Month: October 2005

Tunes Page Updated – Now Chilled

The mashups have been taken down for now, and I’ve put up a collection of ambient tunes that will chill you out, enlighten you, and generally put a smile on your face. It’s relaxing music that is perfect while working, as it doesn’t distract, but complements your mood. It’ll cheer you up when you’re down,…

Buddy, the Candy Stealer

Kimberly just got back from going around trick or treating, hording a lot of candy, and she decided to dump all of it on her bed. While she was eating some reheated dinner, Buddy apparently decided to go in her room and see what all the goodies on her bed was. When I go to…

Half-Life 2: Lost Coast

Valve Software released the Lost Coast update for Half-Life 2 that showcases HDR technology.  The last time a technology impressed me for PC gaming was when FSAA and anistropic filtering cleaned up the image in our games.  Now HDR promises to render realistic light in the environment, even stimulating how your eyes adjust in dark…

Elusivity of Good Moods

It seems the older I get, the more I appreciate being able to retain a good mood throughout the day. Today I woke up with no expectations, wondering if it was going to be a good day, or a bad one. So far it’s turning out good. Here’s why: Got my $40 wireless gamepad back….