Month: June 2005

Smashing Pumpkins To Reunite?

First Trent Reznor releases a new album (With Teeth) and now Billy Corgan announces in a Chicago newspaper ad that he wants to reunite The Smashing Pumpkins. It’s like a flashback from my childhood except it’s permanent. I actually liked the Zwan band he put together, and so far am enjoying his solo work, The…

Is This Thing On?

I’ve been AWOL the past 4 days due to my DSL connection not working anymore. I had called Alltel after I figured out the problem isn’t on my end, and they sent someone out to check. It took numerous visits, reconfiguring of wires, a new router, and 4 days to get it back to working…

Song of the Week – White Shadows

With the new Coldplay album out, X&Y, we now can breath a sigh of relief. After their previous album won positive reviews all over the globe, the 2 years between that album and this new one made people wonder if they were a fluke. Fortunately, the album proves they’re still good. While some people feel…

Version 6 Redesign

As you may have noticed, shortly after the previous redesign of this site, I got sick of it and decided to do it again. You’re now seeing the result of redesign version 6 (this is the 6th redesign of GoodBlimey.) I’m still tinkering with it, but hopefully you like the new, bright look.