Month: May 2005

Yet Another Meme

I haven’t posted in a while, and this is just the ticket to show I’m still alive. This meme courtesy of Skyzyx. First 5 Songs in Shuffle of Entire Music Library: Porcupine Tree – Blackest Eyes Delerium – Fallen The Cure – Boys Don’t Cry Stray Cats – You Can’t Hurry Love Dead Can Dance…

Cave Women

This photo explains why cavemen used to carry around clubs, bonk the women on the head, and drag them into the cave. Possibly carrying a big leaf to cover the face, as well. I bet they wish beer was invented back then.

Weird Musical Moods

Taking pride in my diverse tastes in music, I tend to explore and be delighted when I enjoy a new style of music. Long-time visitors to this blog know that I went through a period there where I was really into rockabilly, and I still am, just not as heavily. Nowadays though, I find myself…

Song of the Week – Blue Orchid

The White Stripes came into the limelight during the garage rock revival last year, and stood out due to their bluesy-rock sound that was emotional, raw, and alive. Their new album, Get Behind Me Satan, is coming out soon, and the first song, and first single, is Blue Orchid. The song has Jack White singing…