I was so enthralled with The Arcade Fire when the Funeral album in late 2004 came out, that I bought the physical album, which was something I hadn’t done in years.  I’d always buy my music online.  Now with their new album, Neon Bible, right around the corner (March-April 2007), I’m getting excited again.

A couple of days ago they released a teaser from the new album, called Intervention, which you can hear below.

[audio:Arcade Fire – Intervention.mp3]

Update: I remembered that I have a live recording of Intervention from The Arcade Fire when they played for the Santa Monica college radio station, KCRW. The difference from the retail and the live version is remarkable, but I absolutely love both. Here’s the song for your listening pleasure:

[audio:The Arcade Fire – Intervention (Live on KCRW).mp3]