Month: February 2006

I Crack Myself Up

Sometimes I get so silly, I can’t help myself. This time I gone off and done it again. What would happen if Google bought MySpace? GoogleSpace! Here’s my GoogleSpace: – Warning: Not boss/kid safe.

Oh No You Didn’t!

Sweet mother of Jesus!  Someone made crawfish cappucino on Iron Chef. That’s just … wrong.

Southern by the Grace of God

I found a few things lying around the kitchen to make this southern dish. It consists of cooked white rice at the bottom, then layered on top collard greens that was cooked in spicy pickled garlic (5 cloves), balsamic vinegar, and lots of salt. Then on top of that I layered black eyed peas that…

Top 10 Facts about Jack Bauer

People know plenty about Chuck Norris, but what about the man who can kick his butt in his sleep, Jack Bauer? If you’re in the dark, Jack Bauer is the fictional character from the hit television show, 24. Here are the top 10 facts about Jack Bauer you should know: When he yells at you…