A few weeks ago, there were police, a firetruck, and an ambulance outside a house right down the road from my house.  When questioned by the police officer to see if they could get a lead on the investigation, it turns out a guy who lived there with his mom was attacked by a robber when he walked in on the heist.  The robber struck him on the back of his head so hard, it gave him a concussion and he wasn’t coherent to the investigators for days.  The whole neighborhood was nervous after this attack.

Recently in a local newspaper article, it was mentioned that the investigation was closed and the case was solved.  As it turns out, the guy who was struck by the robber, was losing his girlfriend and in a desperate bid to get her to feel sorry for him and not leave him, he paid someone to attack him and stage a robbery.

I was speechless, when I read that.

Since it was his first offense, he didn’t go to jail.  I assume he likely got community service and probation.  What they should’ve done was had him hand over his Man card, because what he pulled was just … well, pathetic.  The woman must be pretty amazing.  Maybe she has huge … tracts of land?