You may have noticed the site was down for the last ~24 hours. That is because I changed the site to my favorite host, Dreamhost. I was previously using 1&1, but it has been unstable lately, and even though I was on a 3 years free professional hosting package due to a promotional event they held a couple years ago, it wasn’t that professional. For one, their customer service is nowhere near as exceptional as Dreamhost’s, and their control panel is nowhere near as superb as Dreamhost’s.

So now you can go back to either 1) stalking me if you’re an ex-girlfriend or 2) try to figure me out if you’re not the previous choice. Party on, Wayne! Party on, Garth!

Also, you’ll notice that the Photos page now points to Flickr, which I’ll be using to store my photos at. Why? Even though I love the script I was using before, I am enjoying the community aspect of Flickr, and the various features used over there.