs Temptations & Jim Morrison – Confused Imagination (Team9) (297)
Johnny Cash vs Ashanti – Cashanti (Aggro1) (306)
Johnny Cash vs Crystal Skulls – Hurt Spot (Aggro1) (305)
Johnny Cash vs Pearl Jam – Hurt (El Barto) (304)
John Williams vs Soft Cell – Imperial Bombaclaat (Alex H) (281)
Jungle Brothers vs Bernard Lavillier – Raw Deluxe (Sebwax) (297)
Jurassic 5 vs Herb Alpert – Bittersweet Golden (Dr K) (276)
Kasabian vs Gravediggaz – Nowhere To Hide (Processed Beats) (Cheeky Boy) (281)
Kasabian vs Plump DJs – Big Groovy LSF (Khyzer Zuke) (301)
Kelis vs Gomez – Trickin’ Picadilly (Churchill) (308)
Kelly Clarkson vs The Eagles – Gone Since One Of These Nights (Aggro1) (302)
Kenny Rogers vs John Forte & DJ Chris – PBE Lady (DJ BC) (275)
Khia vs John Denver – Thank God I’m Back (DJ Rez) (279)
Khia vs LRD – My Neck My Jacques (Elektric Cowboy) (306)
Khia vs Michael Gray – I Can’t Wait For My Weekend Pussy To Begin (Twinkleboi) (284)
Kid KO – Lovejoy (Christmas Instrumental) (295)
KLF vs Motorhead – Eternal Spades (Divide & Kreate) (276)
Knack vs Liberty X – A Little Bit Of My Sharona (Nick Foster) (293)
Korn vs Crazy Town – Falling Butterfly (Aggro1) (304)
Kylie Minogue vs Girls Aloud – Slow Girls (Pilchard) (283)
L7 vs Sean Paul – Pretend We’re Breathing (Khyzer Zuke) (297)
Lab Janjua vs Rammstein – Jatt Engel (Prosac) (297)
Lady Sovereign vs Kurtis Blow – Random Breaks (Essex Boy) (276)
LCD Soundsystem vs Unknown – Daft Punk Is Coming In My Mouth (House Of Infinite Zen) (281)
Led Zeppelin vs Beastie Boys – D’Yer Whatcha Want (Deleterious) (296)
Led Zeppelin vs Beastie Boys – D’Yer Whatcha Want (Deleterious) (310)
Leftfield vs Beastie Boys – Ph-Phat Planet (Beedee) (276)
Leftfield vs Destiny’s Child – Fanfare Of My Name (Alex C) (283)
Les Rhythmes Digitales vs Unknown – That Music From the Dancing Car Advert (DJ Godzilla) (275)
Les Rythmes Digitales vs Unkown – That Music From the Dancing Car Advert (DJ Godzilla) (290)
Liam Lynch vs Crazy Frog – United States Of the Crazy Frog (Bud the Weiser) (296)
Liam Lynch vs Star Wars – United States Of the Jedi (Blo_Up) (298)
Living Colour vs Beenie Man – The Drum Cult Of Dude (DJ Entropy) (282)
Lovemakers vs 50 Cent – Shake That 50 Cent (Lovemakers) (302)
Lyrics Born vs AC_DC – Callin’ It Back (Bangers & Mash) (283)
M17 vs Beach Boys – Rockin’ Down the Girls (DJ Entropy) (281)
Madison Avenue vs Eric Prydz – Don’t Call On Me Baby (DJ Max Entropy) (306)
Madonna vs Kevin Lyttle – Turn Me Bonita (BushNo10) (307)
Madonna vs Lesbian On Ecstasy – Music On Ecstasy (v2) (Metamix) (297)
Madonna vs Ludacris – Burning Bitch (Agent Lovelette) (282)
Marvin Gaye vs Cannonball Adderley Quintet – I Hear the Tall Walking Grapevine (Corporation) (28
Marvin Gaye vs George Benson – Let’s Get It On Tenderly (Paysano) (301)
MC 900 Ft Jesus vs Madonna – If I Only Froze a Brain (Aggro1) (304)
Metric vs Diplo – Dead Rhythm (Updated) (Immuzikation) (286)
MIA vs Amerie – MIA’s Thing (Carasco) (300)
MIA vs Gloria Gaynor – Pot Party (DJ BC) (284)
MIA vs Humate – Bucky’s Breeding (Solcofn) (303)
MIA vs James Talk – Bucky Gone Acid (Dunproofin’) (290)
MIA vs Klymaxx – Uraqt In the Ladies Room (Aggro1) (275)
MIA vs Marco V – Automanual Sunshowers (Kool Jeff) (276)
MIA vs Mindless Self Indulgence – Pull Up the Poor Bitches (v2) (Aggro1) (275)
MIA vs The Rapture – Jealous Bucky (Ned) (292)
MIA vs Tom Petty – Refugee (Agent Lovelette) (287)
MIA vs Unknown – Kick the Galang (Aggro1) (284)
Michael Jackson vs 10cc – Good Morning Judge Melville (Freelance Hellraiser) (300)
Michael Jackson vs Heart – Alone & Bad (DJ Entropy) (284)
Michael Jackson vs Heart – Alone and Bad (DJ Entropy) (293)
Michael Jackson vs Phil Collins – Billie Jean’s Invisible Touch (Thierry 2004) (295)
Michael Jackson vs Towa Tei – MJ In Jamaica (Bangers & Mash) (303)
Michel Jackson vs Add N To X – Don’t Stop Take Me To Your Leader (Aggro1) (291)
Mint Royale vs Gene Kelly – Singing In the Rain (Digital Punkz) (281)
Missy Elliott vs Green Acres Theme – Green Acres Folks (Clumsy Bum) (282)
Missy Elliott vs Jungle Brothers – Freakin’ Jungle Brother (Cheeky Boy) (297)
Missy Elliott vs Many – Cop Dis 89 Shit (Corporation) (283)
Missy Elliott vs Michael Jackson – Bad Control (Ed Home) (303)
Missy Elliott vs Soul Searchers – We Will Rock U (El Barto) (286)
Monsieur Claude vs Lil’ Kim – Sweet Jump Off (Zamali) (291)
Morcheeba vs Beyonce – Morcheeba’s Baby Boy (SCO Network) (297)
Morris Day vs Daft Punk – Around the Jerk (King Of Pants) (287)
Munk vs Ol’ Dirty Bastard & Tom Tom Club – Genius Bastard (Mr Wig) (306)
Murray Head vs Bangkok Impact – One Night In Bangkok Impact (Spiny Norman) (278)
Natalie Imbruglia vs Love Unlimited Orchestra – Love’sTorn Theme (Futuro) (300)
Nelly Furtado vs Drums Of Death – Turn Out the B-Side (Aggro1) (283)
Nelly Furtado vs Grace Jones – Turn Out the Light Slave (GHP) (284)
New Order vs Infusion – Blue Infusion (Act Of Dog) (298)
New York Scratchmasters – Scratchmasters Jam 1 (1984) (289)
New York Scratchmasters – Scratchmasters Jam 5 (The Beatbox) (1984) (289)
Nikka Costa vs Jimi Hendrix – On Foxy Lady, On (Aggro1) (304)
Nikka Costa vs MIA – Hombre Till I Get To You (Aggro1) (306)
