Month: April 2007

Declining Online Chats, Me or Them?

Years ago, I had a lot of online “buddies” on my buddy list, whether it’s for AIM, Yahoo, or MSN (I used Trillian to use all 3 service at the same time.) As the years gone by, the list has dwindled, and today there’s only 3 people I talk to on a regular basis. I’ve…

Why Do I Even Blog?

As the years gone by, I still am uncomfortable with having a blog. Occasionally I’ll want to post something, usually because I want to share something great, or to appease the 3 women that actually visit this site asking why I don’t post much (hi ex-lover, hi stalker, hi mom.) The truth of the matter…

Song To Play At Your Funeral

Someone asked what song I’d like to have playing at my funeral. I thought I was going to sit long and hard, thinking about it. Nope, immediately I knew what I’d like at my funeral. Twisted Sister’s We’re Not Gonna Take It; put it up to eleven. Norman Greenbaum’s Spirit in the Sky is a…

Leading Ladies – Playlist

Here’s a playlist of songs I’ve made at Finetune, consisting of leading ladies with beautiful, soothing voices that I always enjoy. When I’m feeling miserable and depressed, these are the artists I turn to get me relaxed.