About a month ago, we planted a basil plant in our little garden walkway.  Normally I was buying fresh and dried herbs from the supermarket, and they were pretty expensive.  I always assumed to grow your own little herb garden, it requires a lot of attention and care, but that’s not entirely true.  Besides the planting and giving some fertilizer, that was it.

The basil plant originally had about 18 leaves on it, it was sparse, but now it has hundreds as far as I can see.  I was pretty amazed.  Now when I need it for cooking, like I did tonight to make herb butter, I just went out, tore a few leaves off, washed it under cold water, and chopped it up.  For someone who is lazy like me, this is awesome.  Now I’m considering trying out thyme and rosemary in the garden, perhaps even cilantro.  I mean, why not?

My favorite part is tearing the leaves off and smelling the aroma.  Such a pungent herb.

Fresh basil