The day started quick today when I was notified that my recipe wiki site, Wikipes, was defaced by someone. You can see a screenshot of the defacing here. Whoever did it, didn’t do much damage, just changed one file, and renamed another. I backup the site often, so I just restored the two files to the original, and that was it.

I have no enemies online these days, so I can only assume it was a random attack from a bored script kiddy trying to feel powerful or something. In any event, I emailed our host, and told them what happened, and see if they can take care of the situation to ensure it doesn’t happen again. I have faith that they will come through, as they’ve been nothing but superb with customer support since I’ve been with them.

Look, if you’re bored, there are a number of things you can do besides try to ruin someone’s day, or even trash their work. Here are some suggestions:

  • Play a game on the Xbox
  • Go to a sporting event
  • Adopt a homeless pet
  • Beat up worthless equipments with a baseball bat
  • Learn how to design a website properly
  • Go bonkers with a fistful of cash at your favorite store

Update: Figured out how the little punk did it, and he did use a simple script to deface the site. Apparently he’s a dumb one, it was a script pre-written, not even his own work. Probably some 16-year old punk whose parents neglects him so he deface sites to feel important. Come on parents, teach your kids to respect others!