Razer sent me some photos of their new mouse, the Copperhead, which was recently announced. Photos:

Company pitch:

Powered by Razer Precision(tm) technology, the Copperhead’s laser sensor has an unequaled tracking precision of up to 2000 dpi, making it the most precise gaming mouse available. As a full speed USB device, the Copperhead is also the fastest mouse compared to other gaming mice. Its 16 bit data channel features 1000Hz Ultrapolling(tm) capabilities, and with a 1 millisecond response rate, the Copperhead empowers gamers with lightning-fast response that can mean the difference between fragging vs. getting fragged to the hardcore gamer. The mouse features a frame rate of over 7000 frames per second (fps) – far surpassing the industry’s current frame rate of 6400 fps and high-speed motion detection of more than 50 inches/second.

Suddenly my Logitech MX510 doesn’t seem so hot anymore.