Year: 2007

In The Beginning

Adam: “God, I’m so lonely by myself.  There’s nothing to do around here, and I’m tired of playing with the lions and the sheep.  What else can I do?” God:  “I have an idea I’ve been working on.  I will create a companion for you, called a woman.  Although, I have to warn you, she’ll…

To Be Blind, Or Not To Be

A month ago, I noticed a serious degradation in my vision.  While in the bathroom one day, I closed my right eye and and nearly panicked.  I could barely see out of my left eye;  everything was very blurry, and I couldn’t see any details.  My right eye, while also sporting bad eyesight, was the…

Tomb Raider: Anniversary Video

Welcome back, Miss Croft! After countless sequels of crappy Tomb Raiders, finally a version comes out that recaptures that magic of the first two games. This Anniversary edition reimagines the first Tomb Raider, the one I have so many fond memories of, and updates it with modern graphics, new gameplay mechanics, and a remastered soundtrack….

Elitist Music Snob

Sometimes I wonder if, because of my music listening habits, I have become an elitist music snob. I’m always sneering at any artists on MTV, or the current popular Billboard chart toppers. However, according to this site, I am ~30% mainstream. What it does is take my listening habits from (which records every single…