Got an interesting email today, supposedly from the President of the GreenZap company. I say supposedly because it links to a domain, which I thought was odd. However, virus scan shows it as negative, and there’s no spyware/trojans in it either. The link is to a .pdf document that has details about the company, the people behind it, and how they intend to reward people with $25 for signing up.

Here’s the entire document for your reading perusal:

Subject: Message from Mr. Sonkin, President of GreenZap
Date: May 9, 2005

To our distinguished GreenZap members: I am privileged to offer my first report on the “State of Our Union”. Before I do that, I would first like to thank each and every one of you for your enthusiastic feedback, trust, and support. For without you, GreenZap would simply be another company desperately trying to compete in a saturated, yet unsuccessful marketplace.

Over the last few weeks, GreenZap has received a number of questions from many of you regarding the dynamics of the company. We wanted to take this opportunity to answer as many of those as possible. Due to the elegance and uniqueness of our proprietary business model and rewards program, we decided to respect the integrity of our model to protect it from our competition. We will, however, continue to release information regarding our company, so that we, as one community, can all feel extremely comfortable taking our first steps together.

The most up-to-date information regarding GreenZap can always be found posted on the GreenZap website. We have recently added our Privacy Policy and our strict Anti-Spam Policy, as well as an updated Q&A section. We also wanted to let you know that public, full biographies on every member of our corporate executive team will be sent out and included on our website prior to our launch. I also wanted to take this opportunity to share with you why we started GreenZap.

For one, as we’ve been saying from the beginning, many of us have felt the frustrations that come along with using other transactional sites that exist out in the marketplace.

The online spending community seemed to be screaming for an alternative to what they were currently using. So, more than anything else, we strive to provide that customer base with a fun, positive, all around site experience.

Secondly, handling financial transactions via e-mail has been proven to be infinitely more efficient, convenient, and secure than through alternatives like: cash, checks, bank wires, or credit cards. GreenZap has made significant improvements to this process that we believe has added value to the GreenZap product. We believe that a simple $1 transaction fee is superior to what competing payment methods charge [1.9% + $0.30 (PayPal) or 2% to 3.3% (Visa, MC, Amex, Discover) or $25 (Bank Wire Fee)]. We also believe that rewarding our members fairly for expanding our community is critical to perpetual growth. Your feedback has affirmed these beliefs.

GreenZap will ultimately succeed due to the strength of the relationships that were built by members of the corporate executive team, through our distinguished investors, and through our quickly growing global community. The company that my partner, Michael Bernstein, and I founded, Strategic Business Development, (SBD) Inc., brings us a tremendous network of corporate clients, advertising agencies, marketing partners, and suppliers, who are all thrilled to reward

their customers and employees with the $25 rewards. Most corporations are choosing to appropriate the funds from our rewards program to the charities of their choice.

Some will be using the rewards program to fund their employee benefit programs. Most want to feature their products/services in our GreenZap store. As of today, we have over 70 corporate partners who represent over 330 million clients, employees, and contacts around the globe. They will begin rewarding their communities with $25 GreenZap accounts this summer when we officially launch.

Our investor group is led by Bank owner and Real Estate Developer, Myles Hubers, owner of MLS, Inc. Mr. Hubers has been instrumental in orchestrating some of our global corporate and banking relationships. As for all of you, we wanted to share what’s on the horizon for the GreenZap Community:

  • Our GreenZap Store will be the place where preferred merchants, along with every GreenZap member, will be able to sell their products and services to our global community.
  • Zap U, our online university, is currently in the works. Zap U will interactively teach our global community how to use our platform to efficiently communicate and transact with one another.
  • New technology is being created to allow our community to link closer and faster together. More on this in future ‘State of the Union’s’.
  • To accommodate growth, we will be moving to our new corporate facility in San Diego, California at the end of this summer, and we will send formal invitations to our members around the world to attend this monumental event
    in our company’s history.

We are working around the clock to deliver an outstanding service that we hope you all will enjoy. We look forward to rewarding each of you for helping us expand the GreenZap community.

Kindest regards and continued success,
Alexander Sonkin
President, GreenZap

If you’re interested, you’re welcome to pre-register under me if you’re interested in GreenZap’s service.