There has been a dog hanging around our yard, it seems, and tonight he was by our carport barking at the raccoons that like to congregate in there for dinner (we set out dog food for them.)

When we approached this dog, he was real friendly, and as we soon found out very hungry and thirsty. After much deliberation, I let him in, gave him a much needed bath/shampoo. I wasn’t able to get him completely clean, some of his fur is matted with burrs and twigs that he wouldn’t let me easily get out. He’s much cleaner though. He’s now staying in the house as I type this, lying on an old computer chair that is perfect for him.

We’ll check the local vets and shelters to see if there are anyone looking for him that match his descriptions. Maybe someone is looking for him, although out here rednecks love to move out and leave their pets outside to fend for themselves. I can’t stand that. But you never know, maybe a little girl lost her favorite pet.

pet dog

I named him Buddy, because I kept calling him that while giving him a bath and trying to calm him down. “It’s okay, little buddy, just getting you all cleaned up.” I would say to him. If we don’t find an owner looking for him, I may just have a new pet.

Update: Took him to the vet and just got back. Turns out he’s a showroom dog; a Yorkshire Terrier, male and unneutered. Got an anti-flea ointment and will give him a bath again. I’ll be calling the Humane Society here in town and let them know I’ve found a dog and see if anyone is looking for him. Who knew he’d be an expensive dog, although I don’t care much about that, I love the friendly personality he has.