Year: 2005

Google Analytics

After checking out both Mint and MeasureMaps in this post, I figure I should check out the new Google Analytics, which is a rebranded Urchin software. Analytics, while not entirely similar to either Mint or MeasureMaps, still provides essential stats about your visitors to your site. Google bought up Urchin last year, and Analytics is…

The Movies

Lionhead Studios has put out a game that I’ve been enjoying a lot lately, called The Movies. It allows you to build a Hollywood studio from scratch, and even create movies yourself. Although it is limiting when you start out, it gets better. Unfortunately there are a lot of quirks that kind of ruin the…

The Blue Angels Air Show

The past weekend, I spent some time with my mom, little brothers, sister, and their friends while in Jacksonville. We decided to go check out the Blue Angels Air Show, as the day was beautiful and cool. It’s been over 10 years since I’ve been to an air show, and it was a real blast….

The Latest Stat Tracking Services

As a web designer, I’m afforded one of the luxuries (read: addiction) of checking to see who visited my site, other sites that have linked to mine, and what search terms were used for search engines to refer traffic to the site. It’s always fascinating to see what other sites have to say about your…