50 Cent

From AllHipHop.com:

To promote its new “Why Pay More” value menu, Taco Bell sent 50 Cent an offer letter obtained by AllHipHop.com, asking him to change his name to either 79 Cent, 89 Cent or 99 Cent for one day this summer.

Cue bigwigs in a meeting watching a security cam footage of Seventty-Nine rapping at a drive-in:

Warning: Don’t continue reading if crude, immature, juvenile, jock humor offends you.

“Yo yo, sup bitch, oh shit girl, you be phat
I got three naked honeys bumpin’ in the back
Their titties swingin’ all over my gold grills,
Their cunts drippin’ with tasty sauce, and I drank my fill.

They be hungry, yo!
For you see, they be smokin’ mad blunt,
So I pull up in dis Taco Bell, what da dealio,
and all we want is fitty seventty-nine cent taco up front.

Bigwig 1: What, no mention of Cristal? We could’ve had a marketing opportunity!