There’s something nice about having your own swimming pool.  Of course, I had my own lake out back at the old house in Interlachen, but I never felt comfortable swimming in a lake, especially with all the fish peeing and pooping in it.  However, a swimming pool is like a whole new world.

Not only is it great for physical fitness, and enjoyment, but it looks great.  The swimming pool is inside a screened-in enclosure, so there’s no leaves falling in it, no bugs, no mosquitoes or horse flies buzzing around.  It’s always pure looking, bright blue, and inviting.  Everytime I walk by it to take the dogs for a walk, it invites me to dive in and enjoy the crystal cool feeling of clean water.

At night, it’s neat to turn on the light in the pool and look out there.  At 6 in the morning, right when the sun starts rising over the horizon, it’s fun to start off a day with a brisk swim.  Before, I never realized the value of having your own swimming pool, but now I do.