I’ve been AWOL the past 4 days due to my DSL connection not working anymore. I had called Alltel after I figured out the problem isn’t on my end, and they sent someone out to check. It took numerous visits, reconfiguring of wires, a new router, and 4 days to get it back to working order. It seems that there was a short in a couple of the lines, which was also causing static. Now my DSL connection is stable, and download speeds are now higher and consistent, whereas before it fluctuated a lot.

It was so weird not being able to check my email, read up on the news, play games online, and chat with friends online. I did take advantage of the free time to fix things around the house, clean up, and rediscover that Real Lifeâ„¢ still sucks.

Update: I spoke too soon, it’s still acting up. I’m going to switch to Time Warner Roadrunner cable, hopefully I should be back online sometimes this weekend, Tuesday at the latest.