Nine Inch Nails vs Giorgo Moroder – Love Theme From the 9 Inch Hand Dance (Team 9) (289)
Nine Inch Nails vs MIA & Clor – Bite the Poor (Eve Massacre) (275)
Nirvana vs Eminem – Without Teen Spirit (DJ Reno) (310)
Nirvana vs Jet and More – Nirvananenoonoo (Alex H) (308)
Norman Cook vs Rob Base – Is the Bassline In (Danny Man) (279)
Notorious BIG vs Frank Reynolds – Don’t Pull Your Love Out (Clumsy Bum) (281)
NWA vs Madonna, Springsteen & Nancy Sinatra – Santa Baby (Pilchard) (304)
O’Jays vs Wu-Tang Clan – MREAM (DJ BC) (282)
Orb vs Destiny’s Child – Booty Little Clouds (Mixomatosis) (302)
Outkast vs De La Soul – It Ain’t All Roses (Dunproofin’) (291)
Outkast vs Kylie Minogue – The Way You Move Slow (BushNo10) (307)
Outkast vs Les Restaurants Du Coeur – Restosoutkast (Sebwax) (283)
Outkast vs The Clash – Rock the Roses (Mr Blennd) (296)
Outkast vs White Stripes – Elevator Doorbell (DJ BC) (300)
Pasadenas vs Snoop Dog – Untitled (Zamali) (288)
Patrick Street vs NoJazz & Napoleon Dynamite – Pick Up the Harmonium (DJ Prince) (281)
P Diddy vs Felix Da Housecat – They Got U (Heaven & Earth Division Remix) (309)
Peaches vs Underworld – Peaches Are Born Slippy (Fidelski) (276)
Phil Collins vs Prodigy – Firelover (Jet Set Alex) (295)
Philip Glass vs Lyrics Born – Leila Dies, Lyrics Born (DJ BC) (298)
Pilchard – Chairman Of the Bad (304)
Pink Floyd vs Martha Reeves – One Of These Heatwaves (v2) (CCC) (291)
Postal Service vs Basement Jaxx – Still Sleeping Hot ‘N Cold (Immuzikation) (290)
Postal Service vs Jay-Z – Life Alone (Immuzikation) (284)
Primus vs Suzanne Vega & Rockwell – A Muddy Dream Of Luka (DJ Entropy) (286)
Prodigy vs James Brown – The Old Voodoo Landmark (Ris8 Allo Zen0 MpJ Remix) (277)
Prodigy vs Korn & Nas – Baby’s Gotta Play Me (Aggro1) (291)
Prodigy vs Outkast & Sean Paul – Hey Busy Temper (Nelson) (298)
Prodigy vs Wham & Carpenters – Whambalaya (Pilchard) (300)
Queens Of the Stone Age vs Beatles – Eleanor’s In My Head (Team 9) (275)
Queen vs Britney Spears – We Will Do Somethin’ (Aggro1) (305)
Queen vs INXS – Bite You Tonight (Noisehead) (306)
Queen vs New Order & Royal Gigolos – Watching Magic Monday (DJ MXR) (301)
Queen vs Unknown – Aggro1 Kickin’ Your Fuckin’ Ass (Aggro1) (307)
Rachid Taha vs Caesars – Jerk the Casbah (DJ Zebra) (288)
Rakim vs Audioslave – I Believe in Young Hearts Like a Stone (Zamali) (299)
Rapture vs Blur – House Of Noise (Compact Risk) (299)
Ready For the World vs Strobe – Sheilium (Lance Lockarm) (301)
Ready For the World vs Unkown Riddim – Oh Sheila, Bomb a Drop (DJ Crook Air) (275)
Redman vs Macy Gray & Miss-Teeq – Going Scandalous (Zamali) (292)
Reel 2 Reel vs Beastie Boys – Body Move It (Beedee) (277)
Rex the Dog vs Aphletik – Bumpin’ Frequency (Death Penguin) (303)
Richcolour – Kiss Fm Hardest Mix (279)
RJD2 vs Ghostface Killah – Here’s What’s Healthy (Immuzikation) (286)
Rockwell vs Mylo – Four Hundred People Are Watching Me (Churchill) (296)
Rolling Stones vs Warren G & Brazilian Girls – Mother’s Little Regulator (DJ BC) (287)
Roots Manuva vs Black Eyed Peas – Don’t Phunk With My Witness (JDB) (299)
Roots Manuva vs Crazy Town – Butterfly Witness (JDB) (304)
Roots Manuva vs LL Cool J – Doin It With My Witness (JDB) (302)
Royal Gigolos vs Queen & New Order – Somebody’s Watching Me (MXR) (288)
Run DMC vs Safaris – Tricky Wipeout (Mr Fab) (282)
Run DMC vs The Knack – Tricky Sharona (Re-tweaked) (Cheeky Boy) (275)
Sade vs Steve Miller Band – Paradise Of the Crazy Eagle (Petey Pauls) (285)
Scam vs Black Eyed Peas – Scam Bop (Dix) (296)
Scissor Sisters vs Amerie – 1 Thing Laura (Fettdog) (300)
Sean Paul vs Gorillaz & Black Eyed Peas – Get Eastwood (Lenlow) (294)
Sean Paul vs Q-Tip – Breathe Glue (BushNo10) (307)
Sean Paul vs Quantic Soul Orchestra – Superlight (Quirk) (284)
Serge Gainsbourg vs Roots Manuca – Locataires Colossaux (Metamix) (301)
Shirley Ellis vs Biz Markie – Just a Friend With the Clap (Immuzikation) (285)
Simon & Garfunkel vs Depeche Mode – Silence Is Golden (Mike W Twitch) (307)
Simon & Garfunkel vs Malcolm McClaren – Buffalo Cecilia 2005 (DJ Riko) (276)
Sir Mix-A-Lot vs Peaches – Jump On Tits (King Of Pants) (294)
Slayer vs Wreckx-N-Effect – Thrilled Slayer Zooms (Fidelski) (284)
Smokey Robinson vs Fonda Rae – The Tracks Of a Fat Rat (Paysano) (293)
Snoop Dogg vs Queen & J-Kwon – We Will Tip You (Immuzikation) (281)
Snoop Dogg vs Ray Parker, Jr – Signs (Dvda Productions) (282)
Soo Alive – The Breaks Mix Pt 1 (307)
Soulwax vs Enya – Orinoco Excuse (Blo_Up) (298)
Soulwax vs Princess Superstar – Coochie Excuse (Mr Wig) (306)
Spice Girls vs Q-Tip – Something Smells Kinda Funny, Breathe and Stop (DJ C Boast) (308)
Stereolab vs Gwen Stefani – Whop Hop Waiting For (Leduff) (300)
Stereolab vs Gwen Stefani – Whop Hop Waiting For (Leduff) (305)
Stevie Wonder vs Gorillaz – Uptight Gorillaz (Dvda Productions) (279)
St Germain vs Young MC – Busta Shining Path (Alex H) (282)
Streets vs Gorillaz – Weak Dare (DJ Snag) (298)
Streets vs Gorillaz – Weak Dare (Extended) (DJ Snag) (297)
Studio B vs Justin ft NERD – Girls Want Signs (Mark J) (277)
Suzanne Vega vs BT & Underworld – Tom’s Flaming Cowgirl Diner (Audiodile) (299)
Suzanne Vega vs DJ Koze – Tom’s Diner Continues (Eve Massacre) (307)
