Back in April last year, I celebrated the championship of the Gators when the men’s basketball team thrashed and dominated UCLA.  Now today I celebrate the championship of the men’s football team, who like the basketball team during the championship game, thrashed and dominated Ohio State University.  It was an absolute killing in every facet of the game.  The final score?  41-14!  Phew.

What made it sweeter is that everyone, from analysts, betters, and football fans everywhere said the Gators don’t deserve to be in the title game.  That they aren’t good enough to face the juggernaut that is Ohio State, who demolished everyone (except Michigan) on their schedule.  Judging by last night’s game, looks like they just had a weak schedule.  Come to the SEC, OSU, then let’s see how you fare.  As a note, OSU are now 0 for 8 against SEC teams.  Big 10 went 2-5 in Bowl games this year.

Chris Leak, the MVP of the game, deserved the championship.  He faced every kind of obstacle a quarterback can face – changing coaches, offense philosophies, different guidelines, etc.  Yet he overcame it all, and now he’s one of two best quarterbacks the University of Florida has ever had in its 100 year college football history.  I remember when he first announced he would become a Florida Gators back in 2003, he told other kids who were thinking of going to Florida, to join him and win a championship with him.  He delivered on that promise.

So congratulations, Gators, it was a very fun season to watch, and the championship game was extremely exciting.  You’ve made this lifelong Gators one very happy fan!  Go Gators!