Lately I’ve been focusing a lot on my own personal health, and have been eating more vegetables than I ever have in my life. I think it’s all part of growing old or something. In any case, my roommate’s brother has mentioned to me that when he worked at the hospital, that there was a doctor he befriended who told him he does autopsies all the time, and he has discovered that a lot of people these days have a dull dark grey covering on the outside of the brain, instead of the normal pink fleshy matter. They did some analysis on the material, and it was a thin membrane of aluminium. There’s no solid way of knowing how the aluminium got there, but it’s thought that drinking sodas out of cans, eating pickles (which has trace aluminium in it), and even handling regular aluminium with your hands, possibly transfers it to your brain. I’m not sure if it’s true or not, but it makes you really wonder….

Not to mention he told me that, to save money, cow slaughterhouses are using the remains of cows to chop them up and grind them into little pieces, and feeding the live cows with it. This, in turn, causes Mad Cow Disease. Imagine an outbreak, killing millions of people, all because we eat hamburgers and other dairy products. Maybe I should avoid anything beef and dairy-related. I’m not gullible, but what if? I’m not sure I could discipline myself though, even if I wanted to. I was raised on fast food, junk food, etc. It’s pretty much a part of my livlihood.

Just food for thought (Sorry).