While surfing around, I saw a picture of a kickball, and it brought up a memory I had in elementary school I thought I’d share. It was the 4th or 5th grade, and during recess all the boys would gather around the biggest boy (usually a bully) and two kickball teams would form. Since there was only 1 kickball, the teams were usually quite large, probably around 40 kids per team. Since I was pretty small at the time, and not very popular, I was usually picked near to last each time. I would never get to kick the ball, because by the time it gets near to my turn to kick, the bell would ring.

One day, though, I miraculously got my turn after weeks of never getting my turn. The first pitch/roll to me, I missed miserably. Of course, all the kids laughed and I was super embarassed and mad at myself. That must’ve fueled me, because the next time I kicked the ball so hard, it went over the heads of every kid in the outfield (like 20 of them.) I ended up getting an inside-the-schoolyard homerun, and winning the game. The bell rang shortly after I scored.

The very next day, I was picked third. After that day, second, and each day after that, first. I became a schoolyard legend in kickball that year, and at some point I got to pick my own team. All the boys were so impressed that I could kick so far for such a small kid. I even impressed a girl so much, she lifted her skirt up for me, and I thought that was cool. Much later, in middle school I decided to try my hand at soccer, hoping to get some more hot chicks showing me the goods, but alas, no such luck. But yeah, I always have a fond memory for kickball, and if there was an adult league nearby, I’d definitely join up.