Here’s a nifty web app that I’m finding very useful as my own homepage. It’s called Protopage, and it allows you to have your own page where you can put in links to any webpage you want and create sticky notes.

All of it is done via a simple interface that you’ll grasp right away. They mention more features will be implemented (perhaps RSS feeds can be put in, further customizing of the interface, widgets even?), so it can get even neater.

You can see my page at (it can be made public or private, your choice.)

Update: These cool web apps have a name, and I didn’t realize it until now; Web 2.0. With my newfound love for these cool services, I’ve discovered that the best way to find new ones is via TechCrunch. They stay on top of the web apps world with updates on new ones that you should check out. Nice!