I got a couple of really interesting presents from a friend in Chile, who is a loyal reader of my other site, 3DGPU.com. We had set up a Secret Santa thing, where we all enter our name and addresses, and we randomly send a present to a person, and that person had to send a present to another random person, and so on. I sent a present to a guy who lives in Texas.

The first gift is of a wooden statue with a big grin on its face. It lifts up to display a naughty feature, which I’m sure you can figure out — it is grinning after all.
The second gift is a really nice liquor, and quite exotic, too. It’s called El Pisco de Chile, or The Pisco of Chile in English. The bottle is unique and certainly a lovely display piece, with a neat cap. For more information, you can read the label. It has a recipe to make a sour mix, where you add lemon juice, water, and sugar to the liquor. The smell is very aromatic and sweet, with a hint of sour to it. Quite pleasant and certainly unique. I can’t wait to try it out.