TATU vs Xzibit – She Said Lax (Prosac) (292)
Tears For Fears vs Ying Yang Twins – Whisper Wait Shout (DJ Mei-Lwun) (281)
Tears For Fears vs Ying Yang Twins – Whisper Wait Shout (v2) (DJ Mei-Lwun) (285)
Temptations vs Stevie Wonder – Papa Was Alright In the Ghetto (DJ Paysano) (305)
Terror Squad vs Space Manoeuvres – Lean Back Pentexplorer (Prosac) (298)
Thievery Corporation vs Jurassic 5 – The Golden Man In Babylon (Immuzikation) (281)
Thriftshop XL – Windows XL (281)
Tigerskin vs Chemical Brothers – Galvanise Now (Pheugoo) (281)
Tin God vs Benny Bennassi – Bastard Rubik (Don’s a Bastard Remix) (299)
TLC vs Nextmen – Scrub It Up a Little (Drop Fiftyone) (295)
Tomcraft vs Emerson, Lake & Palmer & Herman’s Hermits – No Milk For the Luckyman (DJ C Boast) (2
Tom Jones vs Prince & MC Hammer – U Can’t Kiss This (DJ Jaakko) (297)
Tom Vek vs Killers – Somebody Told Me My Goodbyes (Melting Pot DJs) (301)
Tone Loc vs 20 Fingers – Lick It Wild (Matt Hite) (308)
Tone Loc vs Blur & Coldplay – Girls & Clock Things (Fettdog) (300)
Tone Loc vs Salt-N-Pepa – Wild Push (Immuzikation) (285)
Tool vs Eminem – 46 Em 2 (DJ Erb) (294)
Tribe Called Quest vs Lou Reed – Imagine Kickin’ It On the Wildside (Immuzikation) (281)
Tupac vs Rolling Stones – Dear Negrita (Zamali) (291)
Tweet vs Peter Andre – Mysterious Tweet (DJ Cheezi) (309)
Twin Freaks vs Cars – My Best Friends Twin Freaks (MP3J) (300)
Ursula 1000 vs Bobby Goldsbro – Honey Unit (Dublxero) (298)
Usher vs Destiny’s Child – Ya Lost Your Breath (Stack Attack) (282)
Usher vs Gwen Stefani & Snoop Dogg – Caught Up Girl (DJ Twixta) (299)
Usher vs Will Smith – Usher’s Big Willy (Tuggers) (307)
Van Halen vs MIA – Pretty Woman URAQT (Aggro1) (282)
Vanity 6 vs Unknown – Slippers (Tillymint) (308)
Velvet Underground vs Radio 4 – Dance To the Velvet Underground (Dunproofin’) (294)
Vitalic vs Freeland – We Want La Rock (Mr Whitelabel) (287)
Vitalic vs Pink – Get This Poney Started (Erki) (307)
VJ Trip – 36 Song Mix (299)
Walkmen vs Fabolous – Rat’s Gotta Breathe (SBW) (282)
Weezer vs Steve Miller Band – Beverly Hills Joker (Rolo) (276)
White Stripes vs Prodigy – Voodoo Stripes (DJ Zebra) (275)
Whitey vs Tom Neville – Just Another Junkie (Ape) (306)
White Zombie vs Information Society – More Info Than Info (Roy Batty) (300)
Wildchild vs Soul Limbo – Ben Dover Sole Limbo (v2) (Pilchard) (299)
Will Smith vs Amerie – Switch 1 Thing (JDB) (283)
Will Smith vs Bee Gees – Switchin’ Alive (v2) (Cheeky Boy) (282)
Will Smith vs Coolio – Cool Switch (Boo Dog) (284)
Will Smith vs DJ Jazzy Jeff – Switch (Jazzy Jeff ’88 Remix) (Corporation) (293)
Will Smith vs Jazz Classics – A Touch Of Jazz (DJ Prince Remake 2005) (307)
Will Smith vs Le Knight Club – Mix Of Fresh Prince Theme (DJ TiiM) (277)
Will Smith vs Outkast – Switch Seats With Rosa Parks (Hypnotyza) (282)
Will Smith vs Sly Foxx – Let’s Switch All the Way (Thriftshop XL) (283)
Wiseguys vs Duran Duran – Ooh La Luna Lundi (Samplephiliac) (287)
Wiseguys vs Martha Reeves – Nowhere To Ooh Lah Lah (Drop Fiftyone) (303)
Wu-Tang Clan vs Sublime – What I Got, Raw Cream (Corporation) (283)
Wyclef Jean vs Various Disco – Disco Stayin’ Alive (DJ BC) (282)
Ying Yang Twins vs Vanity 6 – Wait Until I Show You 7” Or More (v2) (Johmbolaya) (309)
2Pac & Notorious BIG vs Jae Millz – Runnin’ Who (Se7enheadz Chopped & Mashed Remix) (408)
20 Fingers vs MC Hammer – U Can’t Touch This Short Dick Man (Rubicon) (385)
50 Cent vs Tom Petty – Free Fiddy (Divide & Kreate)
50 Cent vs Unknown – Window Shopper (Ben Double M) (398)
AC_DC vs Queen – Dirty Deeds Will Rock You (Aggro1) (406)
Aerosmith vs Jon Stewart – Cheney’s Got a Gun (DJ Paul V) (414)
Alanis Morissette vs Layo & Bushwacka – 2 Crazy (Prosac) (386)
Allison Krause vs Slyde – Slyde In the River (Gingersteve) (386)
Amerie vs Spor & The Gorillaz – Feel One Good Cyberpunk (Aggro1) (386)
Annie Lennox vs Queen – No More Pressure (Messy James) (408)
Antoine vs Akon – Let’s Get the Belly Dancer (H Madsen)
Aquasky – Aquasky Mini Mix (412)
Archies vs 50 Cent – Sugar Shop (DJ BC) (390)
Architects vs Lady Sovereign – Chi Ching (Make Ya Body Groove) (Boasty) (386)
Arctic Monkeys vs Afrika Bambaataa – Fake Pop (El Barto & Liam B) (415)
Arctic Monkeys vs Bodyrockers – I Live Your Dancing Shoes (Team9) (416)
Arctic Monkeys vs Tag Team – I Bet You Look Good In the Jungle (DJ Bageera)
Arctic Monkeys vs The Killers – Scumbody Told Me (Unknown) (400)
Ash vs Daft Punk – Song For the Summer (Big Bad Baz) (397)
Autobots vs Deep Impact – Ultragosh (Dunproofin’) (407)
Avril Lavigne vs Probspot – Obsessed With Girly Boi (Prosac) (414)
Bangles vs Nina Skye – Move Your Egyptian (King Of Pants) (388)
Basement Jaxx vs The Drill – Where’s Your Drill At (GPF) (399)
Beach Boys vs Chi-Lites & Public Image Ltd – Have You Seen Forever (v2) (Mr Fab) (399)
Beastie Boys vs AC_DC – Check It Out In Black (Khyzer Zuke)
Beastie Boys vs Bloc Party & Marilyn Manson – This Is the New Electrified Tulip (Ilson) (395)
Beastie Boys vs Bloc Party – Body Movin’ Helicopter (Stab) (399)
Beastie Boys vs Butthole Surfers – Beastie Butt (v2) (Mr Fab) (399)
Beastie Boys vs Creedence Clearwater Revival – Body Moon Rising (Silence Xperiment) (395)
