I’m not one to really mull over bad calls in a sports game, but when it affects such a stellar performance by a freshman, and nearly costs the team the game, it has me really annoyed.

Here’s a video of the bad calls that was the reason why the game between the Florida Gators versus the Tennessee Volunteers has the Gators on top 21-20.  The Vols should send a thank-you note to the referees for keeping them in the game to the very end, or at least ask them where they were when they almost lost to Air Force.

SEC officiating wasn’t just horrible in this game, but also in the LSU vs. Auburn game, where LSU ended up getting the short end of the stick.

I firmly believe that the new rule changes to the time for NCAA football games has the referees making bad calls (or not making any at all where there should’ve been one) because of these rule changes.  They are pressured to save time in a football game, all so more TV commercials can be displayed.