Well the Superbowl XXXVIII is over with, and the New England Patriots are the winners, beating the Carolina Panthers at the last minute. It was, at first, a slow and boring game, but picked up and became interesting right near the end.

The half-time show, as MTV promised, was shocking. Justin Timberlake “accidentally” ripped off the cover to Janet Jackson’s right breast, exposing to billions of viewers worldwide her pierced nipple. Naturally both CBS and MTV apologized and said it was unplanned, but we all know better. So we have Michael Jackson exposing himself to teenage boys, and Janet Jackson decided to one-up him by exposing herself to half the world’s population (discounting India and China.) Look for Jermaine Jackson to expose himself to an elementary school near you, and Tito Jackson to show up on a NASA space shuttle buck naked on the next mission to Mars. Oh yea, and a streaker ran onto the field too. Where was Terry Tate the Office Linebacker when you need him? Actually a linebacker did tackle the streaker, but his name is Matt Chatham.

So besides breast-baring to the world, and tackled streakers, the commercials were certainly a nice highlight of the Superbowl. My absolute favorite was the FedEx one, with the Alien in it. It was genius, and very hilarious. If somehow you missed the commercials, you can view them in Real, Windows Media, or Quicktime format at iFilms. Other good ones was the Clydesdale Donkey and Horny Talking Monkey from Budweiser. Not to mention the Truth ad that attacks tabacco companies about shards of glass in popsicles. It’s pure genius, and they even have a website up, and I want to buy the t-shirt for my birthday coming up. Finally, if you wonder why Superbowl commercials are such a big event, and so good, here’s a site with info on it all.