Beastie Boys vs Cut Copy – My Lifestyle Is Going Nowhere (Team 9) (394)
Beastie Boys vs D12 – Intergalactic Fight Music (Mr Maybe)
Beastie Boys vs Daft Punk – Intergalactic Robot Rock (iPunx) (417)
Beastie Boys vs Depeche Mode – Fucker In Me (Totom) (392)
Beastie Boys vs Faith No More – Epicify (TSX) (395)
Beastie Boys vs Girls Aloud – Beastie’s Long Hot Summer (Tiger Blue Music) (385)
Beastie Boys vs Happy Mondays – Beastie Bez (Cheekyboy) (393)
Beastie Boys vs Hechos Contra El Decoro & More – Body Moving (Mr Tortazo) (395)
Beastie Boys vs Ian Dury – Triple Rhythm Stick (GHP) (410)
Beastie Boys vs INXS – Need Monkey Tonight (DJ Raps) (395)
Beastie Boys vs J-Kwon – Check It Out Tipsy (Nygel) (403)
Beastie Boys vs Jane’s Addiction & Prince – Been Caught Stealing Your Rump (Arty Fufkin) (394)
Beastie Boys vs J Geils Band – Intergalactic Centerfold (v2) (Mr Fab) (394)
Beastie Boys vs Kanda Bongo Man – We Got the Soukous (DJ BC) (388)
Beastie Boys vs Lover D & Jah Batta – Looking Down the Barrel Of a Dub (DJ BC) (397)
Beastie Boys vs Luke Howard – African Beasties (Full Version) (Gingersteve) (402)
Beastie Boys vs Luke Howard – African Beasties (Gingersteve) (395)
Beastie Boys vs Mocean Worker – Chick-A-Boom Styles (Essexboy) (395)
Beastie Boys vs MOP – Antebody Movin’ (Retromax) (393)
Beastie Boys vs Mr Scruff – Beastie Scruffs (Carrasco) (395)
Beastie Boys vs Mr Scruff – Open Letter To Blackpool (Mr Fab) (396)
Beastie Boys vs Orgy – Beastie Orgy (Clean Mix) (Dabo) (403)
Beastie Boys vs Prodigy – Fight For Your Right To Charlie (Dunproofin’) (394)
Beastie Boys vs Pulp & White Stripes – Happiness Is a Hardcore Biscuit Drifter (Arty Fufkin) (395)
Beastie Boys vs Spice Girls – Wanna Beastie Boys (Fettdog) (389)
Beastie Boys vs Spooky & Lynyrd Skynyrd – Triple Double Trouble (Paysano) (395)
Beastie Boys vs The KLF – Sabotaged & Ancient (Divide & Kreate) (393)
Beastie Boys vs The Osmonds – Double Beastie Lovin’ (Big Bad Baz) (395)
Beastie Boys vs Therapy – Gimme Back My Root (DJ Schmolli) (394)
Beastie Boys vs Tomoyasu Hotei – Triple Battle (Swisscheese) (394)
Beastie Boys vs Tom Tom Club – Oh Wordy (King Of Pants) (395)
Beastie Boys vs Unknown – Diesel Intergalactico (Mr Tortazo) (394)
Beastie Boys vs Unknown – Shiny Disco Funk (DJ Cellist) (395)
Beastie Boys vs Unknown – Untitled (DJ Payroll) (392)
Beastie Boys vs Young MC – Bust a Move Paul Revere (DJ Raps) (397)
Beat Bitch – Blutiger Mix Gottes (398)
Beatles vs Asian Dub Foundation – Untitled (DJ Moule) (405)
Beatles vs Beck – Jude Is a Loser (DJ Moule) (394)
Beatles vs Grandmaster Flash & More – Foolish To Need Someone To Rescue Me From the Message (Kid KO) (389)
Belinda Carlisle vs Deepest Blue – Stars In Heaven (Prosac) (407)
Beyonce vs Charlatans – How Crazy (Divide & Kreate) (407)
Beyonce vs Primal Scream – Crazy Together (Irn Mnky) (403)
Beyonce vs Skinny & More – Work Out Failure (Dunproofin’) (399)
Billy Swan vs Booker T & the MG’s – Green Onions May Help (Beloki) (408)
Bjork vs Aquasky – Bjorkbeat (Calico Sequence)
Black Eyed Peas vs Alpha Conspiracy – 72 Union (Aggro1) (387)
Black Eyed Peas vs Alpha Conspiracy – Like That City Of Ruin (Aggro1) (387)
Black Eyed Peas vs Free – All Right Humps (Sam Flanagan) (402)
Black Eyed Peas vs Freestylers – My Humps Get A Life (Junkie Elvis Remix) (Tone 396)
Black Eyed Peas vs Prodigy & More – Hollahump (The 1 Who Trevs) (410)
Black Eyed Peas vs Unkown – Turkey In My Humps (Aber N’ Stein) (385)
Black Sabbath vs 50 Cent – War Shopper (Convertible Guy)
Blink 182 vs TLC, Ludacris & Terror Squad – Untitled (DJ Nicky T) (389)
Bloc Party vs Fatboy Slim – Wonderful Skeleton Night (Aggro1) (403)
Bloc Party vs Rick James – Superfreak Is Playing At My House (DJ Zebra) (415)
Blondie vs Marvin Gaye – Heart Of Grapes (Oli Clifford) (393)
Blur vs Weird Al – White Stuff (Double M) (410)
Bob Marley vs Marvin Gaye – No Woman No Mercy (Houseman) (405)
Boozoo Bajou vs Banana Joe & Harry Belafonte – Banana Joe and That Night In Manaus (Beloki)
Boozoo Bajou vs Harry Belafonte – Banana and That Night In Manaus (Beloki) (408)
Britney Spears vs Black Eyed Peas – Bombs On Britney (Butter the Butcher) (401)
Britney Spears vs The Housemartins – Lucky Caravan Of Love (Excelents) (401)
Busta Rhymes vs Ol’ Dirty Bastard – Danger Money (Tizwarz) (393)
Busta Rhymes vs Prodigy & Dizzee Rascal – Whoo Hah Stand Up Girls (iPunx) (417)
Busta Rhymes vs Queen – Light Your Fat Bottom On Fire (Aggro1)
Busta Rhymes vs Unkown – Turn It Up (Busta Buss) (D-No) (409)
Cake vs Kanye West – Kanye Mahna (Lenlow) (405)
Cameo vs The Rasmus – Shadows Up (TBP) (406)
Camille vs Prodigy – Untitled (DJ Moule) (391)
CF vs Eminem – Axel F the Superman (H Madsen)
Charlatans vs Happy Mondays – The Happy Charlatans (Andy S) (409)
Charlatans vs Jay-Z – Stir Up Problems (McSleazy) (409)
Charlatans vs Madsion Avenue – Who the Hell Are You Forever (DJ Snag) (406)
Charlatans vs Mark Morrison – Return Of The Charlatans (10000 Spoons) (408)
Charlatans vs Oasis & Chemical Brothers – The Charlatan Sun (Divide & Kreate) (402)
Charlatans vs Prodigy – Climbatize Forever (Lenlow) (409)
Charlatans vs Scissor Sisters – Comfortable Weirdo (Mr Fister) (408)
