I’ve come to the conclusion after watching this episode, that in all my years watching television, this was the best I’ve ever experienced and enjoyed.  Battlestar Galactica has been my favorite television show since I first watched the pilot episode in 2003, and season 3 this year has proven the show gets better and better.

I couldn’t help but revel in a true classic. I got goosebumps so many times during the show.   I got elated, I teared up, and some moments were uncomfortable and painful as I envisioned myself in the shoes of some of the characters’ toughest challenge yet. This one had just about every emotion you could go through in a television show, and then some.

Already online, people are marveling at the “Adama maneuver”, a fictional maneuver of a large battleship that makes sense and truly exemplified why this science fiction show is not too far-fetched from a realistic future. I was just absolutely stunned when I saw it, it was just brilliant in execution.

All of this couldn’t be pulled off if the actors and actresses weren’t talented. But they are, immensely so. The cast is just perfect for this show, all of them are believable and unforgettable.

I’m just extremely grateful that this show was created, and that it is in its 3rd season (and I hope many more if it remains at this caliber.)