I’ve developed an odd new interest, at least for me.  You see, for as long as I could remember, I had this adverse reaction to watching any movie made before 1980.  Sure, I’ve seen a few good movies made in the 70’s, but I always hated the old-timey look, the acting style, dress style, hair style, music selection, and so forth.  I just couldn’t stand it.  It got worse the further back in time the movie was.

Lately however, I’m finding myself on AMC and MoviePlex, watching some old movies.  The other day I saw Anne of the Thousand Days, which came out in 1969, and thoroughly enjoyed it.  The acting, the dialogue, writing, everything was great, and I enjoyed the whole movie.  Then I saw Cowboy, released in 1958, and even though I’m not big on Westerns, this one had great dialogue, action, and acting.  You’d think with such a generic, simple title it’d be hokey or stupid, but it wasn’t.  I was pleasantly surprised.

So now I find myself staying on these channels more often than not, whereas before I’d skip right past them without a second thought.  I told my dad about this, and asked if it was a preliminary sign of a mid-life crisis, and all I got was a scoff.  In any case, here’s to old, but great, movies.