Charlatans vs Simple Minds – Mysterious Minds I Know (Martinn) (407)
Chemical Brothers vs Tears For Fears – Untitled (DJ Moule) (391)
Cher vs Black Eyed Peas & U2 – Where Is the Above (Akimeder) (390)
Chris Brown vs Black Eyed Peas & Jackson 5 – Chris Brown Megamix (DJ Nicky T) (393)
Christina Aguilera vs Extreme – More Than a True Genie (Leebuzz) (416)
Christina Aguilera vs Van Halen – Girls Jump (GHP) (410)
Ciara vs Nina Sky – Move Ya Goodies (Mr Maybe)
Ciara vs Unknown – Papa Sierra (Waterman) (403)
Ciaria vs LCD Soundsystem – Too Much Step (DJ Gorky) (389)
Cirez D vs Who Da Funk – Shiny Rematch (DJ Dno) (393)
CJ Bolland vs Afrika Bambaataa – Sugar Daddy Planet Rock (Cheekyboy) (412)
Coldplay vs Kylie Minogue – I Believe In You (Cheekboy) (400)
Common vs Bombay Rockers – Rock the Sixth Sense (Plur) (398)
Corey Hart vs Black Eyed Peas – I Wear My Humps (Frog the Dawg) (405)
Crystal Method vs Gorillaz – Feel Detective, Inc (Aggro1) (411)
Cult vs Marvin Gaye – She Sells Grapevines (Dance Mix) (Irn Minky) (385)
Cult vs Marvin Gaye – She Sells Grapevines (Irn Minky) (385)
Cure vs Beastie Boys – Close To My Roots (DJ Moule) (388)
Cure vs Outkast – Untitled (DJ Gonzalez) (390)
Cure vs Primal Scream – One Hundred Lucifers (Totom) (402)
Cure vs TLC – Close To Scrubs (Cheekyboy)
Cyndi Lauper vs Egyptian Lover – Egyptian Lauper (Strategy) (389)
Daft Punk vs Alanis Morissette – You Oughtta Know Faster (Aggro1) (387)
David Banner vs George Michael – Play With Thy Faithful (Corporation) (388)
David Bowie vs Don Henley & Sly Fox – The Way To Dirty Fame (Audiodile) (389)
David Bowie vs Lady Soverign – The Pretty Things Are 9-5 (Aggro1) (387)
David Bowie vs Pussycat Dolls – Don’t Cha Dance (Leebuzz) (416)
David McCullen vs Justice vs Simian – Never Be a Bitch (DJ Payroll) (401)
Dead 60’s vs Rage Against the Machine – Maria Control This (Mad Martigan) (412)
Death Cab For Cutie vs Stuart Price – Hung Up On Soul (Party Ben) (413)
Demis Roussos vs Unknown – Ever and Never (Pilchard) (410)
Depeche Mode vs Cirez D – John the Revelator (Churchill) (394)
Depeche Mode vs Eminem – Precious Soldier (Aggro1) (395)
Depeche Mode vs Madonna – Music Revelator (DJ Godzilla) (403)
Depeche Mode vs New Order – Lilian (Blue Monday Mix 2006) (Dominatrix) (397)
Depeche Mode vs New Order – Lilian (DJ Godzilla) (398)
Depeche Mode vs The Stooges & Nine Inch Nails – John the TV Eye (That Feeds) (Totom) (397)
Depeche Mode vs The Stooges & Nine Inch Nails – John the TV Eye (That Feeds) (v2) (Totom) (398)
Destiny’s Child vs Booka Shade – Lose Cha Breath (TBP) (406)
Destiny’s Child vs Deepsky – Loose My View From a Stairway (DJ Twixta) (406)
Destiny’s Child vs Linkin Park – Lose My Encore (Mr Maybe)
Destiny’s Child vs Primal Scream – I’m Losing More Than My Name (Mr Lovely) (403)
Destinys Child vs Adam F & OutKast – Ganja Aromatherapy Over Baghdad Survivor (High Cue) (405)
DHT vs Black Eyed Peas – Listen To My Humps (DJ C Boast) (399)
Diams vs LCD Soundsystem – Diam’s Playing At My House (Sebwax)
Diam vs U2 – Bono La Boulette (DJ Zebra) (408)
Dizzee Rascal vs Amerie, Oasis & Nelly Furtado- 1 Sharp Look (DJ Schmolli) (390)
DJ Earworm – What’s My Name (Supposed 2005 MTV VMA Bumper) (404)
DJ Engineer – Damn, DJ Technoboy Fucked a Whore On the Dancefloor (405)
DJ Engineer – Spring Party 2006
DJ Engineer – What Comes Before Part B (412)
DJ Kool vs Swiss Beats – Let Me Clear My Pump (Se7enheadz Blend Remix) (409)
DJ MXR – The Art Of Noise Megamix (387)
DJ MXR – The Megamix Story (397)
DJ Neesty – That’s Groove 03 (402)
DJ Quik vs DJ Kool – Bitch Better Clear My Throat (DJ Stealth)
DJ Twit – Mix (397)
DJ Wildthing – Lesson EE (407)
DJ Zebra – Wilson Pickett Megamix (ft DJ Moule) (407)
Doop vs Destiny’s Child – Nasty Huckleberry Girl Jam (Hmadsen) (402)
Doors vs Deee-Lite, Donna Summer & Salt-N-Pepa – Groovy Burnin’ Heart (DJ BC) (390)
Dr Dre vs Coldplay – The Scientist Episode (v2) (Jadmix) (394)
Dr Dre vs Mos Def – Travelling Fuck You Man (Se7enheadz Blend Remix) (409)
Dr Dre vs Vengaboys – Forgot About Parties (Matt Bianco) (400)
Duran Duran vs Mylo – Girls In Paris (Mixomatosis) (388)
Ellis Beggs vs Marilyn Manson – I Don’t Liek the Bubbles (DJ Mad Martigan) (413)
Eminem vs Buena Vista Social Club – Chan Chan Like That (Semato1) (387)
Eminem vs G-Unit – Groupie Fuck (Tizwarz) (414)
Eminem vs Grandmaster Flash – Lose the Message (Swisscheese)
Eminem vs Kanye West – My Name Is Jesus (Tick)
Eminem vs Murray Head – Shake That and the World’s Your Oyster (Dayton) (403)
Eminem vs Sugarhill Gang – Eminem’s Old School Rap (DJ Tomcat)
Erykah Badu vs Creamshower – Erykah’s Creamy Shower (Bruce Wang) (407)
Erykah Badu vs Primal Scream & DJ Krust – Trainspotting Warheads (Cygh) (404)
Eurythmics vs Hall & Oates – Sweet Dreams (No Can Do) (Double M) (410)
Foefur – Disco Mix No 5 (400)
Frank Sinatra vs Charlatans – Fly Me To the Moon Patrol (Duff Paddy) (405)
Frank Sinatra vs Smash Up Derby – A Frank Nation Army (Mutant Miscreation) (410)
Franz Ferdinand vs Chemical Brothers – Hey Villian Boy (DJ Zebra) (408)
Franz Ferdinand vs Lauryn Hill & Beastie Boys – Take That Thing Out (Jeanmeister) (388)
G-Unit vs Mr Scruff – Spandex Eyes (Electrohead) (385)
Gang Starr vs Charlatans – Tonz O’ Stories (Cygh) (407)
General Midi vs Lady Soverign – Western 9 To 5 (Solcofn) (414)
Ghinzu vs Dave Gahan – Making a Plan For the Bottle (Mad Martigan) (400)
Goldie Lookin’ Chain vs Cypress Hill & More – Right Now the Ballroom Blitz (Stab) (400)
Goldie Lookin’ Chain vs Del Tha Funky Homosapean – Guns Don’t Help Me Out (Noddables) (401)
Gorillaz vs Black Eyed Peas – Feel Good Pump It (DJ Nicky T) (417)
Gorillaz vs Kanye West – Dirt Digger (Oli Clifford)
Gorillaz vs Kris Kross – Dirty Jump (Miss Frenchie)
Gorillaz vs The Stooges – Harry Dirt (Totom) (386)
Gorillaz vs White Stripes – Dirty Doorbell (Jimmi Jammes) (405)
Grand National vs Kelly Clarkson – Talk Amongst Yourselves (Aggro1) (411)
Green Day vs Flaming Lips & Eels – Yoshimi Battles Novacaine (Faultside) (409)
Green Velvet vs Daft Punk & Madonna – Music Mash Up (Tom Middleton) (415)
Guns N’ Roses vs Utah Saints – Sweet Utah Child O’ Mine (Bug) (409)
Gwen Stefani vs 7 Angel & 7 Plagues – Until the Crash (Aggro1)
Gwen Stefani vs Andrea Doria – Waiting For Bucci (Lord 4Bz) (409)
Gwen Stefani vs Nothing To Fear – Nothing To Wait For (TBP) (406)
Gwen Stefani vs The Jam – Waitin’ For the Start (Mr Fister) (408)
Harry Nilsson vs Gwen Stefani – Processor Tournesol (Johnny Bootleg) (408)
Heart vs Mobb Deep & 50 Cent – Have a Magic Party (DJ Topcat)
Hives vs 2 Live Crew – All Day & All Night I Hate You So (iPunx) (417)
Ice T vs Toto – African Colors (Scratch Chorus Ver) (Stab) (400)
Indeep vs Bob Marley – Last Night a Rasta Saved My Life (Chav and Dave) (417)
Ini Kamoze vs The Commodores – My Shiny Gun Mosey (Lenlow) (405)
Instamatic – Jump Minimix (416)
Isley Brothers vs Rubin Steiner – Untitled (DJ Moule) (394)
J-Kwon vs Ludacris – Tipsy Stand Up (Tizwarz) (410)
Jackie Verdell vs Shy Fx – Hush Hush (Barrio Katz) (417)
Jay-Z vs Apollo 440 – Black Power (Plur) (395)
Jay-Z vs Charlatans – Dirty Toothache (Cygh) (407)
Jay-Z vs The Shining – Quicksilver Problems (DJ Schmolli) (392)
Jennifer Lopez vs Depeche Mode – Jenny the Revelator (Pheugoo) (401)
Jennifer Lopez vs La Caution – A La Menthe From the Block (Comar) (390)
Jimi Hendrix vs Led Zeppelin – Gypsy Eyes (iPunx) (417)
Joe Budden vs Bee Gees – Fire Fever (Jam Har) (409)
Joe Budden vs Crazy Town – Butterfly Pump (Jam Har) (412)
Justin Timberlake vs Ray Parker, Jr – Ain’t Nobody Busts You Like I Bust You (Dope John Paul) (404)
Justin Timberlake vs Skee-Lo – I Wish I Loved You (Soundoffaz) (410)
Kanye West vs Beethoven & Walter Murphy – Beethoven’s Fifth Gold Digger (A Plus D) (404)
Kanye West vs Black Sabbath – Gold and Iron Mambo (v2) (Mr Fab) (401)
Kanye West vs Buffalo Springfield – Jesus Got Game (DJ Tomcat)
Kanye West vs Madonna – Gold Pusher (Stvd) (403)
Kelis vs Pearl Jam – You Are Caught Out There (Aggro1) (387)
Kerri Chandler vs Cirez D – KO (Vox KO’d Mix) (Dunproofin’) (386)
Khia vs Natalie – My Neck Is Higher Than My Back (Samtje) (405)
Killers vs DJ Subsonic – I’m Told It’s Energy (Prosac) (414)
Killers vs Etienne De Crecy – Fast Killer (Oli Clifford)
Knack vs SOS Band & Jay-Z – Just Be Good Sharona Encore (iPunx) (417)
Lady Sovereign vs Charlatans – Random Stories (Cygh) (407)
Les Rythmes Digitales vs MC Miker G – Untitled (Sebwax) (393)
Le Tigre vs Masters At Work – Work It Tiger (Instamatic) (415)
Liberty X vs The Residents – Kaw Liga X (GHP) (410)
Lil’ Jon vs Jennifer Lopez & Elephant Man – Get Jook Gyal Low (v2) (Juggernaut) (393)
Lil’ Jon vs Ludacris & Xecutioners – It’s Goin Fucked Up (SoccaPlayer510) (389)
Living In a Box vs Kicks & Rock – Living In a Shazit (Lionel Vinyl) (411)
Lords Of Acid vs Sean Paul – Sit On It and Get Busy (Brian Brialy)
Ludacris vs Faithless & More – Hustler’s Jam (DJ Tripp)
Ludacris vs Jay-Z – Get Exercise (Se7enheadz Blend Remix) (409)
Ludacris vs Kriss Kross – Ludakriss (Instamatic) (415)
Ludacris vs Prince – Erotic City Waterfalls (Short Version) (Cheekyboy) (410)
Ludacris vs Survivor – Eye Of the Southerner (DJ Nicky T) (413)
Lynyrd Skynyrd vs Gorillaz – Feel Good, Simple Man (Aggro1) (409)
Lynyrd Skynyrd vs Ludacris – Stand Up Alabama (DJ Topcat)
Lyrics Born vs Jurrasic 5 & More – Callin’ Out the Hardness (Eight) (404)
Maceo Parker vs Janis Joplin – Untitled (DJ Moule) (388)
Madison Avenue vs Rinocerose – Un Rinocerose Sure Madison Avenue (Metamix)
Madonna vs Kraftwerk – The Robots Die Another Day (DJ MXR) (385)
Madonna vs Usher – Yeah, Lucky Star (DJ Nicky T) (417)
Mariah Carey vs Jamiroquai – Talulahs Return (Joul) (397)
Mark Van Dale vs Black Eyed Peas – My Water Verve Humps (Hmadsen) (400)
Martinn – Clercq Mix (Mostly Obscure 60’s Mash) (385)
Martin Solveig vs Masters At Work & Sean Paul – Untitled (DJ Nicky T) (417)
Martin Volveig vs D12 & Black Eyed Peas – Untitled (DJ Nicky T)
Marvin Gaye vs Marvin Gaye – Sexual Healing Is Going On (DJ Prince) (411)
Marvin Gaye vs Sublime – Marvin’s Doin’ Time (Corporation) (386)
Mary J Blige vs Rob Base – Mary Rocks Right Now (Chaos Productions) (385)
Maxeen vs Limp Bizkit – Please Roll (DJ Max Entropy) (386)
MC Lyte vs Bombay Rockers – Cold Rock Tha Party (Plur) (392)
MC Lyte vs Damian Marley – Beautiful Party (Essexboy) (413)
Metallica vs Superchumbo – Enter the Revolution (iPunx) (417)
