Wow, 3 championships won in the past two years by the University of Florida Gators. Two by the basketball team, back-to-back, and one by the football team. I tell you, as a life-long Gators fan, I am truly becoming spoiled with all this winning of championships. They’re going to have to make bigger cases to display all the trophies in Gainesville! My poor aunt and uncle buying me championship gears (t-shirts, mugs, pictures, books, dvd’s) are going to go broke if this keeps up.

Congratulations, Florida Gators for winning the 2007 NCAA basketball championship! The icing on the cake was that they beat Ohio State … again, after having beat them in the 2007 BCS football championship earlier this year, 41-14. I consider myself truly blessed to see this team in action for two years. My sister, who will be graduating from University of Florida this August, will once again be in the midst of Partytown Central. I say it’s good to be a Gator!

Florida Gators 2007 NCAA Basketball Champions