Update: There are now 2,748 songs. As a thank you reward for a donation to help with bandwidth from sharing the whole collection, you get access to all of the songs, which totals 18GB. See the Tunes page for more details.

I’ve uploaded Volume 7, which includes 419 brand new mashups for you to enjoy on the Tunes page. If you haven’t checked out the mashup tunes, now’s a good time to do so. Donations aren’t required this time around to help out with bandwidth, as I feel this small collection shouldn’t pose a problem with the bandwidth.

If you’re not familiar with mashups, think of it as a bastard child of two songs, mixed in together. It can include totally different genres, tempos, and even alter the meaning of the two songs when combined. It’s quite neat, and has to be experienced to understand. Visit the Tunes page to start listening.