Month: August 2005

Pandora – Your Own Radio Station

I’ve been hearing a lot about Pandora thanks to the profile by TechCrunch, and at first I wasn’t aware as to why it was deemed so wonderful. Since it has gone public today, however, I’m realizing why it may just be revolutionary for music lovers everywhere. Here’s how it works: You tell it what artist…

Aged Sumatra Coffee

Normally I don’t consider myself a coffee nut, but recently when I purchased a new coffee maker and grinder (see related post), I’ve been dabbling in gourmet whole bean coffee beans from Peet’s. It wasn’t until I ordered and am now enjoying the Aged Sumatra coffee beans that I’ve fallen in love with coffee all…

Duck Doom

Combine the NES lightgun classic, Duck Hunt, with the legendary first-person shooter, Doom, and you get Duck Doom. It’s pretty hilarious, and quite fun. At the very least, it brings back good memories.

Google Talk Released

Once again Google has done it again. They’ve released a stellar software that you can’t help but love. Google Talk hopes to compete against AOL’s AIM, MSN’s Messenger, Yahoo’s Messenger, Cerulean Studio’s Trillian, and GAIM. Essentially it’s an instant messaging software with quality VOIP capabilities so you can call someone up over the internet and…