The breaks down a rap song and translates it into English for those of us that actually understand English (and not rap.) It’s pretty hilarious, although you can expect vulgar language to be in this article. I’m not too big on most of the rap out there, although I do like a few.

“The unbelievable success of songs like 50 Cent’s “In Da Club” and Lil’ Kim’s “Magic Stick” are proof that 2003 is the worst year on record for music. The current formula? Dumb things down so that we can all relate on the most basic, animalistic level… and to hell with any form of intelligence.”

My roommate has come to the same conclusion, and has written a positive rap song, pleading to the music artists out there to stop filling the youths of today’s nation heads with crap. Negative stuff, mean stuff, sexually explicit stuff, and so on.

There are 13-year old kids that listen to some really negative music and think it’s cool, and I have to agree with my roommate, it’s getting pretty bad these days. It’s bad enough that Eminem is gloating about wanting to kill his mom and people buy his record in millions. The Black Eyed Peas demonstrated that a positive rap song would be met with success, with “Where’s The Love?”, so why don’t more artists follow that road?