Month: May 2007

My DeskShot

I just uploaded my DeskShot. I spend a lot of time on and around computers. I fix them for other people for money. I use mine for entertainment, watching widescreen movies, playing the latest games, and listening to music. I use mine for research and learning, and for communicating with friends and family. I use…

Smashing Pumpkins – Tarantula (Single)

From the radio to the internet, here’s Smashing Pumpkins new single, Tarantula. It’s off of their upcoming album, Zeitgeist, due out in July. [audio:Smashing Pumpkins – Tarantula.mp3] It is reminiscent of old school SP, as if it came off of the Gish album. This is good, in my opinion, as I didn’t really care for…

Ladies Welcome

I got a new bed set and pillow today. Old & Busted: New Hotness:

Your What Itches?

There are many moments in life where people use a default phrase to brush something off, or to feign disinterest. Usually it’s “whatever” or a roll of the eyes and a scoff. Or they’ll say an emotionless “huh.” Not me — no siree, I do it differently, because I find mine is a lot more…