Month: November 2006

Icemat Siberia Headset Review

Living with two roommates who don’t share my movie, music, and gaming enthusiasm means I have to use headphones at all times. You could say I have a mild headphone fetish, and over the years, I’ve tried a dozen of them. From the humble beginnings of generic Wal-mart Sony earphones, then the Shure E2C earphones, the…

Mashup Torrents Available

Due to popular demand, I’ve made available torrents for each volume of mashups on the Tunes page. I am uploading this from my own connection, and I can upload up to 245kB/sec, so it may take a little while for more seeders other than me to happen and the speed to increase. Enjoy! Update: Due…

A Review on ReviewMe

Sorry if the title is a little confusing; this is a review of a new advertising service available online called ReviewMe.  As a note, I am being paid to write up this review, but I can assure you, in my years of reviewing products, services, and software, I’m always up-front and comprehensive with my assessments….

The Black Keys – Your Touch

The Black Keys came out around the time The White Stripes did, but since The Black Keys are more low-fi and less mainstream but pure bluesy rock, they didn’t get as much exposure as The White Stripes.  This isn’t a knock against The White Stripes, as I think they are excellent too, but when I want the raw…