There’s a site with a Quicktime movie (streaming) that puts up a smear campaign against Apple’s iPod, largely regarded as the best hard-drive based MP3 player, no question asked. One of the biggest complaints about the iPod, and one of the few, is that the battery life is around 18 months, and when that happens, Apple will replace it for the same amount a brand new iPod would cost. In other word, you can’ just buy a spare rechargeable battery pack for like $40. That’s the price of a new separate battery pack would cost for my Canon S400 digital camera. I came close to getting an iPod a few times, but always held off, due to the battery issue, and also the price compared to competitors. Saw this bit on Boing Boing Blog.

SteveB lets me know in the comment that you can order a replacement battery at Although I’ve heard that it voids the warranty that comes with the iPod, so keep that in mind.