Update: Ping.FM is no longer available. The information below is now obsolete.

With Ping.FM sending status updates, micro-blog posts, and blog posts to a number of different services, I thought it’d be nice to be able to quickly send an update using Launchy.

To do this, it requires the installation of Blat, a command-line email utility.  Here’s a mini-guide on how to get posting to Ping.FM using Launchy:

  1. Download and install Blat.  Here’s an example line on how to install Blat using these details — email: [email protected], smtp server: mail.goodblimey.com, username: mattieboo, and password: blah
    blat -install mail.goodblimey.com [email protected] - - - mattieboo blah
  2. Open Launchy options and click on the Plugins tab.  Click on Runner and double-click the Program field, then enter the path to the Blat executable.
  3. Double-click on Arguments and enter this:
    - -to [email protected] -f [email protected] -subject Ping -body "$$"

    Where [email protected] is the email Ping.fm gives you to send in updates.

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