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M is for Marketing, Moron

A lot of people dislike lawyers, they have a bad reputation among the plebes of the world. That’s understandable; the vast majority of them are greedy, conniving bastards. However I wonder why people in marketing and sales don’t have as bad a reputation as lawyers. Those in press relations annoy the hell out of me….

Gmail Locked Me Out

I can’t check my email because Google has decided to lock me out. According to Google, I’m using a 3rd party application they don’t support, except I’m using their own provided software, Gmail Notifier, to check my email. This is the message they give me: Our system indicates unusual usage of your account. In order…

Standards-Compliant Wrongly Used

While checking out Internet Explorer 7’s (beta) ability to render webpages, I’ve found that GoDaddy won’t let me use their site without telling me that my browser is old, and isn’t standards-compliant. The first mistake they made, is assuming the browser I’m using is old. The second mistake is that they claim it’s because the…

Frustration with Wikipes

When I came up with the idea of Wikipes to provide an easy way for anyone to submit recipes using the wiki-concept, I didn’t know what wiki software to use. I tried out numerous ones, from the famous Mediawiki one that Wikipedia uses, to PhpWiki, and numerous others. Most were very difficult to customize and…