The New GrillI spent a bunch of days in Jacksonville, spending time visiting family, going to the dentist, and just enjoying being back amongst civilization again. While up there, my dad bought me my first grill, and yes it is charcoal (I’m not a gas man) along with a bunch of accessories for grilling.

I’ve never grilled before, but I feel I’ll become a master with some practice and passion. It wasn’t until I got my first grill that I fully realized that getting one is a rite of passage for manhood.

While at the store, the cashier, a gruff man in the Garden section of the store, asked if it was my first grill. This is the conversation that resulted:

Me: Yep, my first grill. I’m pretty excited.
Cashier Guy: That is great, I remember my first grill. Oh, be sure you stack the charcoal in a pyramid to start the coals burning, then spread it with a tong. If you’re smoking wood chips, soak them for an hour or more to make sure they don’t burn, and …
Baggage Man looks up from bagging: This is his first grill?
Chshier Guy: Yep! His first grill!
Baggage Man to me: You’re going to love it, man! Don’t buy barbecue sauce, make your own. Start off with …
Manager of store idles over: His first grill?
Baggage Man and Cashier Guy together: Yep!
Manager of store: I remember my first grill. It was a Weber, and it served me well for many years. (Turns to me.) Take good care of it and it will give you years of happiness. You got a cover for the grill? Yes? Good, keep it covered and …
Another employee saunters over: That’s a great grill to get for your first time. Definitely cover it when you’re not using it.

All four men nod in unison and start going hardcore into grilling; tips, choices of meat, recipes, etc. Of course I joined in with the grunting Tim Allen-style and chest-pounding, but I was in a hurry and couldn’t stick around for too long. I guess my rite of passage into manhood is officially complete.