Year: 2007

Watching Old Movies

I’ve developed an odd new interest, at least for me.  You see, for as long as I could remember, I had this adverse reaction to watching any movie made before 1980.  Sure, I’ve seen a few good movies made in the 70’s, but I always hated the old-timey look, the acting style, dress style, hair…

My New Website –

I’ve put together a new website a couple days ago, and whipped up a design for it. The site is Basically I record videos of games I’m playing and put them up in high-quality, widescreen streaming Flash videos. I’ve been doing that here at but figure I’d get more interest if I had…

A Story about Rotten Pork

My roommate doesn’t eat pork (something about swine in Bible = no pork) and so when someone gave her a huge pot roast, she went out and buried it. I didn’t know this, she never mentioned it to me.  One day one of our cats killed a rabbit and left it on the front porch….

Uniqlock – Music Dance Video Clock

So which is it?  A music video?  A dance video?  A clock?  It’s all of the above, and it’s mostly a way to sell polo shirts.  Absolutely brilliant, hypnotic, and the music is great too.  See for yourself: