Update: The Gators are the BCS National Champions! They beat Ohio State 41-14. See my post here.

College football is where it’s at.  I don’t even watch or root for any NFL teams, because it cannot compare to the excitement, rivalries, and unpredictability of college football.  My father and I are both lifelong Florida Gators fans, and not just football, but basketball, baseball, and even the women volleyball.

Tonight the Gators are SEC champions, beating Arkansas 38-28, and it was a tremendously exciting game to the very end.  The SEC is the toughest conference in the nation, no questions asked, and the Gators are on top of it.

Growing up in the Fun ‘n’ Gun offense of Steve Spurrier, I was spoiled rotten.  The Gators won so many SEC championship, and a national champion title, that I took it for granted.  When Steve left to the NFL, and Ron Zook became coach, I knew it wouldn’t be the same, and it wasn’t.  I didn’t start fireronzook.com but I was supportive of the idea.  After 3 bad seasons, he was fired, and Urban Meyers was hired to start a new dynasty.  I knew his style isn’t the same as Spurrier, but I just knew he was going to bring the glory back to The Swamp in Gainesville.

Tonight, in just his second season as head coach at University of Florida, Coach Meyers has brought back the glory to Gator Nation.  The Swamp is once again a feared destination for any hapless team heading to play there.

I’d also like to thank many of the players on the team — especially Chris Leak who had to make so many adjustments in his 4 years at Florida.  He broke records left and right even against such obstacles, and he won a well-deserved SEC championship ring.  He passed Danny Wuerffel and Shane Matthews in top records such as passing attempts, passing completions, and total yards.  That is just amazing.

Other players who made it happen are Billy Latsko, Dallas Baker, Percy Harvins, Tim Tebow, Andre Caldwell, and definitely not least, the supremely dominating defense.  Marcus Thomas was great before he got suspended for smoking weed (and let his team down), Earl Everett, Brandon Siler, Reggie Nelson, Ryan Smith, and the rest of the D were one of the top reasons why the Gators were 12-1 this season, and in many cases were the sole reason the Gators won a game.

I’m not going to argue for the Gators deserving a chance at the national title game against Ohio State, and not a rematch with Michigan.  I’m not going to go at lengths about the BCS ratings system, because that’s a whole huge can of worms.  Right now I’m just proud of the win, and the season as a whole.

So congratulations Florida Gators, you’ve made a lifelong Gators fan very happy tonight.  With the basketball team winning the national championship just 4 months ago, and now the football team possibly having a chance to play in the national title game, the Florida Athletic Program is looking mighty fine indeed.  Go Gators!