MIA vs Charlatans – URAQT4EVA (Confusioning) (408)
MIA vs Kerri Chandler & Cirez D – KO (Vox OK’d Mix) (Dunproofin’) (386)
MIA vs KMFDM – Gun Powder (Lockdown) (385)
MIA vs Le Peuple De L’herbe – MIA En El Paso (Metamix) (415)
MIA vs LRD, Shampoo & Thee Headcoatees – Ten Dollar Love (Blo_Up) (390)
MIA vs Raumschmiere – Miatruckdriver (Metamix) (400)
MIA vs The Mophono – Sunpowers (Bruce Wang) (407)
Michael Jackson vs Ace Of Base – Cruel Jean (Swisscheese) (417)
Michael Jackson vs Bobby Valentino – Tell Me You Remember (DJ Nicky T) (413)
Michael Jackson vs Cheryl Lynn – Michael Remembers Cheryl (Chaos Productions) (385)
Michael Jackson vs David Bowie – Do You Remember My China Girl (Paysano) (400)
Michael Jackson vs Fort Minor – Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Petrified (Aggro1) (387)
Michael Jackson vs Goldfrapp – The Way Train (Solcofn) (398)
Michael Jackson vs Gwen Stefani – Hollaback Thriller Girl (DJ Schmolli) (411)
Michael Jackson vs Nirvana – Smells Bad (Nick Foster) (386)
Michael Jackson vs Splitloop – Untitled (Aggro1)
Michael Jackson vs The Doors – Forty Days and Forty Nights (v2) (Mr Fab) (400)
Midnight Oil vs Rock Master Scott – The Beds Are On Fire (Bangers & Mash) (398)
Mike Jones vs Spice Girls – If You Wanna Be My Badd Bitch (Maloney’s DJ Edit) (Silence Xperiment) (414)
Mindless Self Indulgence vs Jay-Z – Numb the Pain (Greg Wsil) (409)
Miss Teeq vs Redman & Macy Gray – Let’s Get Scandalous (Zamali)
Missy Elliott vs AC_DC – Lose Control All Night Long (Fidelski) (386)
Missy Elliott vs Amerie – Touch Control (Zamali)
Missy Elliott vs Bombay Rockers – Work Tha Party (Plur) (392)
Missy Elliott vs Leo Sayer – Breathe, Work, Dance Like That (Bangers & Mash) (416)
Missy Elliott vs Radiohead – For My Idiots (DJ BC) (398)
Modest Mouse vs Amerie – One Thing Floats On (Redux) (Good News For the Insane) (385)
Moonspell vs Nelly Furtado – The Darkening Forca (DJ Schmolli)
Mr Lovely – ETUC (Control Is Everything) (395)
Mylo vs Beastie Boys – We Got the Buggles (Metamix) (408)
Mylo vs Was (Not Was) – Paris Head (Elektric Cowboy) (390)
Nancy Sinatra vs The Farm – Altogether Let It Be Me (Instamatic) (415)
Nine Inch Nails vs Depeche Mode & La Tour – Goodnight Everybody (Roy Batty) (401)
Nine Inch Nails vs Depeche Mode – All the Love Revelator (Totom) (402)
Nine Inch Nails vs Nelly – Closer To Grillz (DJ Empty) (395)
Nine Inch Nails vs Pink Floyd – Another Spot In the Sun, Pt 2 (Tweaked) (Totom) (412)
Notorious BIG vs Pink Floyd – Biggie On the Wall (DJ Tomcat)
Notorious BIG vs Unknown – Juicy Indian Beat (Se7enheadz Remix) (409)
Nu Generation vs Basement Jaxx – Rescue These (Mr Brightside) (404)
NWA vs Lynyrd Skynyrd – Str8 Out Of Alabama (Corporation) (387)
NWA vs The Charlatans – The Only Compton I Know (Stab) (406)
Oasis vs Blackstreet – No Wonderwall Diggity (DJ Schmolli)
Ordinary Boys vs Goldie Lookin’ Chain & Missy Elliott – Robot Monkeys Lose Control (SCO) (401)
Ordinary Boys vs Madness – Ordinary Trousers (Irn Mnky) (401)
Ordinary Boys vs Nelly Furtado & More – Light Will Be the Death Of Me (GHP) (410)
Ordinay Boys vs Freestylers – Boys Will B-Boys (Dunproofin’) (399)
Outkast vs LCD Soundsystem – Disco Roses (Solcofn) (388)
Outkast vs Skunk Anansie – Roses Is My Blood (Aggro1) (388)
Outkast vs Unknown – Poo Poo Poo (Pilchard) (410)
Paul Johnson vs Usher & Missy Elliott – Untitled (DJ Nicky T)
P Diddy vs Ludacris & More – Untitled (DJ Nicky T) (413)
Perry Como vs Decoder – Papa Decoder (Pilchard) (413)
Pig Radio vs Bob Sinclair – ABC Generation (Stop & Go Edit) (Zimen) (388)
Pilchard – Mixed At Uber (393)
Pilchard – Rez (391)
Pink vs Timo Maas – Get This Feedback Started (Aggro1) (385)
Placebo vs 4Hero – Mr Kirk’s Morning (Cygh) (412)
Placebo vs 50 Cent & More – Bitter Kitten (Eve Masscre) (412)
Placebo vs Air – Pure Air (Retroboy) (413)
Placebo vs Air – Sleeping With La Femme D’argent (Alex C) (414)
Placebo vs Arthur Bostrom – Pure Moaning (Dunproofin’) (414)
Placebo vs LCD Soundsystem – Protect My Soundsystem (Eve Massacre) (414)
POD vs Splitloop – Boom It Stereo (Aggro1)
Pogues vs Run DMC & The Dubliners – It’s Whiskey (v2) (Mr Fab) (400)
Police vs Rick James – Put On the Super Freak (Leebuzz)
Pollux – Neesty Oldies 80 Part 1 (397)
Portishead vs Black Sabbath – War Cowboys (Jimmi Jammes) (403)
Portishead vs Daft Punk – Human Over All (Jimmi Jammes) (402)
Primal Scream vs Infekto & Grandmaster Flash – Black Panterh Bass (Eve Massacre) (403)
Primal Scream vs Liquido & Rolling Stones – Narcotic Devil Gets Loaded (Martinn) (404)
Primal Scream vs The Four Tops – Loaded In the Shadows Of Love (Mr Fister) (403)
Primal Scream vs Unknown – Kowalski Bootleg Breaks Remix (GHP) (410)
Princess Superstar vs George McCrea & Styx – Lifted Track (Agent Lovelette) (414)
Prince vs Dire Straits – Flashing For Doves (VJ Trip) (399)
Prince vs Gorrilaz – Dare ’99 (Mr Tortazo) (398)
Prince vs Joni Mitchell – Sue Me If My Big Yellow Taxi Goes Too Fast (Paysano) (404)
Prince vs Stevie Nicks – Road Rage (Bangers & Mash)
Prodigy vs No Doubt – Hella Good Girls (Churchill) (392)
Public Enemy vs Glen Miller Orchestra – Bring the Jugs (DJ BC) (390)
Public Enemy vs Mark B & Blade – Don’t Believe the Signs (Maverick) (402)
Public Enemy vs Primal Scream – Primal Enemy No 1 (El Barto & Liam B) (404)
Public Enemy vs Quadrophonia – Bring the Double Quadrophonia 99 (Zamali) (385)
Pussycat Dolls vs Daft Punk – Don’t Cha Wish One More Time (DJ MiF)
Pussycat Dolls vs Ushers – Yeah, Stand Up and Beep Now (DJ Spox)
Queens Of the Stone Age vs Beyonce & More – Little Sister’s Baby Boy (Joshtrix) (402)
Queen vs Snoop dogg – Drop It Like It’s Radio Ga Ga (v2) (DJ MiF)
Quentin Tarantino vs Cheers Theme – Cheers, Nigga (DJ Eli) (389)
Radio 4 vs Shannon – Radio 4Play (Instamatic) (415)
Rage Against the Machine vs Big Soul – Black River Guerilla (Mad Martigan) (407)
Rammstein vs Kelly Clarkson – Since You’ve Been Rosenrot (DJ Schmolli) (406)
Ramones vs MIA – SLH (Sri Lanka High) (Chaos Productions) (385)
Raveonettes vs Tramps – The Sound Of Love In a Disco Inferno (Fettdog) (392)
Red Hot Chili Peppers vs Beyonce & MIA – Pull-Up, Workouts, & Giveaways (DJ Schmolli) (386)
REM vs Robbie Williams – Losing My Advertising Space (DJ Payroll) (386)
Reverend Run vs Joan Jett & Sly Fox – Let’s Love On the Road (DJ MXR) (416)
Rhianna vs Shirley Ellis – Clap Pon De Replay (Plunderdog)
Richard T Bear vs Elephant Man & Patra – Hater’s Hotel (Noisy Bunch) (406)
Rick James vs Missy Elliott, Khia & The Alpha Conspiracy – Superfreak (Aggro1) (413)
Rihanna vs Shaun Baker – Pon Da Replay Xplode (Hmadsen) (400)
Robbie Williams vs Soul Asylum – Advertising Train (Martinn) (398)
Rockwell vs Men At Work – Who Can It Be Watching Me (v2) (Arty Fufkin) (396)
Rod Stewart vs Kelis & Right Said Fred – I’m Too Sexy For Sex (Roy Batty) (401)
Rod Stewart vs Kelis & Right Said Fred – I’m Too Sexy For Sex (XXX Remix) (Roy Batty) (402)
Rolling Stones vs Michael Jackson – Michael Jackson Is the Devil (El Barto & Liam B) (411)
Run DMC vs G-Unit – Adidas 101 (Tizwarz) (415)
Run DMC vs PJ and Duncan – My Adidas Rocks (Cygh) (389)
Scissor Sisters vs Blueboy – Remember Mama (DJ Nicky T) (389)
Scissor Sisters vs Prince – Party Like You’re Filthy Gorgeous (Apollo Zero) (392)
Scissor Sisters vs Prodigy & Khia – Filthy Gorgeous Girls (Cheekyboy) (389)
Scissor Sisters vs The Beatles – No One Takes Your Freedom (DJ Earworm) (404)
Shaggy vs Kanye West – Sexy Golddigger (Altamira Extended Remix) (386)
Shannon vs The Rasmus – Let the Shadows Play (TBP) (407)
Sheila E vs Buddy Holly – In Love With Belle Buddy (Eve Massacre) (388)
Slipknot vs Fatboy Slim – The Hated Joker (Aggro1) (411)
Snap vs Nine Inch Nails – Rhythm Is a Feeder (Divide & Kreate) (390)
Snoop Dogg vs Michael Jackson – Don’t Stop Signs (DJ MIF) (413)
Snoop Dogg vs Shaggy – It Wasn’t Hot (Final Ver) (Hmadsen) (402)
Soft Cell vs Richard X & More – Splugawiona Milosc (El Barto & Liam B) (411)
Soulwax vs A-Ha – (The Sun Always Shines) On a Miserable Boy (Eve Massacre)
Spektrum vs The Infadels – Kinda Jaggered (Compact Risk) (406)
Stakker vs Flying Pickets – Smells Like Humanoid Spirit (DJ Godzilla) (411)
Stanton Warriors vs First Choice & Salt-N-Pepa – Let No Rocker Push It Under (Bangers & Mash) (389)
Steely Dan vs Chubb Rock – Peg Me Right (Kult Litre) (415)
Stevie Wonder vs Caesars – Jerk It Uptight (Tweaked) (Aber N’ Stein) (413)
Stone Roses vs Dr Dre & Busta Rhymes – Untitled (DJ Nicky T) (387)
Stooges vs Nine Inch Nails – The Hand That’s No Fun (Trentless Vocals Mix) (Totom) (390)
Strategy – Electro Quick-Mix (389)
Streets vs Kelis – Dry Your Eyes Millionaire (Tom C) (394)
Sugababes vs Chemical Brothers – Push the Buttons (Dublxero) (414)
Supertramp vs 50 Cent – Supercent (Chaos Productions) (385)
Sweet vs Glen Campbell – Gentle On My Ballroom Blitz (Excelents) (409)
Tears For Fears vs Lulu & The Lovers – Shout Just Round (TBP) (407)
Tego Calderon vs Beastie Boys – Sacudara Su Raggaeton Grupa (Plur) (410)
Temptations vs Coldplay – Papa Was a Clock (GHP) (410)
Temptations vs Stone Roses – Papa Was a Rose Of Stone (Wicked Edit) (Martinn) (411)
Tilly – Tilly’s Don’t Panic Mix (404)
TLC vs Jennfier Lopez – I Like the Way Jenny Scrubs (DJ Earworm) (404)
Tom Petty vs Wumpscut – Untitled (Aggro1)
Tony Christie vs Albert West – Ginny’s Late On the Way To Amarillo (DJ Schmolli) (409)
Twista vs The Grid – Celebrity Swamp (Matt Bianco) (397)
U2 vs Daft Punk – Around the World On New Years Day (Martinn) (402)
Underworld vs Killers – Brightside Slippy (Instamatic) (415)
Unknown – Lunatics 2 (405)
Usher vs 50 Cent – Yeah In the Candy Shop (Tiny Tim) (408)
Van Halen vs The Supremes – Jump In the Name Of Love (DJ Schmolli)
Vengaboys vs Destiny’s Child – Up Bug Boo Down (H Madsen) (414)
Vengaboys vs Shaggy – Up and Down It Wasn’t Me (H Madsen) (416)
White Stripes vs NERD – She Wants To Twist (Team 9) (412)
Whitney Houston vs Beatmasters – I Wanna Dance With the DJ (Martinn) (393)
Willie Nelson vs 50 Cent – Blue Eyes Cryin ‘In the Rain (DJ Whitebread) (389)
Will Smith vs One T Cool T – The Magic Switch (H Madsen) (417)
Wreckx-N-Effect vs Bruce Lee – Ninja Snatch (DJ Cellist) (395)
Yello vs Beastie Boys – Shake Your Oh Yeah (Knackwurst)
Ying Yang Twins vs Bombay Rockers – Badd Party (v3) (Plur) (395)
Yummy Bingham vs Arrested Development – Untitled (Me-High-Low)