You may remember I had posted about Pandora, an impressive service that introduces new music to you, and accurately hits your tastes. Well someone had mentioned to me about which is similar, except a bit more featured-packed, and it recommends music to you differently.

last-fm player

You see, Pandora scientifically finds what music you like based on the artist you tell it you like. It analyzes the rhythm, tempo, flow, and more of the music, and gives you artists with similar stylings. With, it does it based on what others who has similar tastes to you, have deemed good. It gives you popularity results, and while it’s not as accurate as Pandora’s method, it’s still fantastic.

The thing about that I really like is how it ties into your favorite media player (in my case, iTunes) and updates your own profile page with all the music you play, giving you charts on artists you like, albums, and other neat stats. There are a lot of other features that makes the service well worth checking out, especially since it is free.

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