Month: December 2006

My Morning Jacket Live

Other than the Florida Gators going to the national title game, this video of My Morning Jacket live at Austin City Limits has been the highlight of my week: My Morning Jacket has to be the best live rock band in America today. Watching this performance gives me goosebumps everytime.

AOL TV Listings

Since Yahoo’s TV listing service has gone down the (boob?) tubes (see the irate members dissing Yahoo), I’ve been looking around for alternatives.  The best I could come up with was Zap2It’s service, but the design leaves much to be desired.  Ironically AOL’s service has won me over, since it is powered by Zap2It, and…

Florida Gators – 2006 SEC Champions

Update: The Gators are the BCS National Champions! They beat Ohio State 41-14. See my post here. College football is where it’s at.  I don’t even watch or root for any NFL teams, because it cannot compare to the excitement, rivalries, and unpredictability of college football.  My father and I are both lifelong Florida Gators…