The PC gaming scene has dried up this summer, so I thought I’d point out some games from independent developers whose #1 priority is fun (which can’t be said for other big-budget “AAA” titles.) Here’s some goodies to check out:

  • Mount & Blade – A simplistic medieval game, with old school graphics, but lots of fun. The combat is especially slick. Open-ended, and with lots of strategy involved.
  • Laser Dolphin – An Ecco the Dolphin (a brilliant Sega Genesis game back in the days) remake with lasers involved.
  • Trash – A RTS with a nice style, and good fun.
  • They Came From Hollywood – Star in your own B-list horror movie, and trash the city as a giant monster on a rampage. Sports a very nice engine.
  • Astrogeddon – New school makeover of the classic Atari game, Asteroids.

While, not independent, Fate from WildTangent is insanely addictive and cheap. Think of it as a Diablo 1 in a cutesy World of Warcraft style.