Normally I’m not one for spring cleaning when that season comes around, but for some reason I got bit by that bug this year. I’ve been a busy beaver the past week:

  • Threw away old shirts and those that don’t fit anymore. Lots are from high school.
  • Threw out all the socks that holes in them, which were more than I cared for. I currently have only 5 socks that are wearable now.
  • Cleaned out drawers; papers, thingamajings, gadgets, gizmos, nails, paper clips, notes, and lots of little thingies for computer cases.
  • Threw out 3 old busted hard drives, 2 CD-ROM drives, an old AMD K6-2 processor, 12MB of super-duper old memory, sound cards, modems, and tons of others things I had no idea what they were. I forgot how much hardware junk I’ve collected over the years; it’s frightening.
  • Did 10 loads of laundry, which made me realize I have a lot of clothes.
  • Cleaned out my closet of books to be donated to the local library.
  • 7 years of back catalog PC Gamers and Electronic Gaming Monthly makes an amazing bonfire. Weapons were firing, demons were gnashing their teeth, buxom damsels in distress were wailing at me, and some punk named Mario threw a hardened mushroom at my head.

Ahhh, nothing like the smell of cleanness. At least for a few weeks before everything accumulates again.