For my 28th birthday (yesterday) I spent the first hour (12:30 a.m.) in the emergency room. I had excruciating pain in my tooth, which was giving me a monster headache. I hadn’t slept much in the past 3 days, and it was getting unbearable. So a visit to the emergency room on my birthday had me taking painkillers and antibiotics. I have a dentist appointment later today, and I hope to address the toothache and more.

Not all was bad though. I had a great birthday, as I grilled hot dogs and my roommate made an excellent butter pecan birthday cake for me. A neighbor came over and everyone had a good time. A lot of my family called and wished me a happy birthday, and I had nice long talks with my brothers and sister. So beyond the tooth pain, I am grateful that I have a family that loves me and a roommate who is truly an angel.

Oh, being 28 isn’t all it is cracked up to be. Whoever said being 28 is the new 21 is lying and should be kicked in the face.