I just got an email from GreenZap letting me know that their site is now back online. See the original post to find out why they were down. Their site now feature new pages you can check out for more information, including a Q&A page that may answer any questions you may have. Including the one question I hear asked a lot, and the answer to that question:

Q: How can GreenZap afford to reward members with $5 to $30 for everyone in their community?

A: GreenZap understands the value of a customer. Many Fortune 500 companies spend hundreds of dollars in an effort to acquire a single customer. Instead of spending millions on advertising and marketing, GreenZap expects their community to spread the word about who they are and what they do. By doing so, GreenZap has the flexibility to re-distribute funds back to their valued members who help them grow every day.

Now that GreenZap are back online, you can register for an account and get $25 in your account for free when they open their service up in mid-June. Plus for each person you refer under your promocode, you get even more money. All that is required currently to sign up is name, address, and email address. Sign up now.