An email was sent to me tonight by someone who I don’t know, it was possibly spam, but of a positive kind. It asked me to donate to the American Red Cross to help out those who were affected by Hurricane Katrina. The good thing about the email (spam?) was that it made me wonder if my host lets me use the donations sent to me by the people to help out with the bandwidth on this site, and allow me to donate it to the American Red Cross.

When I checked, I was pleased to see they provided an easy way for me to donate to the American Red Cross using the donations I’ve received, and not only that, but they will match the amount I donate, thus doubling the donation. Since this month not as much bandwidth was consumed as expected, I didn’t have to dip into the donations to pay for extra bandwidth. Therefore, I’ve donated $500 to the American Red Cross.

A big thanks go to my host, Dreamhost, for providing the opportunity to do so, for making it easy, and for matching it. I believe all of you who have donated, will be pleased by this action, as well, as you have helped out.

Please, if you can, donate to the American Red Cross.