I have a bevy of electronic devices in my room that basically function as nightlights. When I get up in the middle of the night, even as bad as my eyesight is, I can see where everything is without bumping into anything. Here’s a list of devices, and the type of light they provide in order of brightness and type of lights.

Throbber for steady dimming/brightening, Flickering for rapid on/off, and Steady for staying at the same brightness indefinitely.

  1. Hava Platinum HD Placeshifter (Steady)
  2. 8GB Sandisk Cruzer Flash Drive (Throbber)
  3. 500GB Maxtor OneTouch External Hard Drive (Throbber)
  4. 17″ Macbook Pro Notebook Computer (Throbber)
  5. Xbox 360 Gaming Console (Steady)
  6. Linksys WRT54G Wireless Router (Flickering)
  7. 2Mbps/200Kbps Roadrunner Cable Modem (Flickering)
  8. HDTV Cable Receiver (Steady)
  9. Headphone Amp (Steady)

You can see a picture of my electronic nightlights here:

Nightlights for Nerds