If you haven’t yet, read about my Sony (mis)adventures with their so-called customer support when my 27″ Sony WEGA TV decides to hardly work for me. Sony finally got me a new TV to replace the old flaky one, which died again 3 days ago, and wouldn’t turn back on. It took them months to finally send me a replacement.

Two guys delivered the TV in an uncovered truck, and when I was signing the papers, I asked them what took them so long to get the TV to me, because they called me last Wednesday and told me that I’d have it by Friday, and a whole week later, on a Saturday, they deliver it to me.

They said that one of them had to go to South Florida to make a delivery, and another said his truck was broken down and he had no way of getting it to me. This is the uncovered truck, mind you. How do you have a delivery/repair business if you use an uncovered pickup truck is beyond me. Further proof that I live in Redneckville.

Suffice to say, I don’t intend on ever buying a Sony product. Not with this kind of “support”. I use that term in the